Sunday, March 16, 2008

got a second?

apparently i need one...but i'll get to that later.
this week was solid even with travel to san francisco from wednesday to friday. i thought that training those two days would be minimal, but i was able to get in spin class, a strength session, a 50-minute run and a master's swim session while i was there....the master's swim was fun..i showed up at Burlingame Aquatic Center,
in the middle of who knows where at o'dark o'clock. i even looked super sweet as i had brought two swim bottoms and no top (d'oh!) i wore a black sports bra and brown and orange bottoms. a real winner for the new kid on the block. everyone at Burlingame was super nice and friendly and the coach, Greg of Front of the Pack triathlon store in palo alto, ca gave me some really good stroke/technique tips. he pointed out how i was swimming with my arm going too deep. he told me i could picture that the pool was only about one foot deep or pretend i had to pull myself down/across a ladder yay deep in the pool. he had some good visuals and i'm probably not describing this well but it was great advice. after practice he gave me a ride to my conference which was rad because i had all my luggage and was planning on walking the two miles (we weren't in a taxi-friendly area and i like to think i'm tough.) greg was like, "yeah, your plan sucks. its pretty much unwalkable over a gnarly highway/bridge". so, once again, naieve wannabe-tough me was saved by a friendly triathlete.

okay. on to the weekend. saturday was the st. patty's day 10k. james decided last minute to join me so i was stoked to have 2 race boyfriend and my girlfriend (bethany)...
i didn't taper for the race at all, but still wanted a 10k time to compare to this time last year. and see if there is any way i can break 40 minutes.
so race day....nothing notable before the in a solid 2-mile warm-up and stretch with bethany.
oh, and in my 4th bathroom stop i saw the 6ft tall girl twins in my age group who beat me by 2 minutes at carlsbad half marathon...kind of a bummer since there's two of them which basically eliminates my chance of placing (turns out only 1 ran)..
here's how it turned out (from my garmin):
mile 1: 6:11
mile 2: 6:14
mile 3: 6:19
mile 4: 6:34
mile 5: 6:43
mile 6: 6:37
last .3: 6:07 pace

the race clock/official time: 40:00
yeah. not 39:59, not 40:01, 40:00......grrrrrrr! i was stoked because this is a PR for me- 27 seconds faster than my 10k last year, but definitely would have been more so if i had broken 40. i could make excuses and say that the course was long (and it was, about .1 according to many, my garmin said 39:50 at 10k) but the truth is i need to just be faster so the darn second is not the issue! so, off to the track for me- time to do some work! i've only been to 2 track practices in the past year, so i think that by hitting the speed work i can pick up that missing second.
overall results:
60/1754 total runners
6th female overall
4th age group (those 25-29ers are so fast!)

but one of the best parts of the day was crossing the finish (after dry heaving in the chute, no joke) and hearing that james broke 34 minutes AND got 3rd overall.. yeah, babe! he was like, "we don't need to stay for the awards" and i said, "you just got third out of 1800 people, we are staying!" again, he can thank me for the lucky headband.
here's the beer garden afterwards:

today, sunday:
the forecast was crap with a side of hail and more crap. 90% chance of don't take your bike out unless you want to get blown over by gale force winds and wetted by the gods.
so i had signed up to ride the oceanside 70.3 course on computrainers at coastal sports and wellness. even though i'm not doing the race, i thought it was a good idea so i could get my bike miles in and practice what its like to ride that far without stopping. it was awesome! so much fun and then did a nice 30 minute brick run afterwards w. bethany and our new friend andi (awesome ironman triathlete who's gone to kona and done like 15 IMs)'s the sufferfest:

we're all looking up at this....course profile w/ each rider's place, distance, wattage, etc. made it like a fun video game....
and for the record....the weather ended up being perfectly beautiful. damn


kerrie said...

bummer on the 40 even 10km'll crush it next time you do it - remember that 5th mile cause that is where everybody loses concentration.

GZ said...

Beth - nice work. (James - WTF, sub 34? Damn, I need to get to work!). Hey, I think you do need to account for it is a 27 SECOND PR, it is early in the season, you were not tapered. You'll nail it next time. Consider it a blessing that it is giving you something to still chase. Nice job.

Kerrie - I think your note on the 5th mile is spot on. In fact, I know the mental tactic that a lot of folks play is to run the fifth like it is the sixth. And then run the sixth like, well it is the sixth. Or something like that. You get the idea.

Paul said...

That's still a killer time to be proud of! The computrainer session looks pretty cool!

triguyjt said...

beth...great job on the 40 even.. hey, thats a 27 sec improvement from 07...great....

James rocks..congrats to him

D a v e P said...

Beth, great PR for St Patty's Day Run! Although, I'm pretty sure you could've easily hit your sub 40 goal by simply pacing yourself better. If you look at your 1st 3 miles, they are all well below your goal pace while the last 3 miles are well above your goal pace, which means you went out too fast. Try holding back a bit in the 1st few miles next time and negative split the race. That way you don't red-line it until the end.
Use your Garmin to your advantage and I'm sure you'll be posting sub 40's from here on out.
Good luck!

Benson said...

Holy fast chick. nice job.
I love those outdoor aquatic centers. Wish I had one nearby.
Keep up the speed work.

Rachel said...

The weather always turns out nice around here when they say it's going to storm. Don't you love doing masters in new places? That's neat how you learn something new. Great job at the 10K race! You're SO speedy!

SixTwoThree said...

Congrats Beth! That's an awesome time and you totally broke 40 minutes for an official 10K. You probably had a 39:30 for that distance, so don't that measly second get to ya'!

emkruse said...

check it out