Thursday, August 16, 2007

My 1000 mile party

riding up to Cabrillo National Monument, flanked by ocean views on both sides and sunshine all around, listening to zen and the art of triathlon, I completed my first 1000miles on le bike
when i got home i had a kashi party out on my porch....a big ole bowl with milk and blueberries, accompanied by my triple espresso...could it get any better?
so i've had "le bike" for about 10 wks now (early june) and i feel like we are already good friends. we've been through 3 flats, 2 no speed crashes (my learning curve with clipping in was not too steep), and one tragic mishap when i left le bike on the roof rack and drove into the garage..ouch...just thinking, maybe I should rename her "el bike" since she is of spanish origin.
this is my last week before grad school starts again and i'm going to ride every day, even if its just a little...because it's nice...and becuase I can..