Tuesday, April 22, 2008

happy earth & get back in the pool day

happy earth day. go green!
today, to celebrate, i went to the pool and swam 3500 yds (first real swim in a month....it was tough but i hung on and my arm was fine. and when i didn't hang on, i skipped a lap...shhhhh!). tonight i will continue to celebrate earth day by running in circles around the track.

i really should have planned this all better so that my workouts today weren't just endlessly looping/lapping/going nowhere when i could use all this energy for functional transportation.


jameson said...

don't you have homework and a dishwasher to empty? Get it dog!

beth said...

james- its earth day, i am conserving my energy so your dishwasher will be still be full when you get home. i also hear that handwashing dishes saves water. so i left some more in the sink for you to take care of while i am at track...git it, dog!

Ryan Denner said...


triguyjt said...

I think I will stay out of this spat....;)

Benson said...

good on ya.
laps, loops, etc.
The earth is round, bike wheels are round. Coincidence? It's all round so going in circles is appropriate.

TRI-ROB said...

Thanks for paying attention Beth!

Breathe... all that fresh air that you're not helping polute!