Monday, September 1, 2008

call it a comeback (14 weeks out)

unrelated to labor day...

the marathon is the reason i started the whole running thing in january 2007. a simple new years resolution for a girl sick of the bar scene, wanting an excuse to stay home on friday night :)...and to meet some new people ( talk their ears off) early saturday morning for a couple hours. before jan 2007, i jogged up to 5 miles up to maybe 3 times a week for 3 years to get in (mildly acceptable) shape after 4 years of debaucherous (is that a word?) behavior in college. in high school, i played field hockey and lacrosee. they involved running, but not running for the sake of it. like no forest gump runn-ang.

anyhow, once i started and resolved to do it, the marathon training (for June 2007) became an important goal and i thought about it constantly. i followed the plan for our San Diego Track Club training group but added some miles here and there (and everywhere :) ). i overtrained quickly and ended up with a femoral stress fracture and a pair of crutches for 5 months...which evolved into a year ad a half of other injuries (broken arm) and luckily landed in the lap of triathlon- everything DOES happen for a reason -even broken bones. i wouldn't trade those 5 months not walking for anything. for real. my life is different and better becuase of it.

i decided to give the triathlons a real "go" in 2008 as my leg still was needing strength, and the "deal" with james and my family was to see if i could make it through vineman 70.3 injury free and then i could decide to do whatever i wanted....good deal.

guess what "whatever i want" is?....

redemption time! in sin city no less.
I am going to run the Las Vegas marathon on December 7, 2008. and i'm going to run it right. unlike 2007, i now have almost a full year of consistent run, bike, swim training in my legs to make me stronger. my muscles, tendons and BONES are much more used to the kind of beating they will be put through. i am also much more conscious of how my body feels, how to eat, and how to recover!

and most importantly, i have the guidance of LUCHO THE coach who is going to help me reach my goals. breakaway training is still supporting my triathlon training and i am so lucky for that becuase of all the great group workouts and triathlon expertise. now having that, combined with the mind of the man who will run sub 2:30 at the same marathon i am entering is awesome. i'm so lucky that lucho has agreed to help me out and deal with me... (i asked him the other day if diet coke counted in my "rehydration" strategies...(and HE ANSWERED!)). i especially love that i can pretend that he is travelling all the way to my "A" race just for i better race well!

so this past week was week one (14 weeks out) of my training for Vegas. i told Lucho to bring it and he said, "its being broughten". well, gradually :).
my first week was a build in volume and frequency (i'm a girl who has only been running around 25 miles/week) and a test! i love a test. i love to show my teacher that i can do good on the test! i am such a nerd, 28, STILL in grad school, so CLERARLY i love a test. i do NOT love waking up at 4:30 for the test, but that's the life of a working girl :)
my test was a "marathon pace vs. heartrate" one on the track and included 4 miles at 7:10 pace, no faster, no slower (okay, it was supposed to be 7:15-7:20 pace but my average was 7:10 so i told lucho my test was perfect for 7:10 pace so that should be my new marathon pace :) )

heres how the workout went.

3 miles easy jogging warm up into
Mile 4: 7:05/ heartrate 154
Mile 5: 7:14/155
Mile 6: 7:05/158
Mile 7: 7:14/159
1+ mile cool down easy jogging.

the test was fun and running on the track feels like running on air compared to the slow trails i usually run. i thought it would be harder to reach the paces than it was, so that was good! hopefully i'll see some improvement over the coming weeks.

my first week of marathon training (combined with regular bike & swim training (15 hrs for all 3 sports) coincidely nicely :( with my first full week at work.... let's just say i've been burining the glycogen at both ends. i need to make sure i am getting enough sleep. the workouts are manageable and my body feels fine, bit i need to find a way to sleep more. i function quite poorly on less than 7 hours so i need to figure this one out.

other than that...happy labor day!


GZ said...

Curious as to why you jumped a bit in that mile 6 (I can kind of get the first mile in the test) but I might be able to get that out of Lucho. Of course he is pretty heavy into abiding by HIPPA regulations ...

25 miles a week? Wow. Seriously I thought you were tagging about twice that. Your potential is HUGE lady.

And no more green background? :)

Keep livin' it!

jameson said...

I cannot wait to watch you cane the marathon! The afterparty is going to be ALL-TIME! I hope you're still awake!

Paul said...

You are just crazy fast. It's awesome.

felipetri said...

love the new blog look!

Dave said...

Good Luck in your training! I ran Vegas in 2006 and am heading over there (from New York) to do it again this year! It's really a fun time and a cool course.

runninggunner said...

Vegas should be fun and fast.

Ward is fatdad. Hopefully he'll be fastdad on race day.

My goal is 3:10.

rr said...

Man, Honolulu is the same day, but I want to come run Vegas with you!

7:10 it is! I've done one or two right about there and it's a great place to be.. some girls around for motivation but lots of boys to hide behind if it gets windy.

I can't wait to get back to "just running" - sounds awesome. And I LOVE those cards!

Happy mary training!

Stephanie said...

Hmmm, just may have to volunteer for back up support crew for this one! Represent for the family and all....

FatDad said...

Snap! Those results look great. Nicely done. I hear you about the 4:30AM alarm bells. Not cool.

Ryan Denner said...

"let's just say i've been burining the glycogen at both ends" - wow, someone isn't an endurance athlete or anything!

love the perspective on everything happens for a reason (one of my top beliefs as well).

u r gonna kick some serious bootay!

Benson said...

Holy fast chick!
Jaysus K-rist, you're taking this kinda seriously. Good for you.
Make the training count and keep listening to your body.

Sarah said... weren't a high school track star? And you run THAT FAST? holy cannoli, woman! I can't wait to see how much faster you will get. AAHHH I am so excited for you!

Let me know if you figure out how to get more sleep. My friend Courtenay says naps. Either way, I need more!

I like the new blog look too!

Gooooo Beth!

SixTwoThree said...

Love those paces on the track. Did the same workout today, sans test, only two minutes slower per mile ;-) BTW, what's your max heart rate? (Sounds so personal, sorry!)

D a v e P said...

Best of luck in your marathon training!

triguyjt said...

you got it girl.. natural speed and of course you have the endurance to really take this to another level... far you have come...!!

XTERRA 29er said...

Enjoy the training updates as usual and I saw on JW's blog that you did undergrad in Nashville. Nashville's always been home until June when I moved out here to PHX. Where'd you go to school?

Good luck in Vegas!

Shan said...

sweet new blog look, Beth! I'm really excited to see your training progress towards your first marathon-with Lucho helping you out, you're going to ROCK IT!

Well, I'm back from a fabulous week at Burning Man, and am looking forward to catching up soon! Drop me a line and let me know what you're up to, and if you're up for some fro-yo! :)

P.O.M. said...

Just found your blog from someone elses (you know how that goes??).

Good luck on your marathon training! I'm training for #2 and so excited about it.

j.p. patrick said...

It's going to be great tracking your progress over the next 14 weeks! Keep JW picking up some of the cooking slack and you'll bank a few extra hours a week! Fuel this girl up, JW!