Tuesday, July 1, 2008

happy 4th & more SDIT

first, i want to thank everyone soooo much for all the great, funny, and insightful comments from my last race. it was a big one for me and i learned a ton (such as the fact that SD international is not even full olympic distance- a bit short- d'oh!). basically, all the support means a lot! triathlon is such a singular sport and its nice to have a little team out here in the nerdy internet world.

from the blog world, i have learned so much and gotten so much inspiration in the six months or so i've been doing this:
  • i've learned how to take off my wetsuit (thanks, benson!), i've learned that you can win on the run and that becoming a mom will not end your tri career if you don't let it(kerrie, rachel, bree),
  • i've learned that i need to shut up and ride (just about every hard core blogger girl i know is a full on CHAMP on the bike (shannon, nikee, and all the rest of you who could drop me in a heartbeat),
  • i've learned that that you can probably learn more sciency-real-world teachable-moment stuff from blogging than a real-life coach (lucho, james, GZ, matt- funny how this one is all dudes),
  • i've learned to have fun and aren't we all here for a good time? (jt, rachel, denner, flatman, sixtwothree),
  • i've learned what it's like to be a first year pro (kind of like puberty? just kidding :) ) (mac, markyv, bree),
  • i've learned that some people are just awesome in general and i just might like them more than my "real life" friends if i ever met them (moonpie and benson)
  • i've learned by writing this that i read way too many blogs and i should probably get a life and i also probably forgot a bunch of people who have helped me in one way or another...
  • and i've learned that when all else fails, make that hill your bitch and BREATHE (robb-ie-yo!)!!!!

so, happy 4th!

and one just for TJ (may he rest in peace)
the splits and office times are up from San Diego International:
official time: 1:53:33
1st AG, 6th female overall

swim: 10th AG out of 57 (14:21 - 1:26/100meters-this MUST have been short because that is way faster than i am)

bike: 8th AG (54:27- 20mph- i'll take it! )

run: 1st AG (41:28 fastest in AG by more than a minute, but i think with practice i can do a little better)

i'm so glad i did this race going into vineman 70.3....but i still have NO idea what i'm getting myself into. whatever it is, i'm sure it will be fun because minutes after its over i'll be sipping wine and chilling with james and my parent in sonoma, ca....what's better?
ok, not my best look, but look, ma! i gots a plaque!


Mer! said...

Hey Beth! I found your blog through Sassy Shan's =0. My name is Mer and I live in SD too...i'm doing Vineman as well....and lucky for me I am turning 30 this year...because you're gonna kick ass in the 25-29 age group..phewph!

Just wanted to say "hi," and that I think you're super witty and funny....oh yeah I checked out your food blog--YUM!

OK! Congrats on your 1st place in SDIT.....so impressive..you are all-round strong!

Mer! said...

Egads! I just checked..apparently Vineman makes you race the age you "are," on race day.

D'oh! Looks like i'll have a fast rabbit to chase (you)!

See you up there!

Ryan Denner said...

Beth, I love this post... it has inspired me to finally blog about blogging ... to come soon. congrats again on a sweet finish of your "A" race...

git it dog!!!

BreeWee said...

Yeah, congrats again on a GREAT race & trust me, we all learn from you too! Like to not wear those goggles you had on unless our face is as cute as yours!

Go make a baby, it only takes 2 minutes! ha ha ha, just kidding!

Matt said...

You and JW/TJ are my heroes. You have serious game. Chk out Lucho's video. Good call, HeavyB.

Mark said...

awww...you really know how to make Internet stalkers feel special ;) I'm coming out there one day to go surfing with JW, but only when TJ is back.

As for the race...if you're coming 10/57 in the swim you're obviously not slow, and considering your limited bike training, you kicked ass on the bike, too! You're just a freak, like JW!

kerrie said...

hey there, we finally made it back! the suits have nothing in them(no chamois or padding)!!! so you really need to make sure that you love your saddle, a lot. but i usually don't notice when racing ;)

rr said...

Love your plaque.. first of many, girl!

I freaking love the blogs. I've been living vicariously through all of you while injured, and have learned SO much. And I'm still no sugaring with ya, in case you wondered (I need accountability). You, James, me & Oprah ;)

Shan said...

Nice post!!!

I think you're going to have to add yourself to the ranks of kick-ass cyclist - awesome work on Saturday!!! And it looks like you guys had a great run yesterday too - gotta love that 11.5mi loop!

Talk soon!

SixTwoThree said...

Wow, I can't believe Vineman is coming up so fast. You'll do great. One thing I learned at Oceanside is that I didn't take in enough salt. And that was in March. Hope your guy is getting you up to speed on Endurolytes or something like it. I want you to totally enjoy that post-race glass of wine. Me? After being curled up for hours in the fetal position, I was spoon-fed tomato soup by my guy. (The tequila came out the next day - organic margaritas.) Don't let that happen to you girlie!!

Sarah said...

Hey Beth!

Thanks so much for the comment - I am really happy to know at least one person found my "tips" helpful!! Check you out - doing your first year of tris and already doing a 70.3 (oh and winning your AG - congratulations!)! Damn, girl!

I didn't even know about this blog - I've been following your guys' food blog because it is so incredibly yummy. Now I have another blog to add to my reading list. :)

So hey, you're doing Vineman! We should TOTALLY hook up either before or after. When are you coming up? Where are you staying? I was thinking of getting people together for a pre-race meal.

Anyway, send me an email at STrejo127[at]gmail[dot]com.

Would be fun to meet up with you!

TRI-ROB said...

Is that my new nickname? "robb-ie-yo"? I freakin LOVE that!

Thank you for the thank you... its my pleasure! I'm VERY excited for your fist 70.3! You're going to do so well Beth!

THANK YOU for all the support this year!