Thursday, February 14, 2008

i'm sick and so is my uniform

on saturday i am scheduled to run the USATF USA Cross Country Championships on mission bay in san diego. see, the thing is, i've never run a cross country race. in. my. life. funny that the first one is the nat'l champs for those speedies that will qualify for the world cross country team. go big or go home, right? sooooooooooooo. i'm ready to get my arse beat down..

Here is an excerpt from a press realease about the event...i'm getting excited just reading it.

"...This year's field includes six U.S. Olympians and eight former USA Cross Country Championship titlists, including Elliot Heath (Winona, Minn.) and Jordan Hasay (Arroyo Grande, Calif.), the defending champions in the junior men's and women's events.

The open men's race will see Ryan Hall (Big Bear, Calif.) and Dathan Ritzenhein (Eugene, Ore.) face each other for the first time since the U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Men's Marathon on November 3, 2007, where both men punched their ticket to Beijing, China for the 2008 Olympic Games. Though Hall dominated the Olympic Trials in New York, the 12 km distance could prove to be more favorable for Ritzenhein when considering his personal best for 10,000 meters of 27:35.65 versus Hall's 28:07.93.

With a men's field that includes seven men who have run faster than 28:00 for 10,000 meters, Hall and Ritzenhein are likely to see challenges from a variety of contenders including recent USA Half Marathon champion James Carney (Boulder, Colo.), 2004 Olympian at 10,000 and the marathon Dan Browne (Portland, Ore.), Olympic steeplechaser Anthony Famiglietti (New York, N.Y.), former NCAA Cross Country champions Jorge Torres (Boulder, Colo.) and Josh Rohatinsky (Portland, Ore.).

The women's field will feature American Record holder Shalane Flanagan (Pittsboro, N.C.), a two-time USA Cross Country 4 km titlist (2004, 2005). Flanagan will face 2006 USA 10 km champion on the roads Katie McGregor (Minneapolis, Minn.), who will look to make her sixth USA Cross Country team. Additional contenders for the title and team berths include Nicole Aish (Gunnison, Colo.), Blake Russell (Monterey, Calif.), Sara Slattery (Lafayette, Colo.) and two-time USA Cross Country Champion (2004, 2005) Colleen De Reuck (Boulder, Colo.)."

so, needless to say, this will not be like last week's "beth and james sandbag the local couples race with all the nice old people"...i'll be fininshing BOP, MOP if i'm lucky. for me, this is just an amazing opportunity to participate in a national event on my home turf and run with the big dogs. i'm also stoked the race will be televised- maybe i can get james to let me borrow some of his sweet 80's gear to get some airtime :)...
AND, this will be my first race on the San Diego Track Club Women's Open Team so i get to sport my brand new retro uni -it's rad and makes me want to go fast. i was asked on the team last year right before i broke the ole hip. then i broke the this is my first race w. the team even though i've been on the team for close to a year.

the only minor (okay more than minor) detail is that i've been sick as anything this week. full blown cold/cough/sore throat/flu/chills/fever and training was reduced to zero. today, even though i'm not better, i got the nerves and felt like i needed to do an easy run on the treadmill..all zone 1&2, snot a-flying (sorry!)...i thought this was a good idea. let's just say that coach james was not a fan of my call. i guess it was dumb because i am sick, but i thought it was a good idea because of saturday.
..anyway, i really hope i get better before saturday or my team will REALLY think i'm that flaky girl who is always sick or injured...and (watch out, girly stupidness coming up) ..i REALLY want to wear my uniform. i feel like i'm in high school in that's so fun and pretty and new and it should be worn!


GZ said...

Beth - I have run XC Nats the last two years and I was in WAY over my head. But it was fun to toe the line with the best our country has in the sport. Enjoy it.

Note - people will go out ridiculously fast because of the race hype.

Mac Brown said...

Good luck, those women won't be very fast . . . uni is cool, old school looking

Benson said...

I hope you're getting over the sicky-poo.
Yes, that uni must be given its proper debut.
Do you have a lucky pink headband too? Wear it.

brian said...

I ran in 2004 in Indy and came in DFL. Regardless, it was exciting to be in the same race with so many top athletes.

moonpie said...

Hope you get better soon and get to wear that killer uniform!

Anonymous said...

Hey - nice run. Race report please.

Paul said...

Well how did it go!?!