Tuesday, June 10, 2008

hello tuesday!

another big-ish weekend of riding (right about 100 miles for sat/sun) and then i clipped out and hopped on a plane to philadelphia. i had a layover in denver and thought about how close i was to blog friends (friends i've never met, not sure that counts as friends) right up the way in boulder.

yesterday (monday) i split my long run into 5miles (noon) and 7miles (after dinner) and noticed that my heartrate goes up by about a billion when running at noon in 100 degrees and 100 percent humidity (disclaimer: i'm no weatherman and too lazy to look up the actual weather, but it was swamp-y for sure). today i took the day off. which felt wrong since i wasn't busy. but i was saving myself...because...

tomorrow, it's time for the fitness factory spin class!!! (which...BREAKING NEWS..is now with the 2000's and called "the STUDIOS formerly known as fitness factory" BUT they still answer the phone, "fitness factory, can you hold?" when you call to sign up. )
after spin, i'll be all amped up from the killer beats and ready for a short transition run sesh on the tready where i do my best scare the uphill walker holding the safety bar trying to watch "The View" next to me. YES!

not much else to report...taking it easy as its a long overdue recovery week and i'm running in the xterra 21k in richmond this saturday...not a big race for me, just a good training day...heat training tempo run will be good for vineman 70.3.

james again had a fantastic race in alabama....bummed i missed his first amateur overall win at a big race, but i'll see him in richmond to race again (does he race a lot, or is it me?) this weekend and i demand a repeat performance.
and i posted it up over on our healthy food blog vo2maxxed....GAZPACHO time.


GZ said...

Dude - we are friends. Facebook told me so. Or some guy I know James vouches for you and heck, I have IM'd him lots of times (uhh, do I need to clarify that IM is instant message on a blog that is visited by Ironman types?)

triguyjt said...

congrats to james...!!!

good thing splitting the runs in that freaking heat..

have a good one

SixTwoThree said...

Yes, it definitely counts - in case you make it up my way. P.S. that big grin? Guess what? It's a sunburn emoticon tatoo left on the small of my back from this weekend's ride. A special post to my guy ;-) But thought I'd let you in on the truth about that big, fat stupid grin.

Ryan Denner said...

line of the year...
"i'll be all amped up from the killer beats and ready for a short transition run sesh on the tready where i do my best scare the uphill walker holding the safety bar trying to watch "The View" next to me. YES!"

have fun back on the right coast!

Paul said...

you're logging some serious bike miles. that heat training is totally going to help for vineman!

Benson said...

Oh wow. I'm not a fan of the heat either. good on ya for getting it done.
can't wait to hear about the spin sesh with fitness freaks.

Nikee Pomper said...

Did you pack your leg warmers and the hot pink off-the-shoulder Hypercolor shirt? I can not wait to hear about the spin class! Please take pictures!

Big Al said...

Ah, c'mon. Don't be one of "those" people who classify their race as a "training day" when you already know you're going to run the 21k hard, even despite it being a recovery week for you. You're still going to run fast, right?

If it's not an actual race then tell us what pace or HR you will "train" at for the 21k. ??

You seem too nice and talented to become one of "those" people.

beth said...

oh, al! calling me out! yes al, i will definitely run hard. i am just not putting much thought (besides my outfit, of course) into the actual day as i am doing the race purely because i am in town to watch james race and need a good workout/prep for vineman. however, i am definitely stoked to be RACING it, i will do my best, and my HR will be through the roof for sure.

and since i try to be honest on this blog... it looks to me like you are one of "those" people who has never commented on my blog before and chooses to do so the first time with something negative....now that's classy.

like GZ, I love some heated "calling out" from people i know and trust or respect(makes us better!)...but who the F is big al? (if you are alan couzens i totally apologize b/c he seems like the man but you probably aren't b/c he probably wouldn't waste time reading my flighty blog)
p.s. and i totally understand if you want to retract your comment about me seeming nice :)

kerrie said...

sniff sniff
not even a call?
we are so much more than just friends on facebook, i own you(and gz as well). i may have paid far too much however...

and seriously, who is 'big al'? anon. comments are sooo cool.

Jim said...


Now I'll definitely watch my step around you after reading your reply to "Big Al". Ha Ha

Jim said...

Let's see:
House cleaned - check

Yard mowed - check

"F" Bomb launch switch - disabled

Best Behavior Contract - signed (Although I really didn't understand it all. Our only literate neighbor is out of town, and we all know what Andrea Mitchell said about us "Virginians".)

Remember, it's the patio or deck, not the veranda. (A southern thing)

Y'all button on safety - check

Ready to meet Miss Beth (Damn, I mean Darn, or Golleeeee - to many southern things to turn off.)

Forget it. In the immortal words of that great American, Popeye, "I yam what I yam, and that's all what I yam."

See you Friday.

Note: I reserve the right to one "F'n A Bubba" if called for, or at least a "Hell Yah".

BreeWee said...

BETH!!! have fun in that 21k... run for fun, sounds good to me, nothing like a tune-up race!

Enjoy the blog friends too... see ya in Kona buddy! Are you coming in October?

Shan said...

Beth! It was great to meet you last weekend at Rachel's ride! I hope you're having a great vay-cay back east, and I can't wait to hear how the trail run goes-Go out there and rock 'em!

Shan said...
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Matt said...

SMOKE the 21k. I bet if you go out nice and easy you will kill it.
Have fun!

TRI-ROB said...

Hey Fancy Pants! Good luck in in your 21k! Get it girl! Can't wait for the RR...