Sunday, February 22, 2009

what a weekend

since i left work on friday evening, i have done the following:
1) gotten new iphone (this is my SIXTH one. i have technology gremlins and anything i touch is "defective". its kind of ridiculous.i have also been through at least six ipod shuffles (only two of which were lost).
2) easy 1 hour trainer session
3) 74 mile bike ride where i did not get dropped this year and i did last year!
4) 3+ mile brick run (my first of the season and it felt AWESOME.i can run off the bike. phew.
5) 12 mile trail/road run
6) 3400yd masters swim
7) 30 minutes of yoga on the sidewalk supporting yoga swami's "take a stand" event
8) 12 mile mountainbike ride

and a whole lotta NOTHING else. i did great on the training front this weekend and very poorly in all other life-maintenance/errands fronts. whoops. james is going out of town tomorrow so i'll catch up on life then. well besides training, i DID do a good job of consuming frozen yogurt 3 days in a row and mexican food on two consecutive days. so i am being very consistent, which as athletes, we know is the key to success...

on a touchy-feely front. i felt VERY lucky this weekend to be surrounded by amazing, fun, and supercharged groups of friends. on saturday, we had a strong group of riders and i'm constantly amazed at the bike strength (and endlessly entertaining conversations) of my lady friends bethany, mary, nikee, and rachel. they put the dudes to shame and have made me a much better rider this year. i was also impressed on our saturday ride when one of the male riders hit a major wall and the group worked together to get him home safely- NONE of the 10 riders left him...we protected our yellow jersey and got him home safely!

sunday was another day i was thankful for great people. i got to spend the first part of my day running (chasing) katya on the local "ranch" run long run. katya and i have a nice time running together because a) she is an thoughtful friend and always gives me some great perspective and b) we talk wedding (she's engaged too!) which is always fun when your are charging up a hill and debating the merits of turquoise vs. bright purple for bridesmaids dreses.

after running, i got to draft for an hour at masters (i heart my lanemates who NEVER make me lead on sundays when i'm tired from running. actually, make that i never lead period. maybe one day but my attention deficit is way too strong for actual lap counting and i'm only hanging on for dear life anyhow.) i also love coach hux who is SO good and motivating that swimming in a lane with 8 people is worth it for his workouts.

then, i did a quick change and headed to the take a stand event at yoga swami.. the lululemon team REALLY did an amazing job of rallying hundreds of people and san diego's best yoga instructors to make a significant impact on the community and support a cause they believe in. it was so great to see cristina, chelsea, kirsten and all the other lovely lulu ladies taking charge. kisten and i did a little too much chatting during our poses, but girls gotta catch up when they can! ..there were lots of yoga-razzi out there so i think there might be some good coverage of the event too. i hope to get some good photos this week- it was really stunning to see everyone lined up on the sidewalk doing yoga.

FINALLY, it was time for the sunday-funday mountainbike ride james and i planned out at lake hodges. i took my first big mountainbike crash and somersaulted into a ditch, but was totally fine. we had a super-fun group and i got more mary-time which i love- it was her first mountainbike ride...and she crushed it! she did however take a spill in the water and get some bigtime scrapes and had blood dripping down her leg. which sucks for her, but is funny to me because now we can call her "Bloody Mary" and my bloody buddy:

james was our "host" and led us all through the trails on his single speed. my favorite tour guide around.
after, we topped off the ride with some beers and mexican food...good times.


beth said...

by the way- i have not bought six iphones. i only bought one. 4 were defective. one i submerged, but insisted it had not been submerged and they replaced it for free.

rr said...

HOW are you still awake?

I'm with you.. on my 6th shuffle. They all last 3 mos or so.. I have a new one in the car somewhere :)

Maggs said...

I'm on my 4th 4 months and having problems with it. Yeah, I've dropped them a whole bunch, but they should still work right? Fortunately they take them back no questions asked. Frozen Yogurt is my new favorite. I didn't understand your obsession until I had it. It's a 15 minute walk from my house. So my dogs and I have made the trek a few times...and we are going again now. It's better than a kitkat right?

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

haha consistency and iphones :D awesome..

don't know if my blogger-mail-reply got through to you but if you want to post my stuff on V02maxxed it would be an honour, maybe too much even!
besides the whole cooking thingy for me is just a way trying to impress the californian girls LOL

kerrie said...

i still want an iphone. i don't care if i have to replace it daily.
i never lead at master's either(unless i'm forced to...) - i can't count that high, i struggle with simple math when i am thinking about more important things like breath, kick, pull, etc., and i loooove to draft.

solid weekend!

jameson said...

way to kill it! I am stoked "we" got that first crash out of the way. I was wondering when it was going to happen... and I'm glad you rolled with it.

rest up... you have another BIG weekend coming up....

i want to come home already and I'm still haven't left that airport!

Justin said...

we were out there at hodges, just too early to see you guys. allison wanted to go to the ToC finish. glad to see you getting some dirt though!!!

Charisa said...

Oh man, now I'm tired after reading all you did! Sounds like a really incredibly great weekend! Keep on having fun :)

Shan said...

Great weekend! Maybe if I can get a hold of a MTB, I'll come to your next Hodges ride :)

Jason said...

Beth - Thought I saw in one of your previous posts you had on some pink compression socks? I could be wrong. If not, would you be able to tell me where you scooped those up at. The wifey would love a pair in pink, if they exist =)

X-Country2 said...

Assuming I never worked or slept, I could probably have a life like this. Especially if it meant I could eat TCBY every day without guilt. You certainly are a rockstar!

Mary said...

I had so much fun hanging with you this weekend! The mountain bike ride and post ride was my favorite! Can you tell me how long my arms and back can expect to be sore though? Yikes!

PS - my new nickname is creepy...

FatDad said...

Monster weekend! Glad to hear your tumble didn't bust you (or the bike) up too much. Have you named the bike yet?

Caroline said...

I too have had a million ipod shuffles! I think apple products are just recyclable! :( and expensive. not good!
Great weekend of training. Maybe we can meet up at the ranch this weekend? I might add on a bit before if you're interested.
And I'm with you on the "not leading" at the sunday masters workouts after running. But somehow my lane keeps making me move further up as the workout proceeds. I try to say that I just ran with some speed demons...but they can be relentless. haha!

Mike G said...

Wow you truly live an active lifestyle, impressive.

A little tough on the electronics though. I'm on my first iphone and I've had my trusty ipod shuffle for 2 years with no problems. I can't imagine running more than a mile without it, so I'm real careful with it.