Monday, September 17, 2007

a couple firsts

this weekend was interesting. it started out with my first triathlon. i had finally recovered enough from my hip stress fracture to try to complete a race- the san diego triathlon club september club race. this month it was sprint distance in glorietta bay on coronado island. i showed up and i was ready. my plan was to do my best on the swim and the bike and see how i felt on the run. if it hurt, i was not going to push myself at the risk of re-injury....well, the race went well, and by the time i got to the run, there was just one woman ahead of me. i knew that if i held a steady pace, i could pass her and get first! although i was excited, i was still freaked out about running on the concrete, i hadn't tried hard surfaces at all in the past six months. i decided to take it a bit easier on the concrete parts and pick up the pace on softer surfaces...i was able to pass the leading woman and i won my first triathlon!
me and Paul #1 male finisher (and fellow injury recoveree!)

my first medal (in my life- for real!)

me and jen...visor buddies

after the race, we headed to James and Jen's Coronado pad for a soak in the jac....aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

and later to a Tri Club BBQ at Don's in Carlsbad. We celebrated James' b-day and had some fine wines served by Thomas, the club sommelier

James D (Birthday Boy) and Rachel looking hot

So race day was a first triathlon was so fun and my leg was none the worse...and the day got EVEN better with a couple glasses of vino...

and its a good thing too because i went out on a bike ride the following day (sunday), had a bad crash, and ended up in the ER with a broken arm (fractured radial neck between elbow and wrist). sweet. 2 broken bones in 6 months. so i'm back on the injury bus...nice...needless to say, i am super bummed, but also i know i should be thankful the crash was nothing worse...mykl (who i rode with) really handled the whole thing expertly and he made sure i was taken care of and got his dad to take us to the hospital.
so my training log will be a little light (NO swimming, biking, running) for weeks, but I'll be able to do a little stationary spinning..any tips to keep my sanity are welcome! (or DVD recommendations for the trainer)
james came to the ER (huge, on charger's sunday no less) and took me home. mostly, i'm glad james helped me to keep it in perspective and remember that it's not the end of my triathlon career (which has thus far lasted one day) and i'm actually super lucky. here's a photo he took on the way home from the ER...hmmm. i look a little mellow...could those be vicodin eyes?

Here are some fun pictures from the weekend. Click the photo to see the album

Tri Club Race, BBQ


Benson said...

Oh Beth, dang it anyway. A good news, bad news post. I was so happy to hear about your race and FIRST PLACE MEDAL for your FIRST TRIATHLON! Girl, U ROCK! That is definately a sign of good things for you to come in your future with Triathlons. great, GREAT JOB!
Very sad to hear about your crash but so glad you have good friends to take care of you. Big shout out to Mykl, his dad, and James.
I sometimes spin to Troy Jacobson's Spinnervals but my fave DVD is Aerosmith Live. It's got good songs to rev up to and them some behind the scenes clips to recover to.
Sending power vibes your way to heal quickly.

Paul said...

Oh Man that is such a bummer!!! I'm glad to see you're OK (relatively) and on the mend. You'll be back in action soon enough!! I would join a gym and do the spin classes there if you can. Much more fun than videos at home. Congrats on your win! The TCSD medals are harder to get than most others and are definitely my favorites.

Rachel said...

I can't believe you broke your arm! That sucks. Cute pics. Thx! Congrats at the club race. That's AWESOME! Hope you heal quickly.

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