Sunday, November 25, 2007

"injury phase" wrap up

so this post is mostly about wrapping up my "injury phase" and moving on to my "preparation phase". throughout my broken arm situation, i've actually been pretty consistent maintaining some basic fitness..although i hadn't swum or been on my bike outside, i've put in a solid hour, sometimes a little more six days a week doing some form of cardio. usually about once a week, i would do 1:30 or 1:45 but the last time i did anything endurance-wise over 2 hours was the bike crash ride in september...but, overall i've put in some solid trainer sessions, spin classes, some elliptical (lame....not my fave), treadmill, and now roads and trails.
this past weekend was also my first time out on the road and over 2 hrs in over 2 months (i just went to fiesta island- a flat, one way loop with little traffic) to get back onto the bike. i will start swimming again in december...

here's what i did this week:
sunday: 1 hr. trail run w. triathlon club of san diego- 7+ miles & 10 min core
monday: trainer workout- 1:30- spinervals DVD and my own other stuff thrown & 10 min core
tuesday: 1 hr spin class & strength-legs (15 min- weighted squats, lunges, & plyo stuff)
wednesday: 8.5 mile slow run with my buddy chris from san diego track club
thursday: 1 hr. on the trainer
friday: off
saturday: brick: 2 hr ride on fiesta island- first time on the road since accident in september. no hills, nothing big, just getting used to riding. 35 minute run (one loop 4.3 mi. of fiesta island
sunday: 11 mile trail run with a group from the San Diego Triathlon Club

my training over the next 9 weeks is going to be run focused and slowly building back bike and swim. i decided to sign up for the carlsbad half marathon- it will be my first! more on that and the plan for 2oo8 in my next post.

this month, there is another de soto ad in the december Inside Triathlon (p.64)
and they sent me a dealer CD of the new 2008 line that is kind of like the electronic catalog. here are some pictures from there