Tuesday, October 23, 2007

bonfires to wildfires

this past weekend, i headed out to borrego springs, ca with the triathlon club of san diego for some camping and training and drinking and eating. since i've been m.i.a. at most club events since i broke my arm, it was really great to catch up with all my tri friends and relax in good company. most of the campers, there were probably close to 100 in total, did a major bike ride on saturday mornings. when my friends returned exhausted and frustrated, i wasn't too sad that my arm had kept me from fighting the monstrous tailwind.
instead of the bike ride, i hiked with matt to an oasis near camp.heading out to hike...

we followed up the hike with a 7 mile run where we ran into lots of the demoralized bikers heading back sloooooooowly or in the sag wagon.

once everyone regrouped at camp, we pretty much ate and ate and ate and drank. in true tri club fashion, there was more than enough incredible food including some tasty healthy options. like
fresh sweet corn chowder
and solid salads
and then we did a lot of chilling.....i caught up with jen and friends and talked ironman strategy with kevin (in the picture below) as he's getting ready for IM florida in less than two weeks!
i also sat around eating a bag of cucumbers with some new folks i hadn't met before. nothing like bonding over some big old vegetables...
after working my way through all the healthy fruits, veggies and grilled chicken, i GOT DOWN on some major home baked cookies, brownies and cake...transfatalicious and enjoyed every bite. my original plan was to stay the night and run the "hilltop" challenge- a tradition where everyone scrambles up a mountain for prizes, but my leg had been nagging a bit from the day's run, so i went home to give it a rest.....the next day, wildfires broke out all around san diego county, originating in the town closest to our camp site...more on those in a few hours