Tuesday, May 20, 2008

super secret race fuel and strategy

first, it's all about the pre-race fuel....and by the following picture, you can tell that i mean business. its business time...

friday night, 6:30 PM:
what's that she's holding? it looks LARGE! why is she giving me the "leave me alone, i'm eating stink eye"?...because she is holding the super amazing grilled mahi mahi burrito from el caribe, the best place on earth (by the way denner, even though you are a fish hater, this place is right by your work and has non-swimmy stuff too)....so its a mongous whole wheat tortilla filled with spinach, cabbage, salsa fresca, guacamole, grilled mahi mahi and that's it...perfection...
with salad on the side...and their perfect peanut carrot ginger dressing

and yes, i ate the whole thing...AND frozen yogurt less than an hour later...but it was this stuff...which i call the "healthy kind"..it has only 8 "all natural" ingredients, 8 calories per oz and the ingredients are like active yogurt cultures, maltodextrin (don't triathletes love this stuff?) and whey protein. YUM!..one pre-race meal....CHECK!

so here are the "race strategy" videos, all my secrets laid out- ...pre and post temecula 21k trail race...amusing.

pre-race (had to delete the videos they were junking up the html or something)


and i found out today that i won the points series for the Southwest region xterra trail run series...free entry into the national championships in bend, OR... probably won't make the trip but we'll see...
here's an article from the race (not exciting, please feel free to stop reading here, this is more for my own life documenting as this blog is like my scrapbook), it really only mentions me quickly. BUT, if you do read it, you will notice that had i been "more than one minute" faster, i would have won a free round trip ticket to hawaii
(Temecula, CA) – More than 250 runners from eight states, Canada and Mexico took part in the XTERRA 5km, 10km, and 21km trail runs at Vail Lake Resort in Temecula, CA this morning. With temperatures reaching into the high 90’s, no shade at all on the course, and several hundred feet of climbing through the rolling hills of Temecula’s wine country, this morning’s runs were no walk in the park.

The men’s 21k winner was 23-year-old Benjamin Dillon, an active U.S. Navy man from San Diego, CA (via Louisiana). It was the first big victory for Dillon, who took up running just after high school. Dillon’s time of 1:51:05 was a full two minutes ahead of runner-up Jamison Smith of Alta Loma, CA.

"I was really surprised to do so well,” said Dillon. “I knew with the heat I had to go out slow for the first part of the run and conserve energy, and that really paid off towards the end of the race as the leaders started to fall back."

In the women’s race 49-year-old Judy Maguire from Idyllwild, CA put in a late race surge to pass dozens of racers, including a handful of the lead men. Maguire, a stand-out road runner in Florida during the 1990’s, finished third overall and crossed the line in 1:53:08, more than a minute ahead of Beth Gerdes from San Diego.

"I really just started to run trails recently and we’ve got lots of hills in Idyllwild to train on so I was comfortable with the climbing on this course."

With the victory, Maguire won roundtrip airfare to Hawaii on Hawaiian Airlines as part of the company’s push to get more women out and active. "That's really neat, I think I might just have to use that ticket to do the XTERRA Trail Run World Championship race in December."


GZ said...

Beth - ever picture in here has you eating or drinking. That is AWESOME.

You get the trip to Maui next year lady.


Ryan Denner said...

i don't hate fish, fish hate me!

thanks for the recommendation, and nice videos!

moonpie said...

Yup, nice videos, and that gigantic fish thing looks hawt!

oh, kick ass job on the sub 4 mile, too ;)

Matt said...

Nice. Watching running flicks the night before, following the fish burrito. .. a winning combo.

You're blowin' up the joint!

Benson said...

Oh yum. I gotta get me some.

Good press.

BreeWee said...

BUMMERS!! I so wish you would have gotten that trip... NEXT year!

I just read your past 2 post (I had catching up to do)... you are so hilarious and down to earth!

I hope you keep on kickin' butt this season!!

BreeWee said...

One more thing... do you do a lot of modeling??? I think I saw you plastered all over some recent tri mas/endorsements... pretty cool!

Nikemom said...

Excellent! If you have time, I'm tagging you for a meme. Check out my blog for the rules. Have fun!