Monday, May 5, 2008

sprint sprint triathlon- officially a triathlete!

sunday we woke up mega early (4:45) to head down to Spring Sprint, my first "real" triathlon. we got to the race site as transition opened and racked our bikes with all the breakaway training homies. it was a little chilly, but i knew once i did my warm-up dance things would be's me and bethany-she's my best bud and my best competition!
I did (almost) all the right pre-race stuff: my tires were pumped, i laid out my transition area well, got in a full 20 minute run warm-up with 4 pick-ups to LT and even remembered to put my hair in a low ponytail so it could fit in the helmet and i wouldn't have to "re-do" it in transition like at the club race....see!the only things i didn't do were 1) warm-up on the swim...i wasn't sure where we were and were not allowed in the water, there were tons of jellyfish, and i wanted to stay where i could cheer on james as his wave came out of the water into T1...the other thing i for got to do was 2) zip up the back of my trisuit...moron. i did the whole thing with it unzipped. not that it mattered, just looks kind of funny i guess, but then again, i was wearing an aero helmet, so "funny looking" is relative.

okay, race time!

the swim:
my wave started at 7:25 and there were 44 girls in my age group. it was an in-water start, which i've never done and we all kept floating into eachother. the gun went off and my goal was just to stay on lead feet as long as I could. well, i lost all feet pretty quickly and was swimming alone. not sure how that is possible in a 400 meter swim, but it is. i couldn't see anything around me becuase i was wearing new goggles that fogged up like a mo fo. in my defense, they are the same brand (aquasphere kaiman small) i wear all the time, the only difference was that these had mirrored lenses...during the last 100 meters, i considered pulling them off for a minute to make sure I was going the right way, but i eventually just went with it. my swim ended up being not that bad considering i had only swum 3 times in the six weeks prior. so i am very stoked becuase that means there is plenty of room for improvement

total swim time (plus run up the ramp to T1): 7:47, 5/44 AG

I was a little nervous because we hadn't had time to practice these the day prior (coach james is a slacker), but he talked me through it and my goal was just to not sit down and not do stupid girly stuff (fix my hair, dry my face off, etc). I think i actually had a really good T1, but i can't see the splits because the timing company includes them in the bike time. I clopped out of T1 (no shoes clipped in for me...need way more practice for that)

THE BIKE (my nemesis!)
i set out to ride hard and that i did. the bike was only 9 miles- 2 loops around "fiesta island" so i knew that i could just go as hard as possible and hope i could run off the bike. i exited T1 a little before bethany and she promptly caught and passed me on the bike. i kept her in my sights for about 2/3 of the ride, but lost sight of her. other than that, i didn't get passed by any women in my AG and i think i passed 2 girls who must have been strong swimmers...i had a few of those "why am i doing this?" moments on the bike because it is so hard for me and i haven't really found my love for it yet, but overall, it wasn't that bad..and i felt like i was going pretty fast!

total bike time: 29:28 (includes T1) 4/44 AG

can i tell you how excited I was to get to T2? my quads were squealing and i was hoping my legs would be there, but i was ready. i pulled my shoes on superfast and was out of there. i think my transitions were on it.

the run:
i BOLTED out of transition with superfast turnover. i think i was a little overzealous, i ran by dave p from breakaway training but he promptly caught back up to me after a couple hundred yards, which was lucky for me because he ended up totally pacing me and kept me going in the run (if you check out his blog you can see a run pic of him with me trailing him-nothing like a 7 foot tall neon orange "carrot"! I hope his wave starts 5 minutes behind me every race!). we started passing people. lots of people. and i was huffing and puffing that first mile. i wondered if the whole run would hurt that bad (it didn't). i sounded like a little kid with asthma who forgot the inhaler. at mile 1, dave looked at his watch 6:24. sweet! i thought we were going WAY slower. the next couple miles were easier and i probably could have pushed harder. i think i passed 3 girls in my AG, but not sure...all i know is when i ran across the finish i was stoked and i knew i could have kept going (maybe didn't run hard enough?)

run time + T2= 19:21 (3 miles + T time- nice! i was especially please b/c there was a couple hundred yards of soft sand and some other turn-y stuff in there) 3rd AG (one girl ran a 17something, WTF?- awesome!)

