Monday, December 24, 2007

this time last year...

with only one week left in 2007, its time to look back on what a difference a year makes. this might be a touch cheesy, but in years to come, i think it will be great to look back and realize just how much can happen, and how much you can learn in just a year.
it is truly nuts for me to think that this time last year i had NEVER done any of the following

1) run more than 6 miles
2) run in a running race of any distance
3) run on a track
4) run on a trail
5) been on a bike with more than one gear
6) clipped into pedals
7) biked more than maybe 2 miles (to the beach or the bar)
7) swum (swam? whatever) a lap since high school
8) swum more than a mile
9) swum (swum is starting to sound odd) in open water past where the waves break
10) heard of garmin, zoot, gu, de soto, body glide, foam roller, chamois butter (still haven't used it), compression tights, chip timing, circle swim, base pace, tempo runs, arm warmers, toe covers, galloway, daniels, macca, stadler, michellie, friel or any bike company besides schwinn or huffy
11) thought these letters would mean anything to me: ART, LT, Z1, HRM, BPM, AET, T1, T2, AG
12) worn bike shorts, bought functional sunglasses, or even considered that "tri shorts" existed
13) thought about double knotting my shoes before a run so i don't get dropped
14) known the friday night TV lineup (watch the soup on E! at it)
15) known that there was any difference between triathlon bikes or road bikes (or materials bikes are made of)
16) read a blog
17) dreamed of starting a blog (aren't those for geeks who stay home on friday nights?...uh wait a second..see #14)
18) known there was more than one ironman or that there were shorter triathlons
19) checked out a guy's bike before his face....or the legs of every guy at the gym for shave-age
20) been in a real bike shop
21) been asked out on a date in a bike shop (& twice on crutches!-those things are dude magnets)
22) shamelessly accepted all bike dates (or non-date dates) even if not interested purely to ride with someone better than me and learn new routes
23) considered the following to be appropriate first dates: open water swim, 40 mile bike ride in spandex, refueling
24) imagined i'd meet this guy (my long lost boy twin) as a result of one of those dates (or non-dates, it wasn't a date date, just a bike ride, right?)
25) received a medal of any kind, even a finishers medal
26) broken a bone (femur), or even had an x-ray
27) broken a second bone (radius)
28) aqua jogged (result of broken bone #1)
29) been photographed in spandex
30) realized for sure how everything truly happens for a reason. if i hadn't made my new years resolution last year to run a marathon, i never would have joined the san diego track club, broken my hip, bought a bike and got in the pool as result of broken hip (never ever crossed my mind to bike or swim beforehand), and the rest is all leading up to next year which i hope is a good healthy one and my first real season of triathlon...

i think i have a couple more posts before the new year...goals, and reflections and such about this past non-season season and my plans for world domination in 2008.
sitting here freezing in philadelphia and enjoying the holidays with the coolest family ever. merry christmas!