Wednesday, July 30, 2008

good times at the beach- solana beach triathlon

i'm planning on giving the 'ole blog a facelift in the next week or two. james has informed me
that i should change my layout and especially "that picture with the awkward pose". thanks, babe! i know i also need to update my links with all my new friends, supporters and team!!!!

okay, race report time. took a little energy to get the juice flowing the weekend after vineman...but it was my first chance to race with the breakaway team on the new bike!

triathlon #4- 7.27.2008- Solana Beach Sprint Triathlon.

another pretty big local race with 1500 people in the tiny town of solana beach....made for a very spectator-friendly race as you were constantly looping by everyone...there was also a really cool and sentimental vibe this year as the swim was at the location where Dave Martin died from a shark attack earlier this year and there were some nice memorials at the race.

of course james found a way to work his workouts around my #1 (and only) fan!!!!

let's make this one short(ish!):

the swim:

my first race surf entry! i practiced in the waves the day before (okay, truth be told, we went out to encinitas the night before and did laps with surf entry. well, i did A lap and then decided the real waves were too big so i practiced my "entry" and dolphin diving in the white water...when i told james to "watch me!" he later said, "dophin dive? i thought you were going to break your know you're not supposed to dive straight down in 1ft deep water and pretty much do a handstand" i guess my surf entry is SUPER smooth.)

ANYWHOOO.... when the gun (well, i was expecting a gun, but it was a beep and i was a bit behind...) went off, i dove (handstand?) right in and was on my way. goggles filled up, blah blah, but i picked a super great line to the first buoy and didn't follow the crowd. this was a good move. round the buoys and i was 7th out of the water!!!! my wave was well over 100 people (all women under 29) so this was very good for me (i am quite the sub-average swimmer. in masters i often swim in the slowest lane. but then again, michellie jones and luke bell attend my masters so "slow" lane must be relative)...anyhow. i seem to race better than i swim in the pool. throw a wetsuit on me and swim fishy swim. guess my big girl thighs drag me down without tha rubba.

this is where we started


ok. look at this bike! there is NO EXCUSE to be slow. so i stepped up my game and worked my way into 2nd place on the bike. (did i just write that? little miss "i get dropped on every training ride") YES!

this photo and the next: Daniel Derkacs - thanks daniel!

attention! calling all losers who don't know that putting your head like this completely negates the AERO helmet....

ok- off the bike, onto the RUN!

james tells me i am 1 minute 30 seconds back on the first loop of the two loop course. when all was said and done, i made up about 45 seconds during the 5k. not enough to catch laura. she was ahead of me the whole race. she's a super athlete and swam in college. she also had a great run....maybe next time!

ya think i need to shorten my stride...what is this, hurdles?

the results: i finished 2nd in my age group (out of 85 AG25-29) and 3rd woman overall, including the elites. (uh, this is kind of a joke because it kind of helps when only one "elite" (amanda felder) enters the race! i think this is my best overall in a triathlon so far.

although i didn't win my age group, i made some good improvements in this race. i had the 2nd fastest bike split in my age group (of 85 women 25-29!). i had a decent swim. fastest run split (19:00)

mostly, i had a TON of fun racing with an awesome team, breakway training. i can't TELL you how many people were out there cheering me on and how supportive the team was. the entire breakaway crew had a SERIOUS showing on almost all the podiums, and coach felipe was 2nd Elite overall!!! coach luke said Felipe rode like "a man posessed..." i like it!

i love medals superNERD!

Monday, July 28, 2008

the aftermath- vineman 70.3 and news!

vineman is not olny the best race locale, but also the best post-race locale. shortly after the race, we were sitting by the pool at the hotel, lounging around in our robes (always cheesy and fun), and eating steak frites.

robe lounging....
the only part that wasn't fun about our post-race celebration was that when tasting wine, it's nice to be able to taste the little respiratory friend made that difficult, but not difficult enough to participate! my parents are pretty into wine (one of the reasons i was able to get them across the country for a silly race..) and we spent monday exploring sonoma's finest. this was the first time i had been to some of the smaller producers and it was great to get some hands on lessons in the vines and from the actual folks who make it their livelihood. at UNTI, i asked, "where did you get the name UNTI?" mick replied, "from my dad..." D'oh! guess i was supposed to realize that was the name. i just thought they made it up to look good on wine bottles..
james first wine tasting...

