Thursday, June 5, 2008

ready to rest

i've been quite tired today, i took james to the airport and had planned to do my brick workout on the way home. instead, i drove right by my "transition" and straight back to bed for 2 hours. reading lucho's post the day before made me confident i had made the right decision- no use being so tired my workout sucked. we've got to be flexible sometimes. the rest of the day was maddness with work/school stuff (publish, publish, publish!) and i'm lining up a job for next year...

i decided i was ready for my workout at 4:00. i had un-planned some hill repeats up torrey pines hill for 1:30 and a 6 mile brick run through the trails of san elijo lagoon. i parked the car, and started gathering the bike gear, but then i narcoleptically fell asleep for 15 minutes in the driver's seat with my helmet on (and i had just drank a sugar-free red bull about 1 minute prior-WTF is wrong with me?).

i woke up refreshed-ish and hit the road....climb climb ride climb climb. then back to the car...luckily, denner and I met up to run together which made the time pass very quickly with all our talk of food, food, training, and food... except when the crazy fool made me run up the big climb i wasn't planning on...dude is an animal...his last two rides had over 18,000 feet of climbing. and the run miles he logged with me today were just the middle of his 13 or so miles after work. he will be so ready for IMLP! just a little after work yogging to rev the system!

other than that, i'm getting ready to leave for the east coast on sunday. clearly, i am in need of a rest week and can't think of a better way to spend it than with my family in philadelphia. after a week in philly i am heading to richmond, VA to run the richmond xterra 21k and watch james in the xterra East Championships...most importantly, i get the big "meet-the-parents" test as his folks are coming coming to the race and then we will head back to virginia beach with them...I can't wait! hopefully they will approve- i mean they've got to be thankful that someone puts up with that little monster of theirs!

i am a little concerned that i won't have my bike for 10 days six weeks out from my half ironman, but family comes first and i will make it through ok. and this could be a blessing in disguise as i may need a mental break from the bike..(i realized today that it much easier for me to mentally and physically accomplish a 2 hour run than a 2 hour ride...that's how tough the riding is for me)....
so i won't have my bike, BUT the "fitness factory" (sweet name, huh?) at home has the best (meaning most entertaining) spin classes ever-
*all the same hard-core middle aged women (it's like a time warp EVERY time i go home),
*all the same sweet 80's beats and cheesy jams,
*same ladies running for the ''good bikes" giving me dirty who-is-this-new-chick-who-took-cindy's-bike looks,
*lots of jumps and funny super-high cadence, no resistance, see who can standing sprint without flying off stuff-it's kind of like bike dancing. i LOVE it. especially when we sing along. bon-jovi "livin' on a prayer" anyone?

fitness factory spin classes are so NOT tri-specific, but it's better than nothing (at least that's what i tell myself becuase it is darn fun(ny). cracks me up. they mean BUSINESS over at the fitness factory. you have to sign up before 8 am the day PRIOR or you have no chance of getting a coveted spot. its like waiting in line for tickets to the rolling stones or something. and if you miss a class you signed up for you are banned for 2 WEEKS! oooh. can't wait!

on a another bike-related note, last night, james did some man work on my road bike and found that the rear brake is totally jacked (which i knew, but didn't know the extent). my brake rubs on every ride (which i am aware of), but apparently it is way more f-ed than i had imagined- he said he wouldn't even think of riding a bike like that (and i've been doing it for months). this gives me hope that maybe i am just working harder and thats one of the things that makes it so hard for me. time for a tune up!

lastly, just a shoutout to rachel, who has had some tough luck..she's going through ending a marriage, her apartment god robbed last month, and she tried a bike commuting experiment this week and her freaking bike got stolen! oh yeah, and she woke up with a fever. cut the girl a break already! i left her this comment:
" 'when life kicks you in the ass, make sure it kicks you forward '.
that is my favorite quote ever and it is from Gregg, one of the personal trainers on the oh so deep Bravo show, "workout". "

hey james- you'll probably read this before i talk to you...good morning- have a nice humid day in alabama!


GZ said...

Yeah ... there are days like that. I am not sure why. Moon, stars, sun, build up of training taking effect.

I think all you can do is roll with it. Some days that is taking the day off. Some days that is instead really going after it (see JK1's post yesterday). I think most days it is just being consistent and going through the routing and riding the wave as best you can. You, with your consistency, your unplan with the plan behind, are good at that. Keep on keeping on.

Bike stolen ... man, that sucks.


jameson said...

good morning... from the Monster!

You have been training hard... harder than you ever have. Time for some rest... is it next Friday yet?

Jim said...

You're already half way home. Aunt Nancy met and approved of you in Temecula, at least we got positive reports. We look forward to meeting you. Just from what I read on your blogs, and what I hear from James, you have nothing to worry about.


Matt said...

You're running Richmond Xduro? You are the monster. Nice rest week. Thanks for the thumbs-up re: my PQ run - coming from you! Hopefully you JW and I can hit the trails this summer.

Have a great week and good luck with "the family." It all sounds like a great fit.

Rachel said...

Thanks so much for your support! Btw, I love that show "Workout"! (I've never told anyone that before). I'm addicted.

I am still riding tomorrow. I rested all day yesterday and am feeling much better today. It takes more than that to keep me down.

Bring it!

TRI-ROB said...

Hey Little Miss Poopy Pants ! (yeah... I dunno either... just liked the way it sounded)

ANYWAY! I'm not sure if "narcaleptically" is a word... but I don't care! I'm USIN it... with your permission of course! Your body will definitely let you know when to put the brakes on and rest... the key is... LISTENING!

You rock girl!


p.s. Don't sweat the folks... they're human too and besides... they produced the dude that is James...

kerrie said...

i obviously need to watch more tv as i have never seen the show workout...but i would be so in to the fitness factory spin class, especially if you could do kareoke to bon jovi and make requests. have fun out in richmond - a bunch of boys, and a girl, are going to be out there from here. avoid them like the plague as they are nothing but of them even likes to race in a transparent white suit(not good for xterra) and one of the others thinks that he can rock a mullet. you will crush at the 21K...EASY.

Ryan Denner said...

it was great running witcha - dont sneak up on me tho!

let me know when you want more hills and pain for vineman - i will gladly accept!

BreeWee said...

GREAT attitude!
Oh, I just took your meal idea on your food blog to make dinner! Thanks!!!

Nikee Pomper said...

I toally know all about taking quick cat naps in random places. I once fell asleep, in my car, waiting for the pool to open. It wouldnt have been than bad except I thought I would save time by putting on my swim cap. Napping in a swim cap- not a good look.
Love the "who-is-this-new-chick-who-took-cindy's-bike looks." Have a great time out east.

triguyjt said...

people get so territorial in those spin classes....

okay..let me get this chugged a red bull and then you fell asleep?? of course.

I wish my sked allowed me to go to IMLP and see denner crank in that one.

I love "Workout" That Greg guy has great positive energy..

Good luck on the meet and greet the parents thing..

Benson said...

power naps are part of the whole training regimen and are sanctioned by USAT.
That fitness factory sounds a bit like a FREAK FACTORY...oh, sorry, didn't mean to hit so close to home with that comment. Those spin classes can be fun to drop in on. I love the dirty looks cuz it just make me want to pour on the charm and make friends with the freaks. Aren't we all?