Friday, September 28, 2007


when you fracture the radial neck (forearm bone near the elbow), treatment of the fracture depends on how displaced the bones are. for minimally displaced fractures (as mine currently is), they take a risk and don't cast you. this is because casting this fracture results in stiffness and loss of range of motion in the arm (pronation, supination, flexion, and extension). so, you sling it, be damn careful and hope it doesn't displace. you go see the occupational therapist to work on range of motion, and have weekly x-rays to watch the bones. it's really weird walking around knowing my bone is broken but with no cast.

prognosis after week 1: my range of motion excellent! yahoo! i got big props from the OT. then i went to see the orthopedist for my x-ray and the news not so good. my fracture had displaced a few millimeters. still not surgery-bound, but definitely warning me to chill and basically not move the arm or will have to get pins implanted. sweet. the next x-ray will be on teusday...crossing fingers for the bones to settle.

so they gave me a nasty blue polyester sling at the hospital. and i proceeded straight to the fabric store- time to take matters into my own hands. the blue sling has been relegated to "workout" sling- (i'm allowed to stationary bike)- and i've graduated to these bad ass random slings.

this one is for when i want to go undercover.

pink AND camo. i almost don't want to heal because then i can't wear it.

and this one is becuase i'm pretty sure no one else would ever have (or want, i guess) a bright green corduroy

the camo has been getting much more air time, so i might work the cord into the mix a little more next week. next up, a training update- lots of trainer, spin, trainer, spin, core, core core, lunge, trainer, spin. i'm going crazy. i am NOT born to be a gym rat.

i miss my vitamin D.