behind the scenes

all in all, the trip was fabulous (aside from my whining and snotting and such) and i can't thank my parents enough for making the trip out. it was not only a race, but a super vacation...i am so lucky they came to my race because now they really get the logistics of swim-bike-run and can almost see why people would be so silly and ridiculous to spend all of their time and money on the hobby... my parents have been my #1 sponsor from the beginning (my orbea was a gift for my Master's graduation!) and it really meant the world to have them there...
then there's this guy
the man of my dreams:) i mean, how can you not love a bearded man with pronounced ribs and ladies sunglasses? no, for real....he and i both know that i would be wildly unsuccessful if it weren't for him. he basically plans my pre-race routine, gets everything ready, and all i have to do is show up...but its not just that he does nice things...he is just...well i think its pretty much obvious how much i love him and why from this blog.. so i guess its time to reveal some big news:we are engaged! no, just kidding. but we ARE officially going to be living in sin after today! I'm moving in...yipeee!!! sorry about the engaged comment, just trying to lay the pressure on thick:) ...ha ha. james is gonna LOVE this. thanks james!

also exciting...i am now going to be racing for Breakaway Training. i am officially the female fixture on their team and i couldn't be more excited and lucky to have this opportunity. Breakaway coaches over 100 athletes and is a great crew with presence at all the local races...not only do i have the chance to race with the team, i get to race on an incredible fast Look 496 tri bike (pictures coming up soon..). i picked up the bike this week and it is basically a speed machine. its ridiculous.

as for the Breakaway team, i am so lucky to be a part of this fantastic organization. Felipe, the owner and head coach has been a friend since i was on crutches and bought a bike! (he is also the guy in all those De Soto ads/catalog with me). he always told me that there would be a spot for me on his team when i got fast, and i am (way too) lucky that they are taking a chance on me so early. i told Felipe that i certainly do not feel as though i have earned a place on the team yet, so i will just have to prove it to him and get mega-fast! i guess there will be no more bitching from me about not having a tri bike!

me and felipe....

so this is update #1, but i also raced a sprint this past weekend (my first with Breakaway!)....can't wait to post the RR and some pics of the fast bike!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

vineman 70.3 race report!

vineman 70.3- 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run- my first half ironman!

time for the ole race report. i've been procrastinating because there is so little, yet so much to write! here we go:

saturday- pre race:
vineman is a point-to-point half ironman, so the place that you swim and get on your bike is about 15 miles from the place where you finish your bike and start the half marathon.
so, on the list for saturday was an easy easy swim (10minutes- was supposed to be 15, but james "you can see all my ribs" walsh got cold so we got out), bike (30), run (20). i woke up saturday feeling like crap. on friday, i was "coming down with something" and i went to bed praying that i would wake up feeling miraculously better. not only did that not happen, but i ended up awake most of friday night from the feel-too-crappy-and-achey to sleep thing. not cool after 2 days prior of not sleeping due to crazy travel. anyhow. saturday i knew things were not getting better, but i decided that i was going to race for sure. my parents were flying across the country, i had trained for a few months, and i wanted to race! and since it was my first half, i knew that the experience of it would be the most important, and i wasn't sick, like barf sick, just cough/cold/snot/sore throat sick (i was suck-it-up-sick) my legs and tummy would be fine, just had to find a way to breathe through this thing! my "test run" did NOT go so well. high heart rate and high perceived effort with a slow pace. not a stellar combo. whatever. i knew my legs would get me through 13.1.

so, after my workout (and james went out and rode the whole vineman course) we brought my run gear (in the red xterra bag to spot easily) over to Windsor High School (T2) and i picked up my race number and did that frozen yogurt get in my hand? CARBO LOADING!!!
after that, we stopped at a pharmacy for some more interesting meds ( i was willing to bag the "nothing new on race day" plan )and some kombucha. after that, we met up with my parents and went to dinner. James' first "meet the parents" was fantastic- he thinks they are alright :) and they loved him! i felt so lucky to have this great boyfriend with me who was clearly taking care of me (going to get medicine, preparing my bike, my nutrition, making sure i wasn't on my feet too much, driving me around, directing my parents....)'s nice to have someone like that who your parents can so easily see that you are their #1 priority.

