Tuesday, December 30, 2008

welcome to the family

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! somebody save me...
last time i posted, it was about my glorious fiance- athlete extraordinaire who has more motivation than anyone i know. well, seems as though in the week we've been engaged, he's already "let himself go". james took THREE days off this week- and i've never seen him take off more than one full day in a week. and i'd say he spent at least 8 of the last 10 days in PJs until the sun was practically setting. he even drove from Philadelphia to Virginia in his jammies. yeah, way to try to impress your wife-to-be. he also re-discovered pounding pints like a frat boy with my brother-in-law and had fun making stiff drinks for my underaged sister. not to mention how much he impressed grandma by finishing a bottle of Maker's Mark in a day and a half and showing off his amazing mixed-nuts eating capabilities. yeah, james really impressed on his first visit to philly!

see this would all be fine and good, except i have a serious problem thinking for myself. so now that i am engaged to Al Bundy/Van Wilder, i really have to buck up and not fall in his trap of despair. in all fairness, he has a bum foot, which put a damper on his running plans over the holidays and he decided to relax and enjoy. i could have gone out there for my long runs myself, but i found it way more fun to sit on my arse and continuously take small pieces of every baked good/chocolate item in the house (i am the half eaten cookie monster) and hang out with the new james. i did manage to do about an hour run or spin class every day except christmas (evil james talked me out of it), but not nearly enough to balance out the eating party that has been going on in my mouth. i'm quite sure i won the cake/pie/brownie/cookie eating contest at my parent's house although no one else actually knew it was going on. but i won. i think my sister tried to win but i totally beat her.

vacation has been fun, but i'm ready to get back to san diego and ride that mountain bike!

by the way, as i'm finishing this post (i wrote this last night), james just informed me (through a mouthful of potato chip crimbs, a few of which are on his shirt) that his "goal" tomorrow is to sleep until noon. well, first he said, his "B" goal is to sleep until i get back from spin class, and his "A" goal is to try to make it until noon..sweet. so much for becoming a "team!" hopefully soon, he can just be my fat lazy coach.

some photos from philadelphia (my hometown):

james and his two new sisters (little sister jen and big sister erica)

food from the bridal shower i had at my house for blythe...yum! i made the sesame noodle salad and fruit salad (great combo: mango, pineapple, pomegranate and blackberries...squeeze of lime on top).

me and the bride-to-be

long family dinners with lots of wine and stories...

james in the middle of a pint party with my big sister erica (she beat him).

a night out with my 3 best friends from high school...some things never change!

i really need to do a year in review and some goals for '09. i just noticed that i ran just UNDER 2,000 miles this year. bummed i didn't realize that, i totally could have made it over! so my year-end-review may come at the beginning of next year.


Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

cool to see you guys doing well on the relaxing side as well!


brian said...

At least James isn't just sitting around having a pity party because of his foot.

Dan said...

You two are so funny!

>> making stiff drinks for my underaged sister


Wouldn't worry about the Jman, every guy's gotta channel his inner Bundy every now and again.

Have a great (and safe) New Year!

Luke said...

engagements do weird things to us men! don't worry...he will come around, and will be better then ever!

Jim said...

I think you won the 1/2 cookie eating contest at our house as well. I know you led in froyo consumption.

jameson said...

quit being a hater! I had to drop it one last time since I can't have retire it in '09.

I know I haven't been the best motivator over the last week but I swear I didn't purposely sabotage the alarm the last couple of days... but sleeping in feels so good!

kerrie said...

happy new year!
wow, j may have both of us beat in the pj contest. are they flannel or baby dolls? he should have been in boulder yesterday to run the beer mile, sounds like his training for that is going well! it is a sport in itself.

Stephanie said...

He tells everyone that it is the family that likes to party. You have now seen first hand what I have been saying for years - he is the instigator! I only drink like that when I am around him. Maybe it is a coping mechanism??? Haha.

Welcome back home -see you two next weekend?

Stephanie said...
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Benson said...

>>Bundy/Van Wilder...
Laughing milk out my nose!
Been there too. It passes.

Looks like a good time was had by all.

triguyjt said...

I can't believe what a slacker james is.....gheeesh..sleep til noon... my god!!!

have a great new year!!!

Sarah said...

Great pics, great holiday stories. I can see some great resemblance between you and your sisters!

I am also the half-eaten cookie monster...it's way better that way. :)

How'd you like going to spin class??