Monday, March 10, 2008

sleepless in san diego

i had a sleep meltdown this week. bad bad sleep on thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday (talking less than 4 hours/night with some racing and workouts thrown in)..see, thing is, i am flat out a terrible sleeper. it takes me hours to fall asleep and i wake up many many times each night. lots of times when i wake up, i am up for good. some mornings i "wake up" but don't think that i ever actually fell asleep.

so yesterday and this morning i cracked. like a 2-year old who missed nap time, i pretty much just lost it (thanks for not dumping me, james!). yesterday the day was spent out in the blazing sun in temecula, ca and doing a hilly hilly long trail run...when we got home i was toast and a total grump face. last night, i was so stressed about not sleeping that i couldn't sleep. eneded up with a blazing migraine this morning and tears for breakfast. i left work early today- came home and passed out- with my 2-hour nap i feel brand new! i need a sleeping fairy.

anyhow, besides that, it was a great weekend. it's funny how as an athlete, the daytime activities become so much more eventful that the evenings but that's how i like it....a little recap:
Triathlon Club of San Diego duathlon. I knew this one would hurt, but in my effort to get better on the bike and just deal, I woke up mega early for the 7am race start.
The race was coastal, in Carlsbad, CA and the weather was perfect. i wasn't even cold at the race start. the course was a 2.3 mile run, 21 mile bike, and 2.3 mile run. definitely longer than a sprint and a good challenge. i got to the race early and warmed up with a quick 15-minute jog.
The first run was good. i ran hard and was first female by about a minute (results not posted yet). got smoked on the bike again. passed by one woman and probably 15-20 dudes. did my best to power on through, but definitely nowhere near where i want to be. the second run went well too and i finished strong in second place. after the du, i rode down the coast to del mar with my friend alison for a gossip/easy spin sesh and then bought two new pairs of running shoes (i'm going to be so fast this week!)

I woke up early (damn time change) and headed down to Wind-N-Sea beach to meet chuck, De Soto photographer and felipe ( aka Quad-zilla- the chizeled brazilian coach of breakaway training) for a quick photo shoot of some new de soto ITU suits. the suits are rad- i can't wait to get one to race in! felipe's mom was there and took a photo shoot of the photo shoot which i thought was cool becuase you can see chuck gettin' his angles.....he's the one down below

here are a couple of chuck's shots from the day

after the shoot i headed home to meet james to go to his mountain bike race. while he pre-rode, i tried to nap in the car, and then dragged my butt up for my long run. i had a killer playlist on my ipod shuffle thanks to DJ james so that made it not so lonely and the scenery was awesome. wildflowers up the mountains everywhere.

once james' race started, i was on support patrol. pictures, bottles, etc. now, i didn't do this out of the kindness of my heart, i demanded frozen yogurt...

here's the racer...easy to spot in his new breakaway jersey! the race was a success and james won! he looked strong out there. this is right after he finished almost the first thing he said, "i could totally run right now..."

check Vo2maxxed for a new post on good food and ride snacks tomorrow!


Paul said...

Cool photos. Yah Felipe is all Quad. I've got that same problem with sleep. I wake up just about every hour. I wake up more than the baby does! Anyway get some ZZzz's and stay sane.

GZ said...

I don't want to overanalyze the sleep thing, but do you know why that trouble is occurring? I think if i were sleeping like that I'd be in the looney bin.

In the shot where you guys are both running, it completely looks like you are rolling him up. It also looks like he is 7 feet tall.


moonpie said...

Hope you figure the sleep thing out soon! I can't seem to get a good night of sleep either lately, although I do seem to fall asleep.

They say exercise helps one sleep well...

P.S. Hawt pics!

triguyjt said...

hope that sleep situation improves...

great photos..

Benson said...

Very nice pics.
Once again, you're the bomb for support crew at james' race.

Sleep issue maybe just training fatigue...or lack of beer.

Ryan Denner said...

For the past 3 weeks, I have had the same problem with sleep. Ironically, when I was out of commission with the flu, I slept the best. Go figure. I guess even a great support crew needs some down time occasionally! Get better soon

ps- I find that 20 min of stretching and/or reading right before bed helps. Also, if you have a lot of stuff on your mind - write it all down. it helps get it out of your head so you aren't thinking about it while sleeping.


kerrie said...

i love the new pics - hottttt! i would totally get one of those suits if it made me look like that...
i can relate on the sleep thing - it sometimes takes me forever to fall asleep and then i wake very easily - i often wonder if it is related to my little coffee addiction problem, but without the coffee, i would be even bitchier so it is a vicious cycle.
try a glass of wine before bed = that sometimes works for me!

GZ said...

fwiw ... I sleep better when the bed is better, the room is cooler (a slight breeze preferable)... and at altitude (better at 10k then 5k) with ONE beer. Too many beers and sleep then gets goofy again.

And it freak folks out, but if either my lovely wife or I are having a tough time sleeping - we just sleep in separate beds. I know that is not acceptable for some, but we rather have our sleep and love each other than the alternative. :)

Live it.