Tuesday, January 8, 2008

back in the pool

to be honest, i have not missed swimming much since i broke my arm in september. there are definitely times when i like swimming and those are always when it is hot outside and i feel fast, two long lost variables! i've been meaning to hop in the pool since december, but considering the vast majority of pools in san diego are outdoors, i found endless excuses not to go in the chilly weather.
until sunday!
on sunday, i went to an indoor pool ( i know, i am a complete freaking wimp-can't stand 55 degree-ness) and hopped in. well, hopped in after10 minutes in the jacuzzi thinking about it. i swam 2000yds. felt super slow, but felt good. after 4 months out, no surprise to find lots of "room for improvement". i am currently sitting on my butt trying to build up the motivation to go do it again today. i figure if i post this then i have to go.

other than that, i'm having fun running and getting back into things on the bike. last week it rained so i went to part of a marathon trainer session with the triathlon club of san diego . i spent two hours on a computrainer with james and plenty of other folks and kept my mouth running to pass the time. here's james, over it after two hours

other than that, i did a bunch of fun, varying workouts last week including a fun wednesday hill repeat bike ride- 6x up the torrey pines hill in la jolla, ca (between 400-500' of climbing each repeat). i really like hills when i'm feeling strong and can go at my own pace. i think i made some good strength progress on the bike while still keeping my heart rate in check and not going all out.
running-wise, i'm heading into the final stretch before the carlsbad half marathon on january 20. i can't wait for my first half (and longest race to date), but have no clue what to expect. i really need some help with a pacing plan. anyone have a good strategy? as of now, the plan is to just manage myself the first 10 miles and then run the last 3 at throw-up threshold. how's that sound?


PKPWV said...

I'd love to train for a triathalon-don't think my dog would enjoy swimming with me or biking-since she loves to bite tires! Ha! Great blog-go get em girl!

Paul said...

What to expect is you are probably going to kill it with a 1:25 or better! Go get em

JP Flores said...

my coach has me using the 5/5/5 pacing plan.

5 miles at 3-5 seconds above goal race pace.
5 miles at 1-2 seconds under goal race pace.
5 km with whatever you have left.

I'm doing Carlsbad as well...good luck!

Benson said...

Good on ya for just getting in and splashing through 2,000. It'll come back to you soon.

Great new blog header!