Wednesday, March 18, 2009

off to a good start

i definintely missed some folks on my last attempt to update the blogroll, but you all are too nice to tell me and i am slowly figuring it out and "d'oh!-ing" in my head and going back to add more each day.

off to west palm beach this weekend for blythe's wedding. time to take off the running dress and put on the bridesmaids one. should be a good time and i'm ready for a little rest and fun. i was thinking of bringing my wetsuit and trying to get in an open water swim as i'm racing in 10 days and haven't been in anything but a pool since september. whoops. but, i am already packed and my wetsuit isn't in there so i guess that' s not happening! i'll get a run or two in and just enjoy.

i already had a nice start to the week with 2 rides, 2 swims and 2 runs and its only wednesday! in tonight's workout i made the decision to stick with the front pack at the lululemon run again (again meaning for the second time ever). unfortunately, this takes me out of my "conversation" zone (which is, of course, the best zone), but i think rolling a tempo pace weekly at this run will help me get faster. i've never really had a "tempo" run in my schedule so we'll see how the ole' body responds. the run is 6.1 miles all on trails with a decent amount of climbing (1000+ft.). the guys really power up the hills and i just made it my goal to hug james' shoulder. i clipped his feet 3 times (whoops!) and finally stopped breathing down his neck after he gave me a death stare when i almost took out his achilles. i think i was just so afraid that if i fell back even a bit i would drop off the face of the planet. we made the loop in 43 minutes/ 7:06 pace. i felt okay for most of it except the climbing parts and the sandy parts. i feel like the times the guys float, i just sink. but i stuck with it.

yesterday i caught up with the breakaway team at the weekly turbo session/brick which is always a blast. it always makes me so bummed i can't make it to more of the group workouts this year- becuase of way things worked out with my job this year (escondido is not close to san diego proper at rush hour). so, that just makes it even more fun any time i can make it to one of the sessions. it really feels more like happy hour than a workout because i just catch up with everyone and chat away.

tomorrow its a swim and quick ride bright and early then off to florida!

one more thing- if anyone knows anyone who knows anyone who is looking to share a condo at hawaii 70.3 (on the mauna lani resort)....let me know!


Chloe said...

Congrats on the great run! Man. I wish we had some elevation in the sunshine state! And I'm in the same boat with the swimming - I have not swam in the gulf for..hmmmm...last tri of last year? And I can walk there from my place!

Safe travles and enjoy Florida! Watch out for the crazies! :)

Pedal Circles said...

Congrats on hanging with the boys!

It's supposed to make you faster, right?

That's what they tell me :)

D said...

Hey... contact Maggs about condo action. Pretty certain she has a place and will have room - especially since I'm the big bailer this year :(

Christine said...

When is Hawaii 70.3? Maybe I could come and watch and share a condo! I've been dying to get out to Hawaii..and what better way!

X-Country2 said...

Sounds like you're going to be ready to go for race day!

Jess said...

Hey Beth thanks for stopping by my blog. I didn't mean to take anything away from anyone who rocks the Lululemon shorts, just trying to boost FL's spirits a bit.

Sounds like you've had an awesome week of workouts so far!

Frayed Laces said...

You were actually the person who first got me interested in lululemon shorts since you talked about wearing them at Vegas (which I ran too). I am sick of ugly running shorts and was stoked to try them on---but girlie, your butt is way tinier than mine.
I still don't have a place yet to stay for Honu. Do you have a condo in mind? How much would it be? If not I may bug Maggs too. Let me know what your plans are.

Eileen Swanson said...

Hi Lululemon sis! Nice work on that front of the pack lulu run ;-) You have to come visit here when we start the runs in May at the new store. I have to lead the first few, so let's set the 'tempo!'

Have a great weekend!

Sherry said...

Ahhh... a Lululemon run sounds like heaven!

Hope you have a terrific time in FL. It's been truly beautiful here lately. :o)

Sarah said...

I soooooooooooo wish I could be a condo buddy and sherpa/etc but we will be in Mexico right before dice. :(

Sounds like you had a great run last week and the more 'tempo' runs you do with the guys, the faster you will def get. I can't wait for Thursday eve trail runs again!

How was the wedding?