Race day!

woke up at 5:15. our cottage was literally a 5 minute walk from transition. i actually considered swimming to transition but didn't (we were like 500yds downstream)...anywhooo....rode over to T1 at 6am in my compression tights and warm jacket. it was freezing! i was hoping for a HOT race, so i was bummed. i racked my bike easily and headed back to the cottage...where i did my little race warm-up (15 minute jog). still felt like crap, but ignored it because i was going to DO THIS! after running, i met up with the parents, james helped me get into my wetsuit and we walked to transition (getting into your wetsuit in your hotel ROCKS!). for breakfast i ate a cinnamon raisin english muffin (140cal) with cream cheese (40 cal) a powerbar (240) and a small banana (90)....right about 500 calories..oh, and COFFEE! lots of it. after coffee, i sipped on electrolyte drink..

the walk to T1- munching on the powerbar

pink zink! works for james- thought it would bring me good luck!
go time...

the swim: 33:12 (26/83AG)

i situated myself near the front of the pack off to the right. i met sarah in the water which was really fun because she was so sweet and it helped me to relax. at the start, i wasn't nervous, i was honestly just concerned about how my respiratory situation would play out in the race. i KNEW i was fit enough to get to the finish and my legs felt fantastic, i was just worried. anyhow. the gun went off and i went into a state of asphyxiation. i was convinced i was being strangled and couldn't get air and i thought about dropping out of the race about 100 times in the first two minutes because i could not breathe. seriously, in my head i was thinking, "i totally have an excuse! no one will be mad! i can save myself from an embarassing race!" i was breathing every stroke and i NEVER do that. i always bilateral breathe. its just what i do. but, i kept telling myself to go a little more, and after 5 minutes, i was calming down. the thought of quitting never crossed my mind after that point in the race.
notable things i remember from the swim:
* it felt long. really long. boring long. is it over yet? long. why aren't we at the turnaround yet?
*aside from the first few non-breathing minutes, i never went out of my comfort zone. it was like i was doing a practice swim. i came out of the water realizing i did not go hard on the swim. but, i saw that it was about 33 minutes and that was just fine by me for that day!
*i drafted some off of two girls at different times, but other than that, all 3 of us were in no man's land on the swim. we were the same pace, so the draft didn't help time-wise, just energey-wise. a bunch of girls in our wave swam 25's/26's. they are awesome swimmers.

strip and run!

T1: 2:25- pretty good!
westuit off, all the normal stuff. ran my bike out (in my bike shoes) and had an embarassing minute where i could not clip in. i ALWAYS clip in the left first, but my messed up head allowed me to clip in right first (dumb!) i realized i was not coordinated enough to learn a new clip in move and had to unclip. i was at the bottom of a hill and even though my plan was to ride up, i saw lots of struggling traffic on the hill and opted to run. i probably lost 30 seconds to a minute here out of T1..but at the time i was more embarrassed than caring about the time to be honest because my parents and all the spectators were watching me blow it! ha! pretty funny.

the bike 3:00:21

the first thing i said to james when i crossed the finish was "i might have biked under 3 hours, but probably it was like 3 hours and 14 seconds because that's typical for me" (my last 10k was 40:00 and my half marathon is 1:30:13...i have trouble breaking those time barriers...but what's time anyway?)...funny. i was right about on it!
what i remember from the bike
*trying to pee. i had to go so bad. i tried and tried and couldn't do it. i slowed down several times to try, but just didn't make it happen. i guess i'm just too much of a lady :) ...
*my parents appeared like magical little gnomes all over the course. they ROCK!
*i was so freaking cold for the first 2 hours that's about all i thought about besides sticking with my nutrition (both of these helped to pass the time). i hate being cold.
*i never left my comfort zone. at all. i didn't know the course, the miles at the aid stations and i had no bike computer. all i knew was that " chalk hill" comes at 46 miles. i got to "chalk hill" (not all it's "chalked" up to be) and i thought, that's it? i better GO because i feel like i'm just out here cruising around and i think i'm supposed to be hurting. i think i was too worried i would "blow it" that i never really left zone 2. part of this is my inexperience (i was scared of the "distance" and part of this was me being conservative and "having fun" because i had an excuse that i was sick (next time, maybe i shouldn't make excuses for myself...)
* tried to cheer for people i passed and people who passed me. i must say i got very little in return. i was feeling kind of lonely on the bike. i remember feeling cold and lonely and LOVING seeing my parents and the vineyards. but i was still having a nice time and enjoying the scenery.
*i stuck right to my nutrition plan: 1 bottle of powerbar endurance drink per hour (170 cal) and 1/4 of a powerbar (60 cal)= 230 cal/hour. plus, a double latter powegel right at the end of the bike as run rocket fuel. this was a nice plan for me, but the liquid got slushy in my stomach and i had to pee so bad. maybe i drank too much? also, i mistakenly cut up the powerbar and put it in a baggie with my dayquil and tylenol and halls and they all stuck together and froze in the cold and i was like biting off dayquil capsules and spitting them out. it was funny.
*i was so happy to get to transition. and aside from crappy throat/snot fest, i felt GREAT. ready to run! i DID notice that there were lots of bikes in T2, but was okay with that (remember, i had already made excuses for myself). this was my race to LEARN. i would NOT be hard on myself.

