Monday, September 10, 2007

girls in pink can train tough too

a week in workouts 9/3- 9/9

Monday: 4.5 hour endurance ride, 67 miles
Tuesday: Master's swim at Mission Valley YMCA (3200 yds), 30 minute jog on fiesta island (working on that leg, felt the stress fratcure a bit), core/arms 30 minutes
Wednesday: Physical Therapy- 35 minute run on treadmill speeds varying from 5.5 to 8.2, 30 minute spin class, one hour full-body circuit training with core focus
Thursday: Master's swim at Mission Valley YMCA (3000 yds), 1:40 interval/hill ride- 2x up mt. soledad, tempo fiesta island loop and tried to keep the pace up in between soledad + fiesta
Friday: Master's swim at Mission Valley YMCA (3200 yds), 30 minute jog on fiesta island- leg felt okay but still feeling it.
Saturday: TCSD Club ride from Del Mar to Oceanside Harbor and back (40 miles/2hrs15) and 30 minute transition jog on the beach in Del Mar with Jen
Sunday: Bike ride from Dana Point to Carlsbad- 50 miles (3 hrs15 min). I was up watching the Pacific Coast Triathlon in Newport Beach, CA and literally got dropped off on the side of the road on the way back to ride back!

swim: 9400yds (3hrs 20 min)
bike: 180 miles+ 30 min spin class, (12hrs 10min)
run: 2hrs 5 min
strength/core: 1hr 30 m

things i need to work on in training next week:
okay...i'm not training for ironman, or anything really, so close to 20 hours may be a little much....i think maybe i should take it easy this coming week. i also need to watch out for ramping up my run too fast, but my Dr. and PT are highly involved and are supporting jogging on soft surfaces every other day for less than 1 hr....i just really need to make sure that I stop training so haphazardly and get a handle on this stuff, i just don't want to take the fun out of just going out and getting to do what I feel like

good things in training this week:
monday way my longest ride to date. Also, in master's on tuesday, I timed myself going hard on 3X100s and made it under 1:30 each time, fastest beng 1:26! I've come a long way since I hopped in the pool in May and inefficiently struggled to make it under 1:55...i'm excited to work even harder on my swim. this was only my second week going to master's and I put in 3 solid sessions. I need to make sure to get back into the ocean next week, but it's COLD...

enough about training..there will be another update today or tomorrow about other triathlon related-ish things going on


Rachel said...

Very nice blog! It was so good to meet you at the Aquathlon and Alison's party (I remember). ;) Anyway, 20 hours is a ton of training, Miss IronGirl!

Benson said...

Just stopped by here from Jameson's race report. Good job on his photos.
You are one tough woman. You're training is very ironman-esque and glad to know you keep the fun in it.
You totally changed my thoughts about pink. I'm thinking pink is the new color of bad ass tri girl.
Rock on.

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