2nd/44 AG, 3rd overall (age grouper)/200+
total time: 56:36

so i ended up placing 2nd in my AG! I was so excited because i really had no expectations other than not making the mistakes i made in my "practice" race, and i felt that i swam and biked stronger than i thought i could. i think i am still smiling. it was just so fun and i really had no idea i could compete for spot up there...i looked over the times and my time was 3rd amateur female overall and 5th if you include the (two) "elites" (and one of them was only 15 seconds faster than me.) so i think i really surprised myself and got myself excited to work on my weaknesses (bike bike bike swim swim swim) and get ready for San Diego International on June 29th...

more photo fun:
the final stretch on the run...felt awesome- next time i need to push it a bit more. my race suit from de soto was fantastic and my new zoot racers (a pre-race surprise from the best boyfriend ever) were so fast, comfy, and light

posing after the finish with james

after catching my breath, we headed back to the car to change and then hung out with the crew until the awards ceremony...a good crowd stuck times..i am so lucky to be surrounded by such great people, and live in san diego, and do this, and have my boyfriend be right there with me, and am just so thankful that i can do this because i know just how lucky i am to be healthy and happy.

bethany and I - both our first triathlon medals - way to represent in the 25-29 AG- bike month paid off! we both had fun during the race pushing eachother...she blew by me on the bike...but i caught up in the run.sportin' the silvers....oh wait, james doesn't have his on (ahem...can somebody please tell that girl that everyone else has taken off their medals..)...but i like this picture better than the other one that was originally here.
and the real champ...Emilio DeSoto's father came out and did the duathlon...winning the 75+ age group..Awesome!
thanks to chuck for taking pictures! always awesome...


GZ said...

Run stride shot looks super fast. Well done Beth! Pretty amazing considering the arm crud you have had to work through over this last stretch.

Paul said...

Killer Job Beth! You and James are one fast couple!!! Your season is shaping up great!

moonpie said...

OMG - did you say, 3rd overall? VERY nicely done!!! Great job in the swim, eh?

Oh, try not to slack on the race reports in the future, m-kay? Your internet fans need to know what the deal is ;)

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

SWEET! Great job Beth!

You and James just both kick ass!!

keep on rocking!!!

D a v e P said...

Great job on Sunday, Beth! And yeah, I guess I do look like a 7ft tall neon-orange carrot. I bet if triathlon's 4th sport was a basketball dunking contest, my height would be more to my advantage!
Congrats on a stellar 1st official tri.

jameson said...

Biggups dog! I knew you could do it!

Shan said...

Beth- nice work!!! What a great debut! Congrats on a solid race, even if the race suit wasn't zipped up heehee :) I've totally done that before, except it was with my wetsuit only zipped up 3/4 of the way...

Benson said...

Yeay! you're a triath-a-geek.
Very nice job in that race.
You were pretty dang fast and I can imagine what you'll do in the next one. woo hoo.

Foggy goggle tips:
wash out the inside of you NEW goggles with dish soap or toothpaste (non-abrasive)cuz there's sometimes a factory coating of smuch that needs removal. And you know to spit in them, smeer, and then rinse before racing, right?

kerrie said...

nice - look at you taking the tri world by storm!!! i love the zipper down look, it's hot. i could never get away with that, so consider yourself lucky...i'd lose a boob or two out the armhole.

Ryan Denner said...


Especially on that swim, considering you had a busted wing for a few weeks.

If there were a couples competition, you two would smoke it!

Love the low brow visor in the run pic - very "I Mean Business"-like

Nikee Pomper said...

Way to kick some ass on your first "offical". That is a killer race suit. Keep up the good work!

Rachel said...

Nice job! You ROCKED it. Miss 2nd place!!! (That means you're not really a newbie, btw.)

triguyjt said...

beth...great job...and its really cool how you and james have such a great thing going..and how you build each other up....
your 19 ish on the 3 miles is a fantasy for me.....dream on...

great job!!!
gotta check daves blog to see the 7 foot orange carrot haha

Nikemom said...

Excellent on the race! I love your blog. I ordered a DeSoto tri suit and am anxiously awaiting it's arrival. :)

Paul said...

Hey Beth,

Thanks for the comments about the back. :) I spin with Emilio at the La Jolla sports club.


skinfit said...

Congrats on finishing your first triathlon (and doing so well!!!!)
Xterra now? Something tells me that's in your future =)
See you in Temecula!

TRI-ROB said...

Hey rockstar! Judas PRIEST woman! Nicely done... LOVE the pace on the run!

You're gonna have an awesome season....


SixTwoThree said...

Very, very cool Beth! Very, very proud of you :-) It's good to see that James isn't winning all the bling.