Tuesday, October 16, 2007

santa cruz & healing up

being in santa cruz, ca is about enjoying life at the beach in norcal just like these little guys...they know how to spend a saturday- nothing better than a good surf and some ice cream.

one of my best friends from vanderbilt, ashley, got married last weekend in santa cruz, ca at chaminade...the doc had given me the ok for some light jogging, so i took a cruise to capitola, a sweet little beach town near santa cruz...here are some pictures from that run- about 3.5 miles each way...

Chilling with some friends at my run turnaround who were there eating lunch....they were all wondering about the laptop on my arm..sometimes you forget that "Garmin" is not considered a life source to folks in general
after my run to capitola, a trip into downtown santa cruz for some shopping and food, and some mimosas by the pool, i was beat, but ready for a big night! here are a couple pre and post shots
a) sweaty with the bride
b) all cleaned up!
the weekend was a blast- everyone at the wedding was out to have a good time and the rolling stones cover band took the dance floor to a whole new level. regressing back to my college days with four of my favorite partners in crime was a great hiatus from daily life...cheers!
oh, and as for the arm, my 4 week x-ray showed some new bone forming, but not enough for the go ahead for daily life. still no weight bearing, swimming, or biking for 4 more weeks. ick! but bearable...the end is near!