Tuesday, October 2, 2007

x-rays and granola this week...random posting

that's this week's granola crack. this one is called multi grain trail mix surprise. or not. there is no name, it's just like the power PB granola but with dried cranberries/chocolate /cashew/pb chip/peanut trail mix instead of straight up peanuts. AND i threw in some pretzel thins instead of regular pretzels. it's pretty tasty.

taking it easy these past few weeks has made it necessary to shift my focus and end my season (that never really started :) ) early. I'm trying to focus on eating right, getting enough rest, planning out next year- and some base training in december. i'm working out my race goals for 2008 and am going to post them pretty soon.

here are some x-rays that show the fracture. i had another set done yesterday and the bones haven't displaced any more (good!) but there is no new bone forming yet (not as good). i have been further instructed to take it easy (not easy for me).

and another in case you can't see it...


Rachel said...

Hope your arm heals quickly. Thanks for explaining why they don't always cast it. We had a coworker who just broke her arm and they didn't cast it either. That makes more sense now. Perhaps drinking lots of milk and taking a calcium supplement would help? Just a thought.

Benson said...

More yummies, I love it.
Dang pesky little bone. Gotta send you some good vibes to encourage new bone formation.
Good on ya for looking ahead and planning for 2008. Keep the vision.

Karima Sarbia said...

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