Tuesday, February 17, 2009

fun times in arizona & take a stand!

james already did a really great recap of our long weekend in arizona with my family with specifics, graphs and details. and he stole all the good photos. so i thought i'd just add in a couple of things from my perspective that he may have left out or didn't focus on enough.

training-wise, the weekend was basically one long view of the ever-increasing distance between me and my view of james' arse.. this is very good training and demoralizing all at once. here is a picture of me, all happy before our first long run....ready to get it!!! so naieve to what was ahead!

the picture at the end of the run would have been a different story but luckily we didn't take one. i remember (about 1:25 into it and 3000 feet of climbing) gasping for air and telling james i needed some water. he told me that being thirsty would make me strong. stupid camel james. that was probably the first (or 10th) of 1,000 times i cursed him under my breath last weekend :)

the next day, his "friend" brian laid out a 65 mile "road" ride for us. this ride included nasty headwinds, the longest mind-numbing gradual poke-your-eyes-out climb, 6 miles of DIRT ROAD (see below. not a joke), two chase packs of wolves and coyotes and 3 humongous bulls in charging distance.
seems to me like jame's "friends" might just be wanting to oust the competition (just kidding, brian- the route was quite the awesome adventure!)

we also hit the trails for some mountainbiking 2 times at an awesome trail system/competitive park, which was super fun (and very hard for me and easy for you know freak-show who!)...

after a few long days of training, we went out for an "easy" run to "shake out the legs"....when this is the view at the top of your "shake out the legs" run , you realize that a) your fiance has crushed you even further under the guise of an "easy" run and b) you won't be home in 40 minutes as planned....

all in all it was a fantastic weekend that left me dead tired. it was really a dream to be able to train all morning and lounge all afternoon with the folks and my sister, hang out and eat good food and even hit pilates class and jacuzzi time...
i know its probably pretty rare to have a family that lets you come on vacation and go do your own thing (becuase honestly, they are off doing their own cool/random things) and a future husband that kicks everything down a notch so you can stay on his heels (or at least waits at the turns so you don't get lost)....even if he does give me tough love and say things like, "we didn't come out here to rest!" when i request a break :)

oops, forgot to mention that the "swim challenge" didn't happen. the lap pool was one of those short random distance pools and there was always a floater or two in there with a snorkel...i didn't want to mow them down.. (or actually i was just lazy, but shhhh!)

ooh! i almost forgot-
there is a really neat event this weekend: take a stand to preserve this land

A benefit to raise awareness for the preservation of the land where Yoga Swami stands

What: Stand one, stand all! Yogi’s, surfers, runners, artists, friends and neighbors unite by lining up along Hwy 101 to take a stand to save Yoga Swami from commercial development. Tree-stand, mountain-stand, hand-stand, head-stand, toe-stand …choose your stand!

• Seek a benefactor(s) with intentions to buy and maintain land
• Create awareness for cause
• Raise funds to support campaign
• Unite 222 people to take a stand for the land which Yoga Swami sits
• Illustrate meaning, value and power of community coming together in North County San Diego

Join the potluck with live music and food in the Yoga Swami garden.

For more information, visit http://www.yogaswami.com/save.htm

There are no limits to what we can accomplish when we stand together.

-President Barack Obama

Sunday, February 22nd, 12-1pm Stand in front of Yoga Swami; 1pm-2pm potluck!
912 South Coast Highway 101

this event is going to be awesome and is such a great local cause...i'm hoping to catch the tail end and show some support, but i'm going to have to bike FAST down from orange county- we're taking the train up this saturday and riding down- CHOO CHOO!


FatDad said...

Sounds sweet! Glad the trip to the desert went well.

kerrie said...

nice trip - i could use a hot, sun filled vacation right now! i have a plan for you: fill james' mountain bike tires with water(or cement) and then go for a nice ride with lots of climbing...make sure to ask him frequently how much fun he is having!

Stephanie said...

To hear you refer to him as a 'freak' made me chuckle. Especially coming from his female clone. :)

There is a select group that get to experience a certain side of James...consider it an honor. Ha-ha.

Glad you guys had a good trip and missed all the rain -- hugs.

X-Country2 said...

Man, I need a vacation just reading about your vacation!

Sounds like a great trip.

jameson said...

I love how you take everything out of context and make me look like a "freak/hater".... I think I am usually the one trying to get you to blow off workouts and chill... hit happy hour... etc..

the weekend was awesome... I am ready for another one but maybe without the wolves.

Shan said...

Great weekend! It sounds like your workouts were really killer - I'm exhausted just reading about it!

Good to know about the Yoga Swami Standathon...I'll try to make it!


Pedal Circles said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome weekend.

Just keep in mind if you can keep James in sight you're that much faster than any female out there :)

GoBigGreen said...

You two are funny, in a good way! I love how you can talk smack to each other and have fun with it. Super cool you can train together and isnt that the case ...my Fiance or in J's words "husband to be..future husband" is always saying when we ride "oh just a little further." luckily no wolves.

Lucho said...

My new favorite quote.."being thirsty will make you strong". Great vacation.

SixTwoThree said...

Enjoy the ride down from the O.C. - I'll be thinking of you out there.

BreeWee said...

What an incredible trip, sounds perfect and NICE company too! Those shorts in your top foto are awesome, must confess you have the coolest clothes. If we went to highschool together you would be the girl at the "cool table" because you have fun clothes...

Oh, the Nuun Punch is 2 scoops of carbo pro and 2 nuun tablets. It works really good for me. I just started using it since gatorade and me have tunny trouble and so far it has been perfect!

Happy training and wedding planning! Is zoot going to make you special run shoes to go with the wedding gown?? ha ha