Tuesday, October 23, 2007


wildfires broke out throughout san diego county on october 21st...covering hundreds of thousands of acres. the fires are still burning through countless residential areas, forcing thousands to evacuate their homes and the full extent of the destruction is still unknown. i went to work unknowingly on monday morning and left an hour later. james was being evacuated from his place in la costa and we rolled straight to my place downtown. the pictures here are some photos from the drive from james' house to mine...smoky smoky skies
this one is james' truck- loaded up with our dueling orbeas of course- couldn't leave those bikes behind!
here they are, safe at home...

back at my place we have been chilling as the entire county has pretty much shut down for the week. no school or work, pure hibernation. would be a great time to train, but the air quality is too poor to spend time outside. as a result, we've been hitting the treadmill and the bike trainer. ....
this is james on the trainer yesterday- look how stoked he is!....i just scream at him the whole time and tell him to work harder..i have a whistle and everything- as a fantastic coach should :)

hopefully the fires will slow very soon and we can begin to help the community rebuild. there has been lots of volunteering and donations throughout our triathlon club and its great to see triathletes open their homes for each other...the message boards have been flooded with offers of help...
as of wednesday morning, things don't look good yet. there have been over 1300 homes destroyed, 500,000 homes evacuated, and the entire county is in a state of emergency. if anyone out there needs some help, let me know!

that's it for now. this friday i'm off to cheer james on in maui as he goes for it at the xterra world championships