Thursday, May 15, 2008

GIT it, DOG!

when james and i are out and about, and we see someone (especially someone that looks like they are newly minted to the fitness world) on the street digging in to make it up a hill on the bike or pushing a 40lb baby jogger or sweating their face off in general, we say, "GIT IT, DOG!" a special cheer for whoever it is that is out there laying it down and doing the work. love to see people going for it.

speaking of going for it, this is a big weekend. you know why? because this guy:

has his A race. but we're not supposed to talk about the race. the race is like fight club. but this is my blog.

this race is the reason for the past 6 months of...
*weird data crunching, analysis, comparison...and then re-crunching, analysis, more comparison (let me tell you, it is super fun to watch him compare a graph of yesterday's workout to the wednesday before last year's world championships and normal power this and that and negative training stress load or TSS or something that sounds like a disease that teenaged girls are scared of and WOW this is so interesting, and can you tell me that part about march 1st again? oh yeah, that's hot)

*4:50 am wake-up calls (you see "james time" is 10 minutes ahead of actual time so even when he sets the alarm for 5:00, it is really 4:50 and that is ungodly)

*ugly-face-making trainer workouts when i should know better than to come in the garage unless i want to be reminded that at that moment, he's not interested in me trying to be cute and get attention and talk about what i want to eat for breakfast (cottage cheese with peanut butter and jelly mixed-in!) or how my toe hurts or i need a manicure or something else important like that.

*speaking of bike riding(earmuffs, Mr. Walsh)...has anyone seen those "i ride my bike more than my girlfriend" t-shirts?...

in life, james is a master planner and everything goes smoothly (and was probably much smoother before i jumped in and junked up the machine). james is the hardest working person i know but makes it look easy. he is methodical, calculated (in a non-serial-killer-kind-of-way) and scheduled to the second and i pretty much try to stay out of the way and not mess things up (which is impossible because i am a tazmanian devil and leave a trail wherever i go). i try not to question. james does not like to be questioned. by me at least.

but, all this stuff is a part of the reason why i love him so much and fell for him as soon as i met him. i love that he can't really see all the weird stuff he does and insists that he is not obsessive or compulsive and he will read this (no doubt as he is sitting at the kitchen table at 5:10 am "james time" with coffee, or maybe 6am because things get "loose" in race week) and call me a "hater". but really, his obsessiveness is what makes it all work. AND, all the things he does are things that show me how dedicated, focused and amazing he is. and when you really love someone, you love them for all the little things that make them "unique", not in spite of them.

i'm still not quite sure how he trains 20 or so hours a week, works a full time job (and is a freaking geek genius), shops, cooks, cleans, and basically keeps it all together. and, all this is combined with the job of keeping me happy, well fed and loved in general- and i'm not easy! its no wonder that when his head hits the pillow, i can count in one breath the number of seconds it takes him to begin snoring. (please see bullet point 4 above)

anyhow, i can't WAIT for sunday to watch him tear it up- i really think that i am anticipating this as much as he is and he totally deserves a great race. and i will be proud (well, as long as he wins :) ). i'm so excited i get to be there and there's nothing i'd rather do than support him in every way i can as he lives all this out. i'll be there now, over the next six months as he lives out the same cycle again (being a triathlete is sometimes like groundhog day), and hopefully much longer than that.

oh yeah, and in that picture, james is using a technique he learned in the petite guys club (PGC) where you lift the bicep with the finger to give the appearance of yoked-ness.

Go James...Git it, DOG!


SixTwoThree said...

Go James! Now look away.

Beth: I got my guy that shirt on He loved it! Can't wait to read about his race - from your point of view ;-)

jameson said...

actually 6:04am (real-time)... I guess you do kind of know me.

Thanks for putting up with me, which I KNOW is not easy.

You're the best.

kerrie said...

i need that shirt...if you ever get tired of j., send him this way- i need someone around herewith those kinds of mad skills who has experience dealing with disaster, lol.
p.s. i use that bicep trick all the time plus i have an even better one for my boobs
p.p.s good luck to j. this weekend...a bunch of my boulder friends are heading out there to race too.

Nikee Pomper said...

Now this post is way too cute! James is a lucky man to have a caring lady like you in his corner. I look forward to hearing about how he crushed the competition this weekend.

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

SWEET! Be the best supporter-girlfriend in the world on Sunday!

Shan said...

Beth, I just about spit out my coffee as I was reading this - GREAT POST!!!!!!!! And hilarious too...especially regarding bullet point 4, oh HOW I KNOW what that's like... ;)

With my BF Stephen, I'm the methodical, uber-organized one and he's the one who's totally laid back, but also puts in the work. I for one am very happy to have him around when my brain is twittering at 10,000 thoughts per second about perfecting my training, nutrition, workouts - he balances me out, and it seems that you do the same for James...which is AWESOME!

Cheers to you for unconditionally loving and supporting your man!! It sounds like you have things under control with that SASS of yours... :)

Have a great weekend!

Benson said...

Oh you lucky woman. We know you wouldn't have it any other way. You've got such a studly man...even if his flexed bicep is as fake as saline implant.

BreeWee said...

I need that shirt for my hubby! I mean I need it in reverse- whatevers, that shirt is so funny!

Git it dog! Cheers for a GREAT race!

Mac Brown said...

Bullet point number 4, we need to go to dinner so you can hear what Meredith has to say about that! I am referred to as "old man" now, so pathetic.

Congrats to James as well, huge day today for him.

Only way he does that is with your help . . . remember that, I know he does.