Sunday, December 16, 2007

15k trail race-xterra crystal cove

today i did the xterra crystal cove 15k trail race. james had originally signed up to do it, but it sold out before i could register. being the nice dude that he is, he transferred his entry to me and decided to watch me suffer instead. i really had no idea what to expect going into it because you can't possibly decide your pace or anything when the first 3 miles are pretty much straight uphill. my plan was just to keep moving.
so, we woke up bright and early and headed up to newport beach, ca in the heart of the OC
here's me and james all hoodied out.

ready to race..james told me to look tough when he took this video. apparently this is my toughest pirate growl. sad.

i also met up with mark from the san diego tri club pre-race...he's big into trail running and great to chill with pre and post-race. way to help the tri club represent on the trails!
i have to thank james for his fantastic photography skeelz, i particularly like the following pre-race focused....
so the race began and the initial climb or "BFH" as the race directors called it (can you figure it out?) kicked my ass. you can see the BFH-ness on this course elevation profile...

it was slow going but i kept myself going knowing that the toughest part would be over soon enough. the last six miles of the race were awesome- lots of climbs (very fun!) and descents (not as fun)and possibly the most beautiful run i've been on. once we were on top of the mountains, the trails went over ridges for miles with perfect views of the ocean. and the weather was killer- mid 50's and sunny.

so anyway, after the BFH, i powered through, paced myself pretty well and finished 2nd woman overall! i was beat by this chick....someone said her name is heather fuhr or something. apparently she is fast :)so it was a great race for me. although there was no pro division, i was the first amateur female overall. and i felt pretty good about being second to an ironman world champion. here are the results:

2/73 female overall (1st amateur, 1st AG)
18/201 overall (the winner did an hour flat)

after the race, i put on my sweet new skins compression tights hoping for the miraculous recovery powers they promise and watched james ride off down the coast- he decided to charge the 50+ mile ride back to san diego from the OC (great multi-tasking demonstration of how to be support crew and get in your workout). here he is in his mafia racing gear..

finished off the day with some couch time (go chargers!), and a good dinner with some wine. not bad at all. overall it was a fun race that i'm glad i did and a kick ass workout in my carlsbad half marathon prep (4 wks to go!). it also really made me realize how great it is to have someone like james on my team. he reminded me to hydrate and eat and warm up properly and all the things a non-kick ass triathlete boyfriend wouldn't be nearly as good at.


Paul said...

Sweet race!! Smoking fast. I dig those gloves!!

moonpie said...

I must say that you look hawt with that laptop on your wrist ;) Don't worry - I have one too, but it doesn't help me out quite as much :P

Oh yeah, NICE race!!!

Rachel said...

You and James are smokin' fast! Jeez. Heather Fuhr was the ONLY person to beat you? Jeez! And those HILLS! You ROCK! I love that even your Grrr face is cute.

Mark said...

Dude...nice post! I just found your blog...

Since your the only person I know who is interested in Olympic distance, here's my tentative schedule

Jan-Club du; local 10 K
Feb-Xterra trail run
Mar-Devil Dog du; club race
Apr-SuperFrog relay; Desert sprint or club race
May-Wildflower oly; Xterra trail run
Jul-Solana Beach sprint
Aug-Santa Barbara intl

See you soon!


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