Monday, November 5, 2007

Maui part 2- wrapping it up...(and gnarly gnees)

i'd would just like to say that i think that i am a fantastic spectator...tattooed and all for james' big race.. the whole trip to maui was excellent, and my race was fun, but the best part was definitely race day watching xterra worlds...the day was perfect. absolutely beautiful and the temperature felt nice to me, but i's sure it was blazing on the course...
james had an incredible race for his second season of triathlon. right up there with the pros:
39th Overall
8th Amateur (2nd American)
4th AG (1st American)
the most incredible part is that he beat his course time from '06 by over 20 minutes! i just looked over the splits and his year-to-year improvement is just insane- last year his bike split was 92nd and this year it was 43rd. that's pretty much 50 more dudes he smoked on the bike this year....i think i've found me a bike coach :). hopefully if i keep cheering him on at races he won't drop me too often :) ..enough's some pictures

the swim......the support crew...james has a traveling band of shaven dudes that hang together at all their xterra races...the band have their wives and relatives..a great group to hang out with during race time...and wait and wait and wait and think every guy that passes is one of "ours"- its actually pretty comical sometimes.....lots of girls asking, "is that him?" ...sort of like those "can you hear me now?" commericals.

almost there, 10 yds to go....
james after the race. seriously....that's some grime
okay...that's the end of the maui trilogy...

and just a little gross addition. my gnarly gnees 1 week post orange-cone episode..see, i wasn't kidding about the wipeout...not very lady-like, i know...
and just a last little picture i took this past weekend in darien, ct, (been logging some serious travel hours) -the view from my grandma's porch looking over holly pond. she died last week and this sunset is almost as awesome as she was....a great one to remember her by- though she is one that would be real tough to forget.