Thursday, August 30, 2007

A week at training camp...I mean the spa

So when I helped my mom and sister plan a spa vacation, lets just say I had some of my own priorities in mind..such as swim, bike, get this gimpy leg back in shape, relax, get some rub downs, eat terriffic food, and enjoy...enter Red Mountain Spa in the Red Mountains (genius) in Snow Canyon National Park in Southern is the view from inside the spa looking out

Day one went like this:
coffee and steel cut oatmeal with goji berries and fruit salad
3 hour hike through soft sand, lava, and ~1900 ft vertical climbing (GREAT for strengthening my bum leg before I can run) is some hiking...

30 minute stretch class in the Gazebo
3000yd swim in the pool (500 warm up; 500 drill; workout (all free): 500, 400,300,200,100,75X2,50X2, 25x2, 200 cooldown
lunch! amazing salad, southwest chili turkey burger on whole grain goodness bun and a few healthy agave sweet potato fries
chilll in the hammock, read
power pilates class & core strengthening
head to perfect local bike shop to pick up my ride for tomorrow (carbon fiber janus- not bad!) and easy spin back to spa (5 miles)...snack..okay, there was a Golden Spoon next to the bike shop but i just got a mini ( cake batter) to fuel my big 5 mile ride :)
dinner! chillled gazpacho, more salad, spaghetti squash, grilled sea bass with melon salsa

the rest of the days followed similarly, I got in some long rides and good swims. probably most importantly, I stretched out and took care of my sore tight body with lots of stretching, pilates, core work and had some kick ass pampering (massage, facial, steams/saunas, hammock time..)
Here is what I did Monday-Friday
road bike: monday 3 hrs (in SD before plane), tuesday, 25 min, wednesday, 4hrs thursday
MTB: 3.5 hrs on friday
swim: Tuesday: 3000yds, Thursday: 3000, Friday, 500
hiking (okay, not part of triathlon, but definitely part of my rehab): Tuesday: 3hrs, Thursday :3hrs15min
strength: 45pilates 2x, 1hr free weight circuit, 3 core classes -loss of bosu and swiss ball action.
stretching: every day!

the trip had a few firsts for first ride over 60 miles (alone and hills!), and my first mountain bike ride...the mountain bike was GNARLY. i had no idea what these crazy mountain bikers and xterra folks go the end of my ride i was covered in dirt, blood (okay just a couple scrapes and several bruises) and who knows what else. when i rode on the road post trail-action, i think people were staring at me because i looked like i had been attacked by a bear or is the mountain bike i rode (and i had to carry it over that barbed wire fence!)

when i got back to san diego, i finished the weekend with a swim at fletcher's cove on saturday and the short swami's loop...sunday...hmmm i'm finishing this post a week later and i can't remember what i did on sunday. something mellow-ish i think-maybe its time to start a training log!