T2: 2:34.4- fine by me, but i have no idea what is good.
i took a tip from a nice friend and sat down in the grass to put on my shoes and discreetly had a little pee in the grass.. (shhhhhh!!! don't tell!) but i must say that this was the BEST piece of pre-race advice i got. so smart! so sly! too bad i didn't share with poor mer who had to wait in line for the potty!

Run 1:33:24
i left transition and high fived james.....

i started cruising. seriously. it was like cruise control. my breathing was heavy for the first few miles, but i was just so thankful i didn't feel like total crap and i was moving and my legs felt freshy-fresh. but i was too scared to push it. i didn't focus on my mile splits, but noticed that i was right around 7 -ish miles in general.
* i was SCARED to blow up or bonk or whatever. i feel like i was racing waiting to bonk. that's crazy! i was soooo conservative- like i was out for a tempo run..comfortably hard. i was running by a lot of people easily, but i wished i had someone to run with. i saw some friends out there and we cheered for eachother and i was all smiles and thank-you's at the aid stations....i saw christine at her mile 8 (my mile 5) and realized she was WAY ahead of me, and also that she was going to break 5 hours!!! i was impressed that gave me some thinking fuel for the next couple miles of how much i need to work on my bike and swim to be in contention!
*at the turn around i realized that i was probably not going to blow up becuase i still felt like i was just cruising and i could fake the last 6 miles if it came to that. this was the point in the race where i realized that regardless of being sick and taking it easy-er, i was actually having a pretty darn fine first half ironman.
*(BEST PART OF THE RACE ALERT) i was bored running alone, so i passed this dude that looked like he had it in him. as i passed he said "go girl" and i barked, "come with me!!!" well, he did! and i met my new friend sergio. sergio is a dad from palm springs and he was at vineman with his friends. before i picked him up, he had a leg cramp. the last 5 miles were the best part of the race! sure, i chatted too much with Sergio, but i felt great and we pushed each other. he would slow down at the aid stations and i would push through and yell, "come on, sergio!!!" until he caught back up...he'd yell back "i'm coming!!!" it was SOOOO fun. after we finished, he hugged me real big and said i was his hero and he would have never run the last 5 miles like that if i hadn't made him!!!

i crossed the finish all smiles and bubbly and found james and my family and started talking their faces off. i wouldn't shut up...but hey, it had been 5 whole hours basically ALONE!!! working!!! my stepmom has a funny video of me at the finish. she thought she was taking a picture of me and james but its a video and i go on about how "i don't see how you can go hard for five freaking's so long!!! how do people focus? who wants to hurt for 5 hours?" i need to get pictures/video from her..

finish chute

Finish 05:11:59.3
14/83 in my Age group. clearwater 70.3 (world championships) slots actually rolled down past me, but we didn't go to awards and i would have passed anyway.
my run was 2nd fastest in my AG (behind the winner who went 4:43 and ran a 1:30). the swim and bike were just hovering in the top third of the group.

my thoughts...
i was really happy with the race. i swore i would not do another- not because it hurt, but because it felt so long! but afterwards i kept thinking of how i think i could shave minutes here and there to go under 5 hours on a good day. i would add them up like this- and say, "if i push i think i can..."

swim: 1:30 faster
bike: 4 minutes faster
run: 2:00 faster

not sick: 2 minutes
tri bike: 2 minutes
luck: 29 seconds
(that's 11:30:59 saved...i can do it and go under 5!!!)

