Sunday, June 1, 2008

is it really june already?

the weekend was everything i had planned....with minor adjustments :)
FRIDAY- 2 hour mellow ride (with a killer climb at the end)
1 mile open water swim with the san diego triathlon i am, dragging ass to get all suited up.. me and my special boyfriend
although it was tough to get in the water at 6pm, i'm so glad i did. after 100yds it was refreshing and i love swimming in a wetsuit, i feel like i get much longer in the water. james was awesome...the whole way back, he slowed his pace just enough so i could practice my drafting skeeelz all the way in.

right after the swim, we joined for the putluck/BBQ that always has awesome food (we brought lots of good fruit). good fuel for the weekend to come...yes GZ, that is me on the right, gettin' down on some food as usual..

saturday morning, i hopped the train with a group of 10 and tortured myself for 75 miles plus a 4.5 mile solid brick run on the beach...let's hope that hay from that day makes it in the ole barn becuase it was a tuffie for me. the climbs were brutal (my definition of brutal at least) for the first half and i nearly cried on some tricky descents...but i DID forget my sunglasses so i got to buy some SWEET $10 shades at a biker (like motor ones not pedal ones) bar along the way. this was the highlight of the ride. besides the triple iced espresso i enjoyed at mile 45. the crew was awesome though and i managed to stay at least within shouting distance (if you have a bullhorn :) ) of the second to last person the whole way, so thats an accomplishment.

sunday was a bandit mission at the san diego rock n roll marathon. the marathon passes my condo in downtown san diego at mile 5, so after watching the leaders and fast-ees fly by, i hopped in with the throngs and joined in until mile was a blast. i was cheering for everyone and even met a new friend who i paced from mile 10-20...and for me it was a solid training day w. just about 16 miles in 2 hours. my wonder-boyfriend picked me up at mile 21 (what a champ!) and we cruised over to his work pool for a mellow swim.

then i promptly passed out on the couch for the rest of the afternoon and woke up to cook seared scallops and steak and mega salads with james for dinner.

tomorrow is a day off! which means i will accomplish piled up errands and one of my last papers for school and other get-your-life-in-order types of things...


moonpie said...

I always new you were a bandit! That sounds like such a good way to get a training run in! Solid weekend!

Rachel said...

Wish I had been there for the Cove swim (I took a nap). I have to do Rock 'n Roll one of these years. Sounds like so much fun. Sounds like some great workouts!

kerrie said...

you are really packing some hay in that barn!!!!!! you are logging some serious training time. what is your next race?
your boyfriend should get some kind of award for being so supportive and helpful - i wish that i had one....

GZ said...

BG ... curious as to how often you are taking rest days?

good food is good food!


triguyjt said...

isn't it neat to jump into a race and get a solid training run in??

hey, that James is a keeper

good for you

Benson said...

Good training there Beth.
a well earned nap and day off. Sounds like you're living the life.
Good luck on your last school paper.

Nikee Pomper said...

I'd love to jump on the next big train + ride. I totally hear ya about the near crying on hills, I was in the same boat. You stayed tough and bricked, good for you!Oh, and 16 miles in 2 hours is Ridiculously Fast! Keep up the good work

BreeWee said...

Oh man does your boy friend deserve an award! LOVE how you make all these days of craziness an adventure... and the photos are so much fun! I have to laugh at you dragging @$$, even that you make look fun!