Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 things

this has been going around facebook and since i'm slacking on the blogfront, going to post it here too....25 random things about, you go do it! i tag you!

1) my family is way cooler than i am. they are super creative, laid back, have nice taste in music, accepting, funny, believe in travel , experiences & education but not gucci, chanel & prada, are up for anything and know how to have a great dinner party (focus on the wine!). i consider myself cool by association.
2) as a child, i took lessons or played on a team in the following for at least two years each: piano lessons, horseback riding, ice skating, lacrosse, field hockey, pottery, swimming, volleyball, ballroom dancing (with white gloves!)
3) i lived in France my sophomore year of college, spoke nearly fluent French, and majored in French literature in undergrad. i can't do much french-wise anymore except say, "soopair kewl" the way they say it when they talk to americans.
4) i often shower twice a day in places that are not my house.
5) i minored in pottery and we eat and drink out of my dishes.
6) i cannot think of a food i do not like. besides chicken skin. so i don't like chicken wings.
7) i have lived on in boston, new mexico, philadelphia, san francisco, nashville, france, los angeles, and san diego.
8) i can only imagine leaving san diego to move to hawaii. i am only content when temperatures are over 70 degrees.
9) i am domestically and organizationally terrible.
10) in college i typically slept until noon (sometimes 2pm), ate some crap, squeezed in a class and went out and partied. i used to give my friends a hard time for working out, especially on the weekends. weekends were for relaxing.
11) the first time i ran more than 6 miles at one time was January 2007. In 2008 I ran almost 2000 miles including my first marathon that i ran in 3:03
12) after in depth assessmnet and diagnosis, i had to tell a parent today that her six year old daughter has mental retardation. it is the toughest part of my career. the best part is helping these parents realize what their child CAN do rather than focus on what they can't.
13) i'm getting married this year to someone i never expected to be so lucky meet. when we met, we thought we were twins. now, i think we have more differences than similarities.
14) i have held the following jobs: camp counselor, advertising traffic coordinator, one summer as a waitress on a beach deck, lifestyle marketing assistant, public relations account executive, tutoring center director, graduate assistant, autism research, school psychologist intern.
15) i would like to try an experiment where i live off of fish tacos and cereal
16) my favorite tv shows are project runway, top chef, sam the cooking guy, flight of the concords, the soup, and a classy show called girls next door :)
17) i like to call james by the following names: meatball, muffin, lolo, johnnycake, saltfish
18) i eat cottage cheese or greek yogurt every single day. often twice a day. i also eat berries broccoli and carrots at least 360 days per year i think.
19) in 2008, i spent about $100 per month on frozen yogurt. i'm cutting back. and i just received a frozen yogurt machine as a gift (thanks, steph!)
20) i am terrible about returning phone calls. and my phone is always broken or lost.currently it is lost. and i'm not lying. really. i can't find it. last night one conversation started with, "the first time i submerged my iphone..." and the response was, "first time?"...
21) this year we will be traveling (planned so far) to arizona, palm springs, palm beach, kona, chicago, cabo san lucas, colorado, vermont, and maybe philadelphia/virginia.
22) when i run down the mountain by our house by myself at sunset, i put my arms out like airplane wings and race the sun down the s-curves to the bottom. i always win.
23)....and i always also hope noone sees me. especially because i usually put on a song on the ipod that includes a cheesy chorus with lines like 'top of the world", "flying", or "free fallin'" and sing it while airplaning down.
24) i can't remember the last time i started a day without coffee.
25) i am finishing this while riding my bike on the stationary trainer and drinking diet root beer. there are many things wrong with this picture


Maggs said...

You wouldn't be content in Hawaii right now. It was mid 50s this AM.

GZ said...

I have wondered about this FB experiment ... not sure I am ready for it. I feel I might already reveal too much.

Your mileage stuff amazes me. I am just going to whisper this ... OT 12, women's marathon.

kerrie said...

what a cheap blog post - doubling your fb content. i think we have talked about this!!!!
however, i may have to copy you because i am a lazy lard and can barely count to 25.
when are you coming to CO???????

Mary said...

BETH - I love it! Regarding number, I think I'm still waiting for a call from you. Number 23 through 25 totally cracked me up. You're awesome!

Sue said...

Wow...and it gets better and better and the journey goes on...Enjoy this coming year to its fullest...and by the way...Happy Happy day on Friday...from a chilly girl freezy her hiny off...

D said...

I still only have 7 things for my list. Eventually I will get it done.

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

thanks for sharing. it's funny. didn't know you lived in France (didn't know much else either though :)
mais joyaux anniversaire pour demain quand-même :)

Lucho said...

You're awesome.. cool way to get to know people better. I got a lump in my throat on #12.

Pedal Circles said...

I love the airplane thing!

Adam said...

I've seen those on FB too. Try doing 100! I did it a while back and posted them on my blog. The first 50 or so are pretty easy, then they get HARD.

Jill Costantino said...

I am going to copy you too! I LOVED doing this and I keep checking on FB to see if the people that I sent it too have done know who you are Kerrie, Rachel, and Mel..stuck on #2, you aren't quitters are you?? LOL!

I wish I had as many beautiful places planned to go as you!

Benson said...

Cool by association. Like all us readers of your blog.

Your travel plans sound great.

Stephanie said...

Re: #20 - I started a conversation yesterday by saying, "So last night my future sister-in-law says - The first time I submerged my iphone"...I then followed it up the recently learned fun fact that if I run over a curb and damage my car, I should say that I hit a dog. That way the insurance will not say it was my fault.

You two crack me up...thanks again for putting up with me this week and one last happy bday to you!!!

Steph said...

Hey Beth, Yeah- Denver may not be the right place for 70s and over, but there's sure a lot of sunshine ;) i've been following your posts for a while now- love it, very relatable, sometimes borderline creepily so ha ha ;)! Now, I have to ask- what brings you to Colorado? !!!

X-Country2 said...

I love the airplain part. :o)

Vincent said...

2000 MILES!

WOW, I clearly need to step up my training, I barely hit 400 last year. Guess its something to aim for.

Fun post!