i am not saying i could have done it on THAT day (and i really hope it doesn't come off that way). i didn't and wouldn't have even if i had not been sick. i did what i could on that day. sickness had maybe only 1 or 2 minutes to do with it and helped me play it safe. no excuses.
i just didn't really understand the strategy of the distance. i'm saying that i know i can do it in the future and its within reach and i need to believe in myself. aside from the first 2 minutes of the swim and the last 4 minutes of the run (push to the finish), i never left my comfort zone. not once. this is NOT like me. i am the queen of going for it!
i know that there is the theory that my playing it conservative may have helped me go faster in the end, but i really think that now, after having the experience of how long/hard the 70.3 distance is will help me "push it" next time.
i'm just thinking that with how easy/great i felt the whole race, i can push it a lot more and still make it. i know i was fitter than how i raced. and i am writing this so that i REMEMBER this and RACE next time. it's not social hour or a ride in the country. ITS A RACE! (and i think i have a fast little tri bike coming that might help me even more- more on that soon! yippee!)
Finish 05:11:59.3

after the race, i enjoyed my time in wine country with my three favorite people in the world (james, dad, and step-mom marsha)....more on the relaxing and wonderful people who made the race happen for me in the next chapter..."vineman 70.3...the aftermath"....

as you can see from this picture. it was brutal. torture. life sucks.

Monday, July 21, 2008

this is not a race report

well, it's been quite a little adventure up here at vineman 70.3...most races, you factor in your plan for the swim, bike, run, and my case, i had an added "medication plan"...(pre race afrin and ibuprofen, mid race dayquil, bento box full of tissues and halls cough drops). YUCK! that's okay, we take what we get, right?

i'm not going into the race report right now because i got no sleep last night thanks to my wonderful clogged head and chest and i need to rest up to go wine tasting! (kind of ironic- wine tasting when i can't taste!)

but, overall, the race was AWESOME! i made the best of it and went for it. mind over matter style :) . had fun out there (being sick gives you an excuse to have fun and be good to yourself instead of smash yourself for 5 hrs and that's what i did!) i made friends on the course (yeah sergio!), enjoyed wine country and finished in 5:11:59- a time i would have been stoked about for my first half, regardless of sick or not. i was 14th/81 in my AG and just 2 minutes away from 6th. 2nd run split for my AG (1:33).

my parents were amazing spectators (they popped up 3 times on the bike course!) and james was fantastic as usual ( i think he gets the thumbs up from the parents for sure)....

so, full race report and post-race relaxing report to come in an day or two. thanks for all the well wishes!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

a blur

the past few days have been a blur...which has turned into a bit of a fog...but more on that later.

after 24 hours of time in the air, the dallas airport and the norfolk airport, my plane touched down in san diego late wednesday morning. upon landing, i had precisely 16 hours to pack for a half ironman and a trip to wine country, visit Dr. Dan the ART man, sleep (3 hours), run errands, show and subsequently rent out my condo (got the deposit- all set!), and participate in the TCSD Club Aqualthlon (1000m swim, 5k run). uh. yeah, thats a lot. TGFJ- thank God for James! he did the VAST majority of packing and bike readiness and such for the big trip.

i really wanted to do the Aquathlon to see some of my TCSD friends, do a "hard" swim and have a nice jog for the run. I PROMISED myself i would not race the run, so i didn't wear my timing chip and just went out and cheered for everyone along the course. i had a blast and i needed to get the kinks out before the race. i also wanted to test drive my awesome new De Soto micro tri shorts and top...i can't wait to race vineman 70.3 in this- thanks Emilio! I figured with the heat on the run course, the less clothes the better!

pics from the aqualthon...
so i went home after the race, packed up, slept for two hours and we hit the road. we are now in guerneville, ca along the russian river and it's beautiful. i can't wait to race here..i love the river, huge redwoods, little trails....this place feels like camp. i keep telling james that (i love camp!) and he thinks its funny. look, we even have a cute little cabin right on the river!
the place we are staying (Dawn Ranch Lodge) is SOOO cute. right in town on the river, a 3 minute walk from transition (2 minutes from starbucks!), and they have a great pool, plum orchards and some nice little trails and such. when james gets back from his ride this morning, we are going to swim up the river to transition- how quaint!

we took a quick little spin yesterday ...first time on the bike in over a week, but felt good, aside from a sore throat that was growing..but enjoyed the vineyards and scenery...

and i got my bearings....

of course, we went back later.....carbo loading!!!

