Tuesday, December 11, 2007

solana beach tuesday trail run

This week i've been focusing on running, strength training, and still thinking about getting back outside on my bike and in the pool. it's been cold for san diego, and this makes it a lot harder for me to motviate. besides the fact that grad school somehow made its way onto the priority list this week. i'm in my 1st year of post-master's work in educational psychology and i am also working on a federal research project on early intervention for kids with autism. these past couple of weeks have been brutal, but winter break is coming soon! i've still been able to squeeze in some good sessions and have been enjoying my weekly interval run on trails in san elijo lagoon, just west of the ocean in solana beach, ca.

the trails wind around the edge of the lagoon and drop you off in rancho santa fe..
word to the trails ....nice and soft on the legsthe run i do is out and back from 7.5-8miles and exactly an hour:
15 minute warm up
4 X 6 minute intervals close to tempo pace (6:45-7min/mi)
each interval is followed by 2 minutes of recovery
15 minute cool down.
i love this run because it goes by so fast and its one of my only runs where i feel like i really do a "proper" warm-up and cool down.

other than that, i've spent this week doing more runs, on the trainer, in spin class and working on strength in the gym. i was going to go on a bike ride today and build some more confidence out there, but i just realized i left my darn bike shoes at james'...who by the way just posted some good stuff on base training...good reminders for me, and good material for me to convince him to go out on a ride or run with me (not supposed to go over zone 2, right?)..

this week my workouts are pretty easy because i'm running in the 15k xterra crystal cove trail race this weekend...