Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A week in workouts 8/27-9/2

SO I didn't keep perfect track, but I know last week was a tough one..I completed:
swim: 2 3000+ sessions at Mission Valley YMCA master's. this was my FIRST time at master's...it was intimidating and i had to just get over it and go...and it was great! kicked my ass, but a good hurt..
also did 1.5miles open water at La Jolla cove on Friday and a mile or so at Fletcher's cove on Sunday..
bike: BIG bike week! 62 miles through pendleton on Monday, about 30 on thursday (brick w. master's that included 2 climbs up mt. soledad and 2 hard fast big loops of fiesta- this is my favorite high intensity bike workout), 60+ on Saturday, I did a big loop with Felipe's Breakaway Training group (http://www.breakaway-training.com/) followed by a nice dip in the pool. Felipe's group is full of rad, fast, great people and this was definitely a tough, great workout for me..
also fit in an 80 minute easy recovery ride up the coast on Sunday...all in all, I think I covered around 175 miles last week...plus a 45 minute spin class
run: physical therapy including a 1 hr "run" in the SwimEx ( jacuzzi size pool where you run w/ current rushing against you for resistance) and total of 40 minutes of treadmill jogging, and a 15 minute jog on the beach while I watched the Triathlon Club of San Diego Aquathlon..so the running is beginning again slowly after 6 LONG months and I'm trying not to rush it, I can still feel the stress fracture when i hit the ground so i know i can't even begin to go full force yet..soon i hope.
strength: slacked a bit this week. did one full hour strength circuit and 2 core sessions..

one reason i've been focusing on the bike is because i'll be doing my first real race on the bike on September 22- the Superfrog Triathlon in Coronado, CA. This is about a half ironman distance and i'm doing a relay with James (swimming) and Nick (running)...two SUPERFAST guys who know how to get it done...i know my bike leg will be a little slow in comparison, but we're just trying to go out and have a good time..Both James (read James' blog at www.va2ca.blogspot.com ) and Nick are sharpening up for bigger races (James is racing Xterra Nationals and World's and Nick is going to 70.3 World Champs in Florida) and I'm just out to get my but kicked..now we just need a good team name...