Friday, December 5, 2008

go for the gold

well, i managed to squeeze in time to get my A-race manicure, so the important stuff is taken care of. phew.

it's a little blurry- that's what you get for taking pictures of your gold nails and uploading them from your iphone in class ( Dr.kerrie- you LOVE reading this.)

this week, i enjoyed the taper more than most. many might think me a little too aggro to properly execute a taper that effectively reduces fatigue, but i basically nailed it. i trained an hour or less each day with wednesday TOTALLY OFF. nothing extra and really had no problem with this (i always read about you crazies who can't deal w/ tapering). slept until 5:45am every day except today (REALLY sad when that is your sleep-in wake up call time). today i did a quick 3-mile yogg and then hopped in the pool for an easy easy 2200 and then off to meet THE MAN.

dr. dan is the ART (Active Release Therapy) man. he is also my good luck charm (i visited him two days before the Orange County Triathlon and two days before Silver Strand Half Marathon, and i think these were my two best races this year. ) i have faith in dan the man. and since my hip has been bugging me for a couple weeks, i was happy happy happy to see him (ok, so i haven't mentioned the old hip, but that's because once you talk about it it is real, and i was trying to ignore it and make it go away.). so i guess you could say there is a small chance i won't run, but only if tomorrow in the pre-race jog, i feel any worse and like i could do some damage from the race. it hurts a bit standing on one leg/hopping, walking, and when i first start to run, but once i get going it's fine. the biggest problem dan notcied this morning is that this throws off my gait. but, IT IS WHAT IT IS and vegas will be fun.

turns out james is running the half marathon in vegas. so is Macca.....come on james, time to bring it!!! Macca's gotta be in some kind of off season. ATTACH YOURSELF TO HIS HIP AND STAY THERE UNTIL YOU BLOW UP. at least it will be a good story.

as for my race. sorry, kerrie, there will be no sub 3 :(....i WISH i could do that, but i did not train for that. if i run more than a few miles under 7 minute pace, i'll probably blow up spectacularly.

SO, my "A" goal is 3:10. My "B/ it's my first marathon and i will be happy to finish" goal is 3:30, and my super secret goal is 3:07. boston qualifying time for my age group is 3:40, but i'm not interested in going to boston so its not a part of the goals. I hear it gets cold in boston.

we leave tomorrow morning for vegas. when we arrive, we'll check in at the hotel, head to the expo to meet my Breakaway Training homies, felipe, luke, and the entourage and hopefully bump into the 'old FatDad and Gunner to talk some smack and use some scare tactics.

before or after the expo, i have a short run to shake out the legs, and then it's time to hit the tables....gotta bet on my race #!!! ew....but what if i lose? maybe i should bet AFTER the race.


j.p. patrick said...

Hey, good luck, HAVE FUN and have something other than a turkey burger after the race! You deserve it! Go get 'em!!

LoveOfShoes said...

GOOD LUCK and have so much fun.

And from my femur to yours- PLEASE PLEASE listen to your body.

I felt the same way going into my race, like something was just 'off.' I don't think I did any damage by running that day, and when it started to bother me more during the day, I had to readjust mu goals- but I am so glad I did it.


Maggs said...

Pre-race manicures (and pedicures if it's a tri) are soooo important! Your's looks great. Did you paint them during class too??

Put some money down on your race # right as you walk out of Manadalay Bay. There will still be people up gambling from last night and it's a great way to break the nervoursness!

RR said...

GOOD LUCK and have a BLAST!

Luke said...

go get it!! it'll be over before you know it!

rr said...

Oh man do I want to go running.. I predict 3:03 :) You're going to rock this thing, I just feel it. Race day magic will make the hip a non-issue. Have fun!!!!

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

have fun, you're gonna rock and be just fine!

MJ said...

Have a blast! The adrenaline (or a couple of Aleve) should take care of that hip.... Good luck!

BreeWee said...

3:07... You said it! Once you dream it then say it, it becomes "reality" if you want it :)

ALL the cheers and good vibes floating across the Pacific to you Beth! HAVE fun and go do this (the lucky gold nails are AWESOME!).

Shake what your momma gave you girl!

Sherry Lynn said...

Ooooh... those are some serious gold nails! May they help get you to your 'super secret' goal ala Usain Bolt's golden Olympic kicks!

Wishing you TONS of luck for a wonderful race experience... no matter the results! Definitely looking forward to your race report. :o)

triguyjt said...

dear beth...


its gotta be the nails.....

good luck!!!

tell james to smoke macca....don't blow up...

SixTwoThree said...

Have an AWESOME race! And I know you will!! But bite your tongue about not going to Boston!!!

Steve Stenzel said...

Glad you got the nails done!

And I LOVE my ART Doc! They have magical hands!

GOOD LUCK with the race!!

GZ said...

First - you are prepared, good luck. Luck is where preparation meets opportunity, so I don't think you need any more luck - as you are prepared.

Second - be smart about the hip. I know I don't need to say this either because you have like 23 degrees or something and so you are smart. Actually, maybe that is why I need to say it. You might be a little to driven. If you hear grinding or see smoke coming out the hip, run hard for a mile and then make a call as to if you should stop. (seriously, be smart about the hip).

As always, I enjoy viewing your journey ... good stuff lady. You may have inspired me to paint my toe nails (all nine of them ... err, actually it might be 8 now) next year.

Mer! said...

You CANNOT go wrong with GOLD fingernails!!! My pedicure brought me good luck in Ironman (I think!??) so you are READY TO ROCK GIRL!!

Now is the time to let it all rip...dig deep as I know you will and just GO FOR IT!!

You know now that you said your secret goal is 3:07, you will finish...right on 3:07 right? Because that is what we do...=0..hehe....EITHER way, you will be FIERCE!