Friday, May 30, 2008

sticking to the unplan

things have been nuts for the past two week. lots of training, friends in town for four days, and perhaps the busiest time with grad school commitments ever. i am working on a manuscript for publication and i had some major deadlines to meet.

i trained 15+ hours last week and have been putting in some good workouts based on what i feel like. but my plan lacks a plan. i kind of need to stick to something if i'm going to manage this half ironman thing in 7 weeks. the biggest thing i need to do is put in some more bike volume and long rides. and longer bricks i think. and keep running. and make sure to swim at least 3 times a week or 10,000yds. that's the non-plan-plan.
this weeks workouts...and weekend "plan". wahoo, i have a plan!

monday: 1.5 hr trainer session (solid, but friends in town so had to get 'er done)
tuesday: a.m: Spin class and core strength class
p.m.: MAF test at track (7 miles running) a.m. Masters swim (3500yds)
p.m. BRICK workout w/ TCSD- 5 mile bike w/ one mile run...3 times. race pace.
thursday a.m. Masters swim (3550yds)
friday a.m. 1.5-2 hour ride
p.m. 1.5 mile open-water swim la jolla cove
saturday 70 mile ride w/ 30 minute brick run
sunday a.m. 14 mile run......s
p.m. short easy pool swim...maybe recover spin

wow. that adds up to a lot. i think on monday i may need a full day off. i always take a day off the legs (like just swim) but probably don't take enough full days off.

last night we saw the premiere of Dean Karnazes' documentary...documenting his 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days. the coolest part was that he ran from mission to mission in california from Sonoma to San Diego the week prior to celebrate the premiere. he stuck around to answer questions after the film. pretty awesome. i just kept staring at his mondo calves and quads. he is pretty yoked for a runner. lots of muscle. i guess that's how he avoids injury..

speaking of marathons....wishing all my friends heading out to crush the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon a good time...and
this week, for no apparent reason (in my life of haphazard coachless training which means i decide on my workouts when i get up in the morning.....which today, i am thinking a 2 hr ride and 1.5 mile ocean swim with the tri club).

MAF test 5/27
1.5 warm-up jog

mile 1/7:18/HR 149
mile 2/7:04/HR 154
mile 3/7:16/HR 155
mile 4/7:23/HR 155

1 mile w/d

SO...this was my first MAF test and mostly just a measurement of where i'm at. i did this around a was really windy- not sure if that affects it. since i'm in the middle of race season, i won't be following any type of MAF training right now, but i was just curious where my aerobic HR is. i'm pretty sure i should have run this at a slightly lower HR. I used the formula 180-age (28) + 5 (because i have been exercising consistenly for 3 years). So that # would get me to 157. 157 ended up being my max during the test...

this weekend there is a fun ride planned - a "train ride"- taking the train up the coast to anaheim and riding back down. the planned route is a new one, a mix of canyons and coast, so it should be a fun time. i'll also be cruising around the marathon for my long run...


GZ said...

Grrr. It drives me a bit bonkers that your MAF is 157 because you are 28 but mine is 147 because I am 38. Apparently my MAF will be 127 in 20 years ...

I hear ya' on the plan ... I get a little sketchy on plans because a.) life gets in the way and b.) I often don't feel like doing what I scheduled that day (both ways on that - I want to go faster on an easy day or slower on a hard day). So my plans are often more unstructured specifically but have objectives like yours (hours of training, miles a week, number of workouts a week, etc).

Live it.

moonpie said...

LOL - love that marathon ecard!

15 hours of training sounds pretty damn solid to me! It sounds like you're on the right track! Just have James write out a training plan for you...I hear he's cheeep ;)

Ryan Denner said...

embrace the unplan!

you still train more hours/week than I, but not for long!

TRI-ROB said...

I LOVE the "UnPLAN"! Dude... you could TOTALLY market that! Seriously.

Solid aerobic times little momma! I'm really really REALLY looking forward to hearing how you crushed your first 1/2 Iron... yeah... not kidding!


kerrie said...

that's a good plan! i lack discipline and organization. i also like to eat nutella on the couch all day long - i need some kind of plan....
i think as long as you have some specific workouts and goals that you want to meet during the week, that's a pretty good plan. you know what you're doing and you are doing it well.
as for the publishing thing, tell people that you are just starting your season - revisions will have to wait. freakin' academics and their summer deadlines....

Matt said...

your MAF is silly - I think that's my max HR ha ah ahahahah. Good work. Obviously, if you have any ?, ask Lucho.

And this 1/2 ironman thang. . . great experience. I did a couple . .yawn.

Now get off-road and puuuush it!

rr said...

Beth, I love your sched.. I did my first two years of training wake up and then make a plan.. and it was so much fun. The RnR bandit sounds awesome, great run!

The marathon ecard cracked me up. I'm going to have to tuck that one away for the pre-kona well wishing :)