Friday, August 17, 2007

the tough life i lead...

Just needed to write a little something about my morning...Days like this need to be remembered. I woke up at 5:45 and hopped on my bike at 6 (one bottle holder w/water, one w/starbucks) and headed off to Tamra's house. (Preface this: At a get together with a bunch of my "non-tri" girl friends this week, a lot of them decided they want to become more active. We all committed to do an open water swim together (September 16th) from La Jolla Cove to the La Jolla Beach Club for lunch. This swim is a little less than a mile and the girls are going to train this month to make it! I offered my support and cheered everyone on. I think it will be a great accomplishment for my friends and am happy they said I inspired them to do it...)
So, back to the 5:45 wake up call. I biked up to Tamra's from my place (about 7 miles) and 3 of us met and headed down to swim at Kellogg's beach just off point Loma....See the yellow buoys-three of them they're 50 yds apart- the perfect setting....espeically for Tamra's first ever open water swim

After the swim, we headed back to Tamra's and she made us wheat toast and raspberries and a big pot of Peet's coffee. Poor Annie had to head to work, but Tamra and I hit the jacuzzi for a nice soak with our coffees....tough life, huh?

After the soak, I hopped back on my bike and my plan was to just ride home, since today is a rest/recovery day for tomorrow's race (and becuase I jacked up my piriformis this week and had to see my ART guy). But, I was feeling great and just wanted to kick it. So, I tacked on an extra 10 miles heading out to Cabrillo National Monument and back..I love passing the cemetery-gets me every time....see! (okay, I didn't take this one)

and then out and back down Rosecrans (great views, great bike lane!).
I still took it easy and totaled 25miles and less than a mile swim..not exactly a "day off", but nothing tough and it got me STOKED for tomorrow:
Tomorrow is the Tri Club San Diego's August club race. I still can only do the swim (1000m) and bike (30mi), sadly, not the 10k run, but I keep telling myself to be patient and learn from this great opportunity to practice the two things that need the most work...I'll let you know how the race goes!
oh yeah, my "real life" where I'm a busy bee and not a lounge lizard begins again in t minus 10 days...boooooooooo