Wednesday, September 12, 2007


first, races....until i get to race myself, i'll just write about the rad races my friends are this point, i should be in the spectator olympics- i've logged some serious triathlon watching hours...i could call it "research" for future's what some friends did this weekend:

*pacific coast triathlon*
i woke up at 4am to head up to the OC for the pacific coast triathlon. i saw some great racing from james, bill, and lots of folks from felipe's breakaway training group including felipe, kirsten, matt g., and paola. the race is a sprint, but the killer views, fun rolling course, sand on the run and steep swim to bike long haul make it interesting for all kinds of racers...this is one i think i'd have a lot of fun with next year!
view from transition down to the swim..

james on the run...

*shane is an ironman*
TCSD friend shane b. complete his first ironman (wisconsin) in 11:32:11 and finished 18th in his AG! this is not only kick ass accomplishment for ANYONE, but especially for a normal, fun TWENTY ONE year old dude...every time i think about what shane just accomplished, i think about how when i was his age, the only thing i spent 11 and half hours doing besides sleeping was recovering from a hangover by sitting around and eating wendy's (junior bacon cheeseburger &frosty!)...shane, you know how to throw down. so impressed.
this is shane..

now, back to me (ha ha)...
*de soto & inside triathlon magazine*
earlier this year, i lucked out: i walked into the De Soto Sport shop to try on some triathlon wetsuits and walked out with a little photo gig- emilio de soto asked me to wear some of their 2008 line and i said heck yes....a couple shoots later, lots of bad pictures, a few good ones and some great new friends at De Soto, some of the stuff is starting to come was pretty uncomfortable at first...hello, bikini was funny, after they asked me to do it, De Soto wanted me to email a bathing suit shot or anything w/ my whole body before hand and I didn't have any, so this (re: spandex and bikinis) was definitely a first. I figure, in the long run when i'm old and wrinkly I can break out the glamour shots and crack my kids up.
this month, me and Felipe are in this ad- p.63 of Inside Triathlon Magazine (October, 2007) (all photos/graphics) by Chuck Cates)

a bunch of these posters will also be around at the InterBike convention in vegas and probably to dealers as well

more de soto pics...will add to on photo

some de soto pics

*mitch thrower- me on the "other" side of the lens*
last friday at La Jolla cove, i was catching up with my friend Kate who lives in Boston and went to Vanderbilt University with me. She was nice enough to come down to the cove and chill with me before my evening swim with the Tri Club ("bricking" social plans with worokouts is ALWAYS a nice bonus on the efficiency clock- but i do love Kate and would have skipped a workout for such a rad friend). Anyhow, Mitch Thrower, "Ironmitch" and Triathlete Magazine man, came and asked me to video an interview...He threw the video on his website with a cool credit to me.. check it out- The September 1, 2007 entry...and I promise, he told me to to shake the camera to make it "realistic", i was not drunk filming:

Mitch's Blog

that's it for now. i made my own recipe of healthy power peanut butter pretzel granola (with no added sugar!) this week and am going to post the recipe soon (maybe a recipe of the week)? i do a lot of healthy makeovers of traditional recipes that are fun for fit follks trying to eat real and pack in protein, carbs, fiber, whole grains and taste! Anyhow, the granola is good and so much better for you (will post nutritional info too!) than any granola sugar bomb you can find in the grocery store.


jameson said...

don't hate on the Henry's granola... you know it's good.

Rachel said...

I heard the water at PCT was freezing! Must have been fun though. I can't believe how fast Shane was at IM-WI. Only 21? Boy's got talent! The DeSoto pics of you are awesome! You're immortalized now. How cool!

Benson said...

Good on ya for doing 'research'. Supporting your friends at the races is good for both of you.
Nice pics. I use lots of De Soto goods myself.
Now hows about that PB pretzel granola recipe? I'm getting hungry over here.

konor sacks said...

that is you in that...felipe has some of his posters in his garage and i am always wondering who else in the pic

Karima Sarbia said...

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