okay, so we were having a blast, but all the while my throat was getting SUPER sore and my nose becoming more and more stuffed up. the sickness with a quickness. we stopped by the store, got some theraflu, zinc, cough drops....i'm trying not to freak out. i feel about 60% right now. last night was not so good. up all night taking more medicine, etc...which didn't help the 5 hours sleep total from the 2 nights prior....
so, i'm tired, sick, and a little bummed- not the best timing- but such is life!...i'm kind of convinced i could feel better by tomorrow morning and either way i will roll with it and make the best out of it. sure, i probably wont have the race of my life with a cold or the flu or strep or whatever this is, but i'm sure i can still finish it, have a BLAST and enjoy this amazing place with james and my family (he meets the folks tonight!!!) so, come what may, i'm racing tomorrow and i cannot wait!

thank you to everyone wishing me well in this race...i am so behind on my blog reading and commenting with all this travel (i feel so out of it!) i can't wait to relax next week and catch up with everyone...and good luck to all those racing IMLP!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

bon voyage!

me and my big sister, erica at the beach- corolla, north carolina

our family reunion in the outer banks of north carolina happened to fall the week before vineman 70.3. as i would only have a 24-hour turn-around back in san diego (heading out to sonoma, ca for the race)....the planning got a little nuts, but spending time with the fam at the beach was a major priority.

the vacation was amazing, the weather was perfect. i wanted to stay a couple more days and do some more beach frolicking. the coolest thing was that the house we rented had a freaking movie theater and we had group viewing parties of the tour de france with at least 10 of us every day (dad is OBSESSED!)...and i know i mention this often, but my family is truly the coolest, most hilarious bunch ever. on monday, after the mountain finish of the tour, i rounded up six of the troops for an open water swim in the sound...erica even rented a kayak and paddled along side me while i got in about a mile and a half out and back!

my kayak escort..

me and my sister jen and my brother's girlfriend, katie...swimmin' time!

the workouts were very very minimal which makes me nervous (3 runs, 1 open water swim, clearly no bike with me...getting nervous here...will i be totally flat on race day?). i mean, i know you're supposed to taper, but i took it a little extreme. oh well, there was no other option and you do what you can. and i won't even get into the food. it's hard to fathom how completely healthy i eat until i am around 20 relatives on family vacation and there are ridiculous amounts of indulgent food and like 6 desserts a night and there having margarita parties and beers on the beach. SOOOO not fair during race week. even with all that, i'd give myself about a 7 out of 10 on the eating scale, which is NOT bad for family vacation when i usually end up about 2 out of 10. i only took part in the things i HAD to have and ate pretty reasonably.

anyhow. here's the awesome part. okay, the soooo NOT awesome part. i left the beach at 1pm today for the airport. I AM STILL SITTING IN THAT AIRPORT (10 hours later!) waiting for a flight that will eventually leave at 1am (we hope), drop me in DALLAS, where i will wait another SIX hours before getting on a flight tomorrow late morning to san diego. hmmmmmm... i am trying to remain positive here, nothing i can do...but i'm not totally excited about not sleeping for 2 days in a row on race week (becuase tomorrow james and i are leaving for vineman at 3am)...okay...i'm officially over it. and thankful i am not the lady laying on the airport floor across from me with the 3 screaming children. i love my life. but, back to that "7 out of 10" on healthy eating. that is about to be demoted to a 6 out of 10 once i pound the pizza they just ordered for us passengers-to-be since the airport is DESERTED. i requested red wine, but not sure if they heard me.

okay, i will leave you with some amusing (in an "not funny but it is funny" way) pictures of my dad...he ruptured a disc in his spine and its causing major back/leg pain. he is being a champ about it and he'll be better soon. he can't sit like a regular fellow, so i captured some of his "best" positions...
this one is my starbucks in the airport...he said, "i suppose i look like a creep, but whatever".. he sat like that for hours.
chilling on the beach
reading the newspaper...
the next 24 hours will be a blur until we hit the road to head to vineman. i did, however, make sure that our hotel has free wireless, so a pre-race update or two will come for sure!
bon voyage!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

growing up.

okay, so this picture is actually from last week before bike check at SD International, but it is reminding me to do two things this week:
1) learn to change a tubular tire. it is NOT okay to DNF a 1/2 IM for a flat
2) try try try to learn to leave the shoes on the bike coming into T2 ( this is much less likely to happen, but you know, the power of actuallly writing something down and all).

