Monday, January 19, 2009

unseasonsably easy; week 2 season 2

training in january shouldn't be this easy. heading out at 4:30 pm when it's still above 70 degrees has felt unfair. and i've been loving it. this is just what i needed to get back into the swing of things without crying. motivating to run after work when its almost dark is a pain in the arse when its cold and windy. heading out to run after work when it's 70 and you can watch the sun set over the ocean is too easy.

what's making training even better these days is my new addiction to yoga tropics hot yoga. wood floors, bamboo, beachy, ceiling fans, nice, non-critical instructors, HOT and a major workout. i've been reading all these articles on core strength and strength exercises for runners and they basically include all of the poses in this yoga (planks, push ups, one-legged business, lunges...just yogified). i made it 4 times last week. i've been having trouble counting it in my training log- becuase it is an hour and it is HARD strength and core training (and stretching). but i think it counts for 30 maybe 45 minutes of strength training. so that's how i count it. i mean its not fair to leave it out of my training hours since it IS training, but i don't think it earns full credit, right? is yoga training?

here's how the week broke down (with sliding-scale yoga discount):
total training hours : 17.2
swim yds: 8850 (3 sessions/ 2.9 hours)
run miles: 35.8 (5 hrs 5 min, more on this below)
bike miles: 89 miles (1 long ride, 1 after work ride, 1 trainer session)
strength training : 4 hot yoga sessions, 1 gym rat session

i fell a little short on my swim goal (NEED to get to 9000yds, but also NEED to get to work on time so this is tricky. I tried to make it up in my swim after my 2 hour run on sunday, but felt like jelly and told myself 3100 that day was good enough).

I also should have biked one more time and i need to get on my mountain bike. oh well. i'm still in the "close supervision" phase of mountainbiking and james and i didn't have time together for it this week. next week will be bigger on the bike. over 100 miles for sure (i know this becuase i rode 45 today) and some definite time on the mountain bike. i really want to do an xterra this year.

running was pretty great this week. i only ran 4 times, but each run was solid and fit in towards (re: climb climb climb) the xterra 15k trail race (mission gorge) i have planned for february 1st . i got in two great medium-long (1:15 mountain/trail runs on my own after work. one on our "king of the mountain" course by our house and one out in Daley Ranch with a ton of climbing and the added bonus of being scared to be eaten by a mountain lion on deserted trails.
i also ran with the wednesday night lululemon run group that i help lead. we did a nice 5.6 mile loop with a bunch of hills. we have had a great crew out there- over 20 people each wednesday (6 pm at lululemon carlsbad if you want to join us!- bring a healdlamp).

then there was the awesome sunday run. i started on my own in solana beach and ran 2 miles to meet laura and tim in del mar. ran 10 with them and finished the last two back to the car on my own to round out at 14miles/1:53.
we ran trails along the coast through del mar and up into torrey pines reserve. beach, trails, sun. so good that laura called home about it.
not really. she was just being super-mom and checking in with her daughter while clicking off the miles.

today was a day off (from work not training :) )and james and i rode for three hours together. we reminded ourselves why it is in the best interest of our life-long relationship that he tire himself out before we attempt to ride together becase today he didn't. it wasn't pretty. no need for details, just picture some pouting and choice remarks. nice. but it is monday so that counts towards next week, so maybe details then. just kidding, james. there i go again, spreading our private life over the internet. whoops.


Maggs said...

Seriously, I think it was warmer in Cali than in Hawaii last week. And your and James' comments cracked me up. Don't worry, there's plenty of 'kale' on the Big Island...and I think they passed a law not to arrest people for it over there.

kerrie said...

hmmmm...i don't know if yoga counts as training or not. i keep trying it and wonder what i am missing - i just really can't sit still that long.
as for riding with your SO, never a good idea. i can't tell you how many rides i have attempted that end in tears/fits of rage, especially on the mtb.

Stephanie said...

Don't hold it against him, it's not his fault when that stuff happens. It's in the bloodline. We can have the patience of a saint with others but if it is a blood relation or significant other for some reason THAT is what happens. I still have nightmares of Dad trying to help me with my Algebra homework and he did his student teach with Autistic kids. So I know I couldn't have been that bad!

GZ said...

Yes, yoga is training but it is complimentary training. It only works if you are doing the other training that you are setting your goals for.

I run scared of mountain lions all the time. Not certain if that changes anything other than it might make me run a bit faster for those runs. Once I was asked if I ran with an IPOD, and when I said yes, the person told me that was dumb because "then I would not hear the mountain lion coming."

My take is it is probably better to have Led Zep cranking through my ears as the kitty crunches through my neck.

Days are getting longer.

LoveOfShoes said...

SO SO jealous of your weather- Hoping it hold for a few weeks for my cali trip. I have been lucky to get outside to run once per week- it's dark when I leave work still! The rest is on the 'mill catching up on my TV.

There are only certain yoga classes I count towards my training. Yesterday was 'Gentle Yoga'- ie 60 minutes of stretching, which is great and I need, but definitely doesn't count towards the week's training :)

Adam said...

Yeah, super jealous of the awesome weather.

I think yoga counts as training. Core strength I know for sure increases the efficiency of your running stride......

triguyjt said...

looks like a great workout week to for your temps....I think all the daily highs of last week in cleveland might have added up to 70...but again, i could be wrong

Shan said...

Yeah, hasn't the weather been amazing? I watched the most beautiful sunset during my run yesterday that brought tears to my eyes - then again, it could have been my excitement for today's inauguration as well :).

Yoga is definitely core training, but it can't really replace working your aerobic engine. Although, your heart rate can increase to nearing aerobic levels when you do either hot yoga and/or the ujjai breath. A really difficult vinyasa class (read: handstands, lots of inversions and balancing postures) will reap huge benefits for core and arm strength, which translates into great benefits in the swim, bike, run.

But don't let me blabber - you've already figured it out!! :)

jameson said...

you know you love riding with me...

hot yoga is training. it's not going to directly make you faster, but definitely, stronger, and more durable which will let you train more... longer....harder... which will lead you tp getting faster.

just keep thinking: KONA.

runninggunner said...

So Jealous of the weather you are getting. Other than my ride on Sunday it's either been snowy, really cold or foggy for the last 6 weeks here. I was actually enjoying the rain the other day.

Keep up the great training.

Nikee Pomper said...

Missed you guys on Monday. The ride was epic.

Hell Yeah Yoga is training! Keep up the good work

X-Country2 said...

You make California look and sound so wonderful. I blame my slowness on the lack of so cal in my life.

Matt said...

If you're preparing your next post, don't forget the chicken tortilla soup recipe on VO2maxxed! We're into the soup these days ourselves. Now hand it over!

Sarah said...

Beth!! I love your blog, you just make me smile. Glad you are getting so much good training in. I think the yoga counting toward training kinda depends; slow more restorative yoga maybe not as much but def hot yoga and flowing yoga that really works your strength, for sure.

Loved your and James' comments on Maggs' kale. I've got a great story for you guys on that. ;)