Sunday, December 14, 2008

recovery race?

okay. before anyone starts hating on me for not relaxing or taking an off-season.. believe me. it's been in full effect and will be over the holidays. i ate frozen yogurt every day this week. i did some easy biking and swimming. i didn't run. until friday, when i went on a beach jog with molly to test the legs for sunday.

today was the Xterra crystal cove trail 15k run. last year i fit the whole xterra trail run series into my schedule, and after watching me have so much fun and getting a tast of xterra trail runs at the mission gorge 15k in March, james was ready to tackle the series with me this year. actually, throughout marathon training, he kept reminding me (joking) that the real important race was the crystal cove run...wants us to both try and win our age groups in the, let's call this one james' fault :) and i signed up long ago, thinking it was a good idea. and truly, i just love to race. sometimes i can do without the training, but i always love a running race.

i was actually feeling pretty good all week. monday i was sore and then after that, i felt great. so this morning at 4am, i was ready to go. we threw on our warm-ups and headed to the race site where, of course, since james was in charge, we were first in line for parking lot opening! yippee! what does one do, when after obtianing the most desirable parking spot, you still have 2 hours left to race start? well, if you're james, you have the typical pre-race headband show:

"should i wear this one?"
"or this one? this one is sweet."

"but pink is my lucky headband color...hmmmm..."(as you can see, i've been spreading the lululemon love to james)

after the headband fashion show, we went to warm up. when we came back to the car we stripped off the warm-ups (race outfit: i went w/ full lulu w/zoot racers and my now-lucky pink geek socks). after the strip down, we discovered that we were dorky ninja twins ...seriously not planned.
looks like we also discovered why james usually runs in basketball shorts... :)...he is going to love this post!

the race
was freaking hard. the whole time, i kept saying in my head, "this is way worse than a marathon" and i meant it. there was tons and tons of climbing, about 4,000 feet. AND there was trail maintenance/construction so they changed the previous year's route to add 1.1 miles. last year's course was short (9.1miles) so today rounded out at 10.2 miles of pure hurt. i may be aerobically fit (for me) right now, but this anaerobically sucked the life out of me. i swear i bonked- i was trying to look good and smile and say thank you when i was cresting a big hill around mile 7. the spectators were hootin' it up, and ringing a cowbell so i gave a cheer to them, went another couple feel and almost passed out!!! totally wonky for like 50 yds ( i felt like that swervy older guy on the bike in the broadcast of Kona ironman 2008 yesterday- anyone see it? that was me.).

as for my "race" i went out too hard, got passed by two girls to end up 3rd overall (female) and 1st in my age group. i had 4th place on my heels (she even caught/passed me once!) for 6 darn miles. i think that's why it felt so rough for me, i was really racing her the whole time. my ninja twin was also 3rd overall (non-female) and 1st in his age group.

now, we're back at home and i made turkey chili for linner. later there will be dinnerssert of big as$$ frozen yogurt.


Matt said...

So the trail is that much gnarlier than a thon? Well done, guys. You continue to tear it up and make us all super proud!

PS Thanks for the early results.
I had money on JW winnin it!

vsberg said...


I have been a lurker for awhile....first off congrats on your first marathon, that is a great time! Second I will probably be in SD next week and was wondering if you could recommend some running routes. My email is


Maggs said...

Congrats on the race (to both of you). But you must be sick ;-) now are you going to take some time off? And turkey chili sounds good...I think I might make some too...perfect for the rainy weather.

BTW, I went to the gym last night and tried that Precor machine...HARD!

GZ said...

4000 feet in 9+ miles? Damn. That IS a race. Impressive!

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

you ARE HARD-CORE! Seriously kicking (almost) everyone's butt in 15K a week after yout 1st marathon! you rock! are you going to be one of those one ironmans every two weeks type of girls when you get on that path? :)
congrats on a whole lotta awesome season and make sure to now enjoy the holidays!and make James do so too!

Lucho said...

Nice work! The marathon wasn't that tough for you, you got talent girl!
We had goat chili tonight...

triguyjt said...

hey you guys just really set the bar high for fit

enjoy a little down time...a great hoiday..lots of presents..

I might have mentioned this before, but james with the headbands....steve nash, the hoopster??? seperated at birth

Damon Bowe said...

Dood, you look like Steve Nash.

Sherry said...

Elevation... anytime someone writes about it I get shivers up and down my spine. Egads!

Congrats on another great race... and race report. Definitely hope that you enjoy the next few weeks of sweet recovery.

PS- I'm another one of those "would rather be racing" folks. The training is fine, but I LOVE the thrill of the race!

LoveOfShoes said...

I felt 'off' for a MONTH after my marathon, I am so amazed!!

And don't be fooled, lots of the runs lately have been on the treadmill, and I cut my long run short this weekend because it was 20 degrees and I just couldn't do it!

Dan said...

Nice finish to an amazing year!

>that swervy older guy on the bike

You might have felt like him for a moment or so, but that guy wrecked and DNF'd and you got 3rd overall fem. and 1st AG - wow!

Plus you got to go home with the cool guy in the pink sweatshirt :)

Nikee Pomper said...

Hey Speed Demon, great job yesterday! L.O.V.E. the headband pics, hilarious.

Hey, how's your hip doing?

runninggunner said...

Another great race! Good work.

kerrie said...

i just can't believe that you still aren't too drunk or too hungover to run! where is your off season? i want to see those pictures!!! i'm tired of the ones where you look so healthy and fit ;)...
however, i do like your matching outfits!

Benson said...

First congrats on your marathon. that was sweet.
Nice race here too but damn girl, take a break now would ya?

cutest and fittest couple award goes to you two.

D said...

I'm with Kerrie... please gain 10lbs immediately!

SixTwoThree said...

Loved the results. Loved the fashion show!! Congrats! That's where I train and do trail patrol when I'm not injured. Think I know where you "bonked."

Andrea said...

Another long-time lurker here...I love reading about your progress...and James's choice of attire.

Great season. I want to be you some day. :)

Mer! said...

Ahhh!! Beth! You're amazing! Seriously....way to kill it!! I am not sure if i'm more jealous of your speed or wardrobe, I need upgrades in both =0.

Way to rock chica!!

Tawnee said...

Hey Beth, it was great meeting you! Congrats to you and James, that was a killer run.

Where did you hear that it was a 4,000 foot elevation gain and an extra mile? (I included that info in my blog too.) Do you have a GPS?

Anyways, enjoy your off-season, clearly it's well deserved. I'm in the midst of training for my first half-Ironman right now, so no break for me!

aelis said...


I love reading your blog, even tho every post I am wracked by insane jealously...just like all those girls/women who actually feel worse about themselves after reading fashion mags.

But you are so hilarious that I begin to forget that I want to be You and end up laughing my ass off.

Shan said...

AHHHH I love that lulu black pinstripe jacket - I NEED to buy that STAT!! ;)

Nice work at the 15K - time for some rest now, no? :)

triguyjt said...

enjoy the trip back home for the holidays....and I mis-spoke about where were got our cheesteak..

it was at Pats...

Sarah said...

You guys are the cutest EVER, I swear. OMG I always have this big smile on my face whenever I'm done reading you guys' blog. I loved the pre-race fashion show report you had goin' on.

And I totally hear ya on the "love to race, could do without the training" bit - I totally feel that way.

Anyway, you still totally kicked butt out there, esp only 1 week post-marathon. Way to clean up out there, BOTH OF YOU! Great pics and great race report!


FatDad said...

Is it weird to say that I raced in the exact same outfit?