AND, it was this posting picture or a half-drunk (it was only 2 cocktails, but since i don't drink much and all) video of me by the pool on 4th of july talking about my last big weekend going into vineman. spared you.

so, the "last hoorah" was awesome.

friday i did all 3 sports but kept it very very mellow as a little prep/intro to the weekend. a one-mile ocean swim (michellie jones showed up!) followed by a one hour slow easy run in the lagoon and an afternoon 60 minute spin along the coast.

saturday was amazing. i did a 77-mile hilly hilly ride with shannon, christine, and several other fun, fast riders who were nice enough to let me tag along. i mentally backed out of this ride about 1,000 times, but brought my ipod as a "safety" and told myself if i REALLY can't hang, turn around and pedal home. but the plan was to SUCK IT UP!
and suck it up i did, especially some wheel! no, just kidding. it was incredible. i felt like such a big gir all growns up! the group was still slightly faster than a comfortable pace for me, but this made me really push through. i also had gotten a 12/27 casette put on on friday (i had a 12/23 before) and it was a FREAKING WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. i am sad i did not do this sooner, my confidence was sooo much better and i was only losing a little ground on the hills. i followed the ride (5 hours!) with a 45 minute t-run in the lagoon. a six hour training day may be a little much 2 weeks out from a 1/2 IM, but for me i know it was good mentally because i kept thinking that my workout was actually tougher than the race may be.

sunday i got up to run the "ranch run". the ranch run is typically a fast group, lots of top age groupers and pros that run a standard 11.5 mile loop. i knew i wouldn't be running with the big dogs, but the plan was to go out and hover around 7 minute miles on tired (see saturday) legs. the best boyfriend ever (you know how hard it must have been to let the fast guys go off the front?) was my "chauffeur" as i called him- he an w/ me and paced me w/ his garmin and i pretty much ran in his footsteps. this was a hurt i couldn't have achieved on my own because i had to follow the leader and stay consistent. and the pace was ROUGH for me- the course is moderately hilly and lots of trail and soft mulch.

overall, this was a MAJOR weekend for me. i know that i am getting a bit fitter, but i actually had a chance to test it. i know i can finish my half ironman- i can't wait! i have no time or place expectations, just an expectation to enjoy and have fun- it is my first one, after all. i put a lot of pressure on myself at these local races, and i just kind of want to ease up and enjoy the experience (and the friendly competition :) ) without being too hard on myself.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

happy 4th & more SDIT

first, i want to thank everyone soooo much for all the great, funny, and insightful comments from my last race. it was a big one for me and i learned a ton (such as the fact that SD international is not even full olympic distance- a bit short- d'oh!). basically, all the support means a lot! triathlon is such a singular sport and its nice to have a little team out here in the nerdy internet world.

from the blog world, i have learned so much and gotten so much inspiration in the six months or so i've been doing this:
  • i've learned how to take off my wetsuit (thanks, benson!), i've learned that you can win on the run and that becoming a mom will not end your tri career if you don't let it(kerrie, rachel, bree),
  • i've learned that i need to shut up and ride (just about every hard core blogger girl i know is a full on CHAMP on the bike (shannon, nikee, and all the rest of you who could drop me in a heartbeat),
  • i've learned that that you can probably learn more sciency-real-world teachable-moment stuff from blogging than a real-life coach (lucho, james, GZ, matt- funny how this one is all dudes),
  • i've learned to have fun and aren't we all here for a good time? (jt, rachel, denner, flatman, sixtwothree),
  • i've learned what it's like to be a first year pro (kind of like puberty? just kidding :) ) (mac, markyv, bree),
  • i've learned that some people are just awesome in general and i just might like them more than my "real life" friends if i ever met them (moonpie and benson)
  • i've learned by writing this that i read way too many blogs and i should probably get a life and i also probably forgot a bunch of people who have helped me in one way or another...
  • and i've learned that when all else fails, make that hill your bitch and BREATHE (robb-ie-yo!)!!!!

so, happy 4th!

and one just for TJ (may he rest in peace)
the splits and office times are up from San Diego International:
official time: 1:53:33
1st AG, 6th female overall

swim: 10th AG out of 57 (14:21 - 1:26/100meters-this MUST have been short because that is way faster than i am)

bike: 8th AG (54:27- 20mph- i'll take it! )

run: 1st AG (41:28 fastest in AG by more than a minute, but i think with practice i can do a little better)

i'm so glad i did this race going into vineman 70.3....but i still have NO idea what i'm getting myself into. whatever it is, i'm sure it will be fun because minutes after its over i'll be sipping wine and chilling with james and my parent in sonoma, ca....what's better?
ok, not my best look, but look, ma! i gots a plaque!