Sunday, January 13, 2008

to gu or not to gu

this week had a few fun/new workouts. i thought i swam 3 times and was really impressed with myself, but someone reminded me that it was actually only twice because my "1st" swim of the week was last sunday. d'oh! guess i'll try to meet the 3x goal next week. here are some highlights (and lowlights) of my week in workouts

on wednesday (lowlight)
i decided to scare myself and my muscles in to the "great western loop" with a couple people from the Triathlon Club of San Diego. Here is the elevation profile- 4876 total feet of climbing:

my mistake on this ride was thinking i could hang with folks who do this ride every week, have a lot more experience than me, and didn't take 3 months off the roads in the we started out in rancho san diego, and i soon found myself in trash-yourself-ville. no joke. i barely held on and somehow made it to the end...i give those people props for doing those 5000' every week. they certainly won't be seeing me anytime again soon!...the rest of the day on wednesday was kind of a blur. and my back was stiff from being so tense on the descents (i officially am skeeeeeered of descents after my crash).

saturday (highlight-ish)
i did my first duathlon with the tri club...i can't say enough about how rad the tri club is. There are at least two FREE, CATERED races with awards and prizes every month and we even have chip timing! unreal!
the duathlon was a 2 mile run, 15 mile bike, and 2 mile run....we had a mass start, maybe 100 people total...
the first run was fun and i was the first woman to T1 by a minute or so...then came the bike. oh the bike. not only did i get owned by most of the dudes behind me, but 4 women passed me as well. you ever have those times when you consider stopping to check if your back tire is flat becuase you swear people couldn't be THAT much faster than you. yeah, definitely did not have a flat tire...not even a good "my brake was rubbing" excuse. so the bike was finally over and i got to run again. i passed two of the girls who had gotten by me on the bike, but couldn't make up the time to catch the first two....ended up in 3rd place overall, so i was stoked! at the awards, lots of people won stuff from runjunk, like shane:

sunday (highlight)
i woke up and headed to del mar, ca to run with a group i had put together for a long run. i planned out a 13-mile out and back starting at the beach with an even mix of roads and trails near the lagoon, and invited whoever wanted to come from the track club and the tri club. for me, i wanted to do my long run of the week with good company and test out nutrition for the half marathon next weekend (to gu or not to gu at mile 8.5). the morning of the run i had one of those funny moments where you are throwing a party and get nervous no one will come...or that like, one guy would show up and be like, "uh, i thought this was a group workout?". seriously, i felt like i was going on a date or job interview or something. i got there super early, drove part of the route even, all nervous that the route would be too tricky or whatever and i needed to know my stuff..ha...such a nerd.
anyway, my high school insecurities didn't come true. we had at least 20 people (and one champ of a golden retriever) total and it was a lot of can it not be rad in near 70 degree sunny beach weather. it must be easy for others to hate on us san diegans in the is some of the group before we started..

after the run, we walked down to the beach to soak our legs in the ocean and then headed home to watch the chargers smoke the colts! oh, and the gu was good. to gu.

lesson of the week: beth, i know running is fun, but please please work on your bike skills. getting smoked in hilly training rides and duathlons is no fun. oh, and get your ass in the pool. THREE TIMES.


Benson said...

You're right, I hate you San Diagans in the winter.
Great job at the Du and very good getting back into the training thang. You're gonna have a great 2008!

jameson said...

I will make sure you get in the pool 3 times a week... or else no Golden Spoon for you!

Rachel said...

Club races are great but sure are humbling! That Great Western loop was really fun. I missed the du b/c of the Stagecoach Century.