Monday, November 3, 2008

Lockdown- eating with the marathon in mind

Okay. 5 weeks out from the marathon. as of today, i am still in one piece. so, it's time for lockdown. Now, i'm not overweight, but i have a little ways to go to get to my feel-fast race weight. I mean, who wants to lug a few extra lbs 26.2 miles?

There was a nice little table in Runner's World last year that illustrates how much faster you could be if you lost weight. Of course, this would not take into account speed increases due to training.

Pounds Lost
1/2 Marathon

According to RW author Amby Burfoot, the table is based on research that runners, on average get 2 seconds per mile faster for every pound they lose. The times you see above are the amounts a runner can shave off his/her race times by losing weight.

To be fair, runner's world also said this:

Note: Weight loss is for people who are overweight - not for people who are already slim. Losing weight when you are slim means you are losing muscle tissue and that means you are losing strength which in turn makes you slower. If at all in doubt, discuss with a professional (a doctor or your coach).

true true. you want to be sure to not lose too much muscle tissue or strength...but i like the chart all the same. If i can lose a few pounds (the right way :) ), it would make the marathon easier to run at the pace i want to run.

I could say I'm on nutritional "lock down" to get rid of all the toxins and crap in my body, but really that's not true. Getting detoxified is just a side effect to wanting a hot body that runs fast. To be honest, if a strict diet of frozen yogurt, chocolate, peanut butter pretzels and granola got me there, I'd be IN. Pass the peanut butter pretzels dipped in frozen yogurt and roll it in granola please!!!

the good thing is that I LOVE healthy good for you foods and that's already at least 85% of what I eat.

my downfalls are
1) Free food.
This one has nothing to do with being too cheap to buy nice healthy food. We spend abnormal amounts of money on beautiful fruits, vegetables, organic, nitrite free, cage free, wild caught, you name it. I eat them all, but I ALSO eat significant amounts of free-trans-fat-laden-i-would-never-buy-this-but-i'll-sure-eat-it foods... for some reason though, if I didn't buy it, and it's available to me, I MUST eat it! Working at a school, this includes daily baked goods and candy from the teachers lounge. and I can't stop.

2) Frozen yogurt.
(warning: i will sound like an addict here). I got down to 3 times a week, but it crept back up to 5 or 6. When james was in maui I had frozen yogurt for dinner 2 of the 3 nights he was gone. Now, this may not soudn like a big deal, but we go to a "self serve" where they weigh it to see how much of a fatty you are and mine typically hovers around 16 or 17 ounces. Yes, that's a POUND of frozen yogurt per day. But I get mostly the low carb/low sugar/low calorie kind. Double but, I do exactly what you are not supposed to do and eat twice as much becuase I think its "not so bad for you".

3) Snacking on whatever James eats after dinner.
this often involves a bag of kettle chips or a canister of nuts. and several dips into the peanut butter jar. then some dark chocolate. maybe some wine.

So this all sounds pretty bad, but the rest of the day is filled with cottage cheese, berries, salads, apples, grilled vegetables and grilled fish and that's it. so I'm really almost there. I just need to cut it out. Get on lockdown, and eliminate my numbers 1-3 above.

so here's the plan for the next 5 weeks:
1) I will eat nothing at school that I did not bring (I even skipped the leftover halloween candy everywhere today!!). and no baked goods or candy AT ALL.
2) A SMALL frozen yogurt 2 weekend nights a week and no toppings :( .
3) No eating after dinner. period. unless its frozen yogurt night.

james is my nutritional coach. well, coach is not the right word. I KNOW what to do, I just need an enforcer. he is being awesome. probably not exactly what he wants to be doing at the start of his off season, but i think he gets a kick out of slapping my hand away from the snacks.
I'm tring to think of a good reward if I make it two weeks on the plan. I'm thinking I need a new pair of sunglasses :)

Oh, and the baked goods thing doesn't count on Thanksgiving day. In reason, of course.

Okay, gotta go, I heard the PTA just put bagels and brownies in the teachers lounge :)


Maggs said...

uhm, where do you plan on loosing a few lbs from?

Good plan...pigging out on Turkey Day I mean. Just Kidding. Good luck over the next five weeks. Get down to your fighting weight. It will all be worth it!

BreeWee said...

Have fun training Beth... keep us posted, now that I am not doing my 26.2 I need to live through you!

Happy healthy eating you hot little $h!t!!

GZ said...

Good post ... uh, except didn't you give me sh*t for posting on politics not too long ago? ;)

I appreciate your lockdown focus. Curious if it includes any alcohol considerations. Also curious if there is a pound number in your head that is ideal, and that below that is moving into the "danger" zone.

Jim said...

James can be a real task master, but I know you will keep him in line too!

As far as the ballot confusion, remember, I am the crazy old white guy ;)

beth said...

GZ- ha ha. yes, i probably gave you crap about politics-posting- ooops!

