Tuesday, July 8, 2008

growing up.

okay, so this picture is actually from last week before bike check at SD International, but it is reminding me to do two things this week:
1) learn to change a tubular tire. it is NOT okay to DNF a 1/2 IM for a flat
2) try try try to learn to leave the shoes on the bike coming into T2 ( this is much less likely to happen, but you know, the power of actuallly writing something down and all).

AND, it was this posting picture or a half-drunk (it was only 2 cocktails, but since i don't drink much and all) video of me by the pool on 4th of july talking about my last big weekend going into vineman. spared you.

so, the "last hoorah" was awesome.

friday i did all 3 sports but kept it very very mellow as a little prep/intro to the weekend. a one-mile ocean swim (michellie jones showed up!) followed by a one hour slow easy run in the lagoon and an afternoon 60 minute spin along the coast.

saturday was amazing. i did a 77-mile hilly hilly ride with shannon, christine, and several other fun, fast riders who were nice enough to let me tag along. i mentally backed out of this ride about 1,000 times, but brought my ipod as a "safety" and told myself if i REALLY can't hang, turn around and pedal home. but the plan was to SUCK IT UP!
and suck it up i did, especially some wheel! no, just kidding. it was incredible. i felt like such a big gir all growns up! the group was still slightly faster than a comfortable pace for me, but this made me really push through. i also had gotten a 12/27 casette put on on friday (i had a 12/23 before) and it was a FREAKING WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. i am sad i did not do this sooner, my confidence was sooo much better and i was only losing a little ground on the hills. i followed the ride (5 hours!) with a 45 minute t-run in the lagoon. a six hour training day may be a little much 2 weeks out from a 1/2 IM, but for me i know it was good mentally because i kept thinking that my workout was actually tougher than the race may be.

sunday i got up to run the "ranch run". the ranch run is typically a fast group, lots of top age groupers and pros that run a standard 11.5 mile loop. i knew i wouldn't be running with the big dogs, but the plan was to go out and hover around 7 minute miles on tired (see saturday) legs. the best boyfriend ever (you know how hard it must have been to let the fast guys go off the front?) was my "chauffeur" as i called him- he an w/ me and paced me w/ his garmin and i pretty much ran in his footsteps. this was a hurt i couldn't have achieved on my own because i had to follow the leader and stay consistent. and the pace was ROUGH for me- the course is moderately hilly and lots of trail and soft mulch.

overall, this was a MAJOR weekend for me. i know that i am getting a bit fitter, but i actually had a chance to test it. i know i can finish my half ironman- i can't wait! i have no time or place expectations, just an expectation to enjoy and have fun- it is my first one, after all. i put a lot of pressure on myself at these local races, and i just kind of want to ease up and enjoy the experience (and the friendly competition :) ) without being too hard on myself.


JP Flores said...

nice rig and great weekend of training....you're ready. Time to get rested up.

Is this your first HIM?

Also, where does the ranch run meet up? love to join that one sometime..

GZ said...

This comment: i have no time or place expectations, just an expectation to enjoy and have fun ...

Excellent approach. You might find that you surprise yourself. When the mind is relaxed in its expectations, it seems to me that the body is then best equiped to react and execute.

Best of luck! (luck = where preparedness meets opportunity)

Flatman said...

Sweet pony!

Have a great race and GET IT DAWG!!!

kerrie said...

fancy bike - it looks fast and ready to go. i don't have a disc wheel, but i would like one just for the cool sound they make!

sounds like a solid couple of days of training - you are going to crush at vineman and have fun doing all the crushing.

rr said...

You are going to rock the half, girl. Go get em on the run!

I talk myself out of the sunday boy ride all day saturday.. then go, get my ass kicked, and love it. Nothing gets you fitter than hanging on for dear life! Way to get out there.

BreeWee said...

Way to train! The race is so yours! OWN IT! ha ha

If you find out any fast flat changes tricks send em' my way! AND did Michellie draft off you or what.... :)

barndog said...

tub'tip: there's other better descriptions on how to get down and dirty with your flat but here's some additional insight you may not find right away. get your mechanic to install proper (amount)sealant, sometimes a slow leak is faster to refill than changing the tire. but since you have to be prepared. have the spare be an already mounted tub', as in get one tire changed.. now! take the one off yourself,(obviously) use the old one as the spare. they fold up tighter and are pre-stretched, as in easier to get on (which is the easiest part bc the inflation makes it tighter). I've had better luck getting tub's off that are "taped" on, but there's debate. good luck!

triguyjt said...

just go into the race with the "have fun, but go very strong approach." I am confident you will kick butt and do much much better than you think you will do....

good luck beth

White Salamander said...

Man, to live in sunny California and be able to do some nice open water ocean swims. I envy that like crazy.

Love the bike.

Mark said...

Your're gonna rock the race! Can't wait to read your RR!

Oh, and what a kick ass weekend of training you had!

Oh (again), hawt shorts ;)

TRI-ROB said...

Hey stinky butter noodle face! (sorry... I don't know where that came from)

So here's the thing: whether you like it or not... you're a competitor. You compete. You want to win things. You like stuff... as in... the stuff you get when you win. Enough about this JUST going out and having a good time... go out and have a good time....



and embrace the entire experience!


Mer! said...

Hey Beth! Thanks for your blog note--and I was excited to find your blog as well....i'm stuck between which is more entertaining your actual blog or the food blog? hmm..probably even =0.

Ok, so this is your FIRST half? Ya wouldn't even know it since you've been killin' it in other races, so Vineman will be no different--it's longer, but it gives you more time to "fix" anything that goes wrong at any time....I think you'll love it and I have NO doubt that you will freakin' rock!

I'm headed to some sort of "race" preview thingie tonight for Vineman peeps at the Coastal Wellness Center?? Anyhoo!

OK! Have a great next few days and see ya soon!!

Ryan Denner said...

i flatted 2.5 miles out from the bike finish last year at vineman, and road the f'n flat tubie in! I don't suggest this!

you are gonna kill it, beth. seriously. Seriously. Vineman is a great race.

JMoTriBella said...


I know this is your first half....but you are SO prepared. YOu have absolutely nothing to worry about. Go out there an have fun, and I have no doubt that you will rock it. Can't wait to hear all about it! ;)

Christine said...

wow! i look up to you so much! i cant believe how fast you are and how you can just pull out first place in your first race. That is NUTS! Definitely inspiring! Keep up the great work..and maybe one day...I will be able to hang..haha

Mer! said...

I was so jealous when I saw you guys leaving last night =0. He was really funny and informative, but at 9:00 when he kept going BACK to "Aid Station ONE" on the bike, i'm like oh my god it's going to take us FOREVER to get through this bike course and he hasn't even described the RUN! Smart move you whippersnappers =0.

I'd love to chat about Amanda! I will say that i'm really glad I have a coach that listens to me/my concerns etc and doesn't push their own agenda.--she praises when she should and kicks my ass when necessary =0. Ok, my turn for a long post. Um, I should probably grab your email address your other blog posters probably think i'm nuts.

Cindy Jo said...

Hey Beth - found your blog via your man's (why aren't you the FIRST LINK on his list???)

I JUST had a dream last night that I had to DNF a race b/c of a flat!

NOTHING beats a weekend of solid trainng like that. Nicely done!

Rachel said...

Sweet ride. Changing a tubular is easier than a regular tube. You'll love it. Cute pic!