Friday, January 25, 2008

james turns 30

yesterday, james turned 30 years old. the card i got him says, "if someone tried to ruin your birthday, i'd ruin their life." and its true. i gots my man's back!

james claims to be reverse-aging with his healthy lifestyle(as he is no longer the surfer-stoner-partier he was at 25), but i'm not buying it. i see those wrinkles, boy!

as any good triathletic girlfriend would do, i bought him a little LCD tv and vcr combo for his basement for those long trainer sessions, and some fun little things including an olive oil mister (go good fats!), a yoga for athletes dvd, and some hot neon green speedos with hearts and skulls on them. i'll have to get him to model them and post it on his blog...i'm very tricky so most of these gifts are a bonus for me too (i can watch the today show on the trainer! word! and i can get a good laugh at 6am masters to see my skinny, i mean lean, svelte man trotting along in his new drahws).

today we both rode, james rode down to the triathlon club of san diego ride to "meet me" and do the 43 mile loop with our group before moving on to finish up a good 5+ hr. ride. oh, by "meet me", i mean say hi at the meet up, help me fix my bike computer and drop me like its hot and meet me at home 5 hours later. he is speedy.
i had lots of fun.....with a crew more my jess, brent, emily, and rachel


moonpie said...

You sound like the perfect tri GF, but you're way too fast for me, so...

Oh, and as for the new speedos - pics, or it didn't happen!

Benson said...

You're the best Tri GF I've ever heard of. Very nice gifts. Do you have an older tri-sister that wants a long distance tri-boyfriend?