AND, the magic number is 5
113- 5 = 108
the "danger zone" is less than 106.
we know BMI is irrelevant to body composition. but 106 would be just "underweight". As for BF %age. haven't gotten that done in a year, but at last check, i had a couple percentages of wiggle (or jiggle)room :)

so, ideally my goal would be to lose 2% body fat. but that is hard for me to measure.

Sherry said...

Awesome post, although I'm with Maggs... I'm not sure where you are going to lose those pounds from. :o)

I've been trying to do the 'no eating after dinner' thing for a while. It's so freakin' hard...

Justin said...

I feel for ya on the weight loss thing. It krept into my race report yesterday on my blog. My goal is a little longer term though, 5lbs for next year's racing. Even after losing that I will still be 15lbs heavier than most of the guys I race.

BTW... James' job as disciplinarian has to suck. I can't say no to a skinny little hottie... Allison gets everything she wants!

Pedal Circles said...

It's tough for me to not eat after dinner. We don't have snacks, but I want to grab handfuls of grapes, spoonfuls of PB, dark chocolate, maybe a handful of organic corn chips... anything that is around! I can't even be hungry since it's an hour after a nice filling dinner.

I go all day and eat healthy and stick to my nutrition, but after dinner it just goes out the window! Especially on low training days.

Good luck and I'll look to you for will power inspiration!

Ryan Denner said...

no where does it mention booze!!!

you are gonna kick ass regardless.

Paul said...

Good plan Beth!! I tried the no food after dinner trick. For the first time since I was 20, I was able to drop below 175 (actually to 170). You get used to feeling a little hungry when you go to sleep. I found it works best when I don't stay up late, otherwise I start to think about food again. haha. Good luck!

Mer! said...

Hey Beth!!
I'm so glad you posted about this!!!

Um, not that I thought you needed to lose weight =0, hehe, but even as fit and healthy as most of us are that do sports----we *all* have downfalls.

I have to admit, I thought I ate frozen yogurt a have me BEAT! I was SO glad you revealed our actual intake because I am still in DENIAL over my own.

I think I was up to three times a week, but my downfall is I get a "hurricane" from Paradise Yogurt which is like 16 ounces...ahhh and um, it wasn't granola, more likely m&m's mixed in.

You've motivated me to look at my own diet before Ironman...we can all make improvements!

And, your plan is realistic, it's not like you're cutting out normal foods you already eat, just fixing behaviors----awesome!!

Go get 'em!

triguyjt said...

gotta push away from the table...
I could stand to lose enough weight to shave 17 plus minutes off the marathon...gheesh

good luck!!!




cookie down, please....


jameson said...

You know I don't think you need to lose any lb's, but I will help you get where YOU want to go.

Just don't get mad at me when I won't drive you to the yogurt shack after dinner and smack your hand when you try to reach into my bag of chips!

it's 730pm now, i'm still at work... you better not be cheating. It's only day two!

FatDad said...

That is some weak ass $hit. I had been using you as my justification for eating the froyo. If Beth eats it, it must be OK!
I literally just put away my Double Churn Cappuccino Brownie and started eating the leftover carrots from dinner. Awesome. Thanks.

weight said...

Looks to be good plan, weight training programs is a cool and easy way for doing a cool way to have an workout for getting slim and fit.

GoBigGreen said...

Beth, you should move to MN. We dont have soft serve fro yo here so i cant eat it everynight :( But we do have an excessive amount of high fat Ben and Jerry's, etc..and local creameries that will send your butterfat out the roof. That isnt good either. Trade ya!

Sarah said...

Oooooh you GOOOO GIRL!

I'm with Maggs and the others, don't KNOW WHERE YOU'LL LOSE IT FROM, but I still support you anyway.

And I will try to use you as my inspiration and develop some of my own rules. Like just saying NO to leftover Halloween candy!

I liked that nifty chart.

Anyway, I KNOW you can do it and you will be SOOO happy on marathon day when you did because it WILL be that much easier when you run!

I agree with Paul; last summer when I really hunkered down and was serious about it, I did the 'no eating after dinner' thing too and it really helps. But I, too, went to bed hungry. And woke up hungry. And I HATE being hungry! :( So just know that it might happen and you just have to say 'TOO BAD FOR YOU, HUNGRIES, YOU AREN'T GETTING ANY FOOD!'

Anyway, that's my advice. :)

Keep it up and stay strong, girl!

Mary said...

Hey skinny minnie! No need for this nonsense especially when it cuts out one of the essential food groups...

Anyhoo, come mid-December let's enjoy the off season BIG Time - Fro Yo shop crawl...sort of like a bar crawl but for fro yo addicts :)

PS - When can we hang out again? soon?

Jennifer Harrison said...

Hi Beth! Yes, Julia is right, we do not have any frozen yogurt places here in Chicago that you all seem to enjoy out in CA...probably good...but good luck w/ your 2% and your marathon in a bit! Jen H. :)