Saturday, December 1, 2007

bring on december

hot mama! this is my college friend and old roommate , christine. the other day we went yogging with her baby, jack. jack's about 4 months old and mom is already back to her fighting weight. i'm impressed.

i started week one (of eight) training for the carlsbad half marathon. i'm not following a specific training plan because i can't run more than 3/4 times a week (trying not to put stress overload on my femur) and i want to fit in some bike sessions and soon some swims as well. i also want to focus on building leg, core, and upper body strength at the gym to get my bod ready for training in 2008. although i am training seriously for the half marathon, my other main focus in december is to "injury proof" myself for the coming year. this means no overdoing it and working on building bone strength, muscle strength and endurance.

today i ran a 10k race with the San Diego Track Club to get a baseline for my training and set some pacing goals. the run, although flat, was pretty brutal with 20/25 mile an hour, headwinds for about half the course. it was like hitting an invisible wall. not so fun. honestly, i forgot how much it can suck to run hard. the winning female came in at 41 minutes. not your pr course. the second woman came in at 41:50 and that was me! so i was pretty happy with the finish, and won my age group. i was only disappointed that i didn't go under 40 minutes, but i think some of this was course conditions (and some of it is me needing to get faster!). the winner, Kelly, often goes under 40 minutes in 10ks so that gives me some hope and something to work for in 2008.

post-race was a good time as i got to catch up with my SDTC buddies, lots of whom i haven't seen since i disappeared last march. it was good to see the same people and it was fun to do well. right before my stress fracture last year, the SDTC had asked me to run for their women's open team, so this was actually my first race for the team (they kindly didn't kick me off in my extended hiatus)..

post-race with karen...brrr! (for so cal at least)
on a final note, i'm still working on finishing my race plan for 2008. originally it was focused on a marathon and some sprint and olympic distance triathlons, and maybe a 70.3...but with the opening of ironman arizona in november 2008, i noticed lots and lots of people from my triathlon club signing up. and now i'm questioning -to ironman or not to ironman? working on weighing out the pros and cons:
++++ the "do it do it" column+++++: tons of training partners, and an ENTIRE summer off (i'll be entering my final year of grad school and i can pretty much do what i want- i know, life is rough.) i originally was going to plan some travel, but now i'm thinking that not everyone gets the opportunity for a few months in san diego to "train like a pro". eat, train, eat, sleep, eat, train, eat, relax, eat, sleep. and i may never get this chance to train like this again.
-----the "you're crazy" column ----: i've never even done a real triathlon, and only a small handful of short running races (15k and under). i'm recovering from 2 broken bones in '07 from separate incidents and need to build gradually. and do i want to risk burning myself out in my first real season?

any advice? please!


jameson said...

you know what I think....

your diet of nothing but golden spoon and granola is paying off!

moonpie said...

1) Hot Mama, indeed!
2) Congrats on the 10K - didn't realize you were such a good runner!!
3) I understand the temptation for IM, but there's no rush - it'll always be there (well, it should)!!!

Benson said...

Nice plan sistah. I'm a slow runner so you'll get nothing from me for advice.
Great ad shots for De Soto. I have lots of De Soto gear myself. Great stuff.

aelis said...

Do it!
I don't know you, and I only just stumbled across your blog today (holy moly girl! second to heather fuhr!). But as someone who loves to race (tris, running) and is also in grad school (almost done the dissertation), I know for summers off: they will never be the same once you finish grad school.
So go for it, and train smart.

aelis said...
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Hailey Nievergelt said...

I know these are super old posts, but I am the daughter of former Pro triathlete Juli Nievergelt and nanny for Lucy, Austin and Lani (Crowie and Neri's kids!!) and am just recovering from the same stress fracture you had in 2007, and looking to fill my mother shoes and get my foot in the door of triathlon so this blog as been TRULY inspiring for me! Thanks for sharing!!

Karima Sarbia said...

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