Wednesday, April 22, 2009

bike fit and weekend updates...

so about two weeks ago now, i got my bike refit by dean the mean bike fitting machine at pedpowerperformlab. to say it was a process would be kind of an understatement. when all was said and done, dean spent i think 10 hours with me...and a few hours on his own basically rewiring my bike and doing some other things that needed to be done. so we did this whole huge bike fit process with the Retul bike fititng system....basically, he hooks you up to a bunch of wire sensor things that take moving measurements and compare it to ideal and then you work with your fitter to make everything perfect.

i love wires!

i think this picture is of me afterwards....

but the actual bike fit was the end of a whole other process entirely. first, dean took all kinds of measurements of my body and asked me lots of questions to help inform the whole process. i kind of felt like i was at the doctor's office! i even lay on the table for him to check my leg lengths and such (turns out i have a long right femur).

after this, we did some pedal stroke analysis. dean has an amazing pedal stroke analysis system and a bunch of tools that help riders become more efficient pedalers. what i took away from this the most is that i have A LONG WAY TO GO before i am an efficient pedaler. you see these numbers on a screen . dean tells me that someone off the street is a "45" and an elite cyclist like lance is like an "85". i was a freaking 52! for real? i'm like a smidge better than someone who's never sat their arse on a bike before! so dean gave me a bunch of secret tips to improve and i've been working on it a lot.

there are probably a million other things to say about the fitting process, but i was barely smart enough to process all the documents of scientific info he sent me. basically- i know what i need to do to pedal more efficiently and my bike fits me MUCH better. i finally feel like it is MY bike. awesome.

so if you are in need of such services. call dean at pedpowerperformlab and he'll hook you up. and i promise he won't give up until its PERFECT (good thing i was on spring break!). and he'll give you a discount if you tell him i sent you. right dean? ha ha. but really, i bet he will!

other than that, today i got myself in over my head (again!). i had to go to la jolla to pick up my half marathon race packet for tomorrow's race, so i decided to join the Breakaway Training crew beforehand on their 60 mile saturday ride since they start in La Jo. turns out i didn't get the memo that they were doing the 70mile 7000ft of climbing loop and only the fastest (or dumbest (me!)) show up on this day. so i roll up to this

not sure what it looks like to you, but to me, i'm thinking, "where are the girls? where are the not uber-cyclist folks?" and "good thing i brought my ipod...wonder how long until i get dropped?". the first hour was scary easy. the calm before the storm. i knew it was coming but i didn't know when. turns out "when" is when you take a right onto highland valley and then hammer like there is no tomorrow. right before we turn onto highland valley, felipe starts brazilian speaking to antonio. shortly after he says, "beth...antonio ride with you!" which is code for...time to get dropped!!!! can i just say thank heavens for antonio? what an AWESOME guy. i insisted i was fine. i had my two "i"s (iphone and ipod) and both fully charged so i was in no danger. drop away! but antonio stayed with me the whole way and i got to get to know him (and his portuguese accent- yeah!) . we met up with the group briefly in ramona, but then took a right at drop town a few miles later. riding with antonio was awesome and i got in about 3 hours at race effort just chasing him (not pace- damn wind heading back west! ick).
so. i made it back to the car and off to the race expo wondering why i thought this would be a good idea. rip-your-legs-off saturday then very hilly half marathon sunday (if you've heard of torrey pines- we climb it in the race!) . hmmmm. jury's out, but for some reason, even though i can barely move my legs- i'm excited for tomorrow morning!
after the ride, james and i headed to the Green Flash Brewery (another great pre-race idea, right?) and it made my day to see james sooooooo excited. like a kid in a candy store he could not stop smiling. it was awesome. he loves beer!
then, a quick pre-race manicure and finally home. james made me an amazing dinner and has made sure i stayed off my feet for the night....and now, time for bed.
oh, and i promise to be a better blog updater for sure. these every-10-days updates get too much crammed in!


Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...


I too am definitely going to need one of those fits when I come there!

good luck on the half-mary!

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Good luck tomorrow...try not to loose count of all the boys you drop up Torrey Pines:)

runninggunner said...

Hope you had a great race. I;m hitting my first group ride today and am pretty sure I'll be riding in drop town for a while.

allyson said...

Thats awesome you got such a great bike fit. Its going to work out for your next race.

So much for Our Philly Flyers, they lost, but somehow the Sixers are pulling through!!

Hope your race went well today, finally did my first race today, a 5k!!

Mike said...

Awesome bike!!! That thing has a crazy headset!!!

felipetri said...

Great job on Saturday Beth, hope to see you more often! Dont need say anything about the Sunday performance..........amazing!!!!!!

Pedal Circles said...

I really enjoyed my bike fit too! I haven't read the entry yet, but congrats yesterday!! My dad was out "mixing it up" in the half ;) Erm, that was a joke, but he did partake!

Mike G said...

Wow look at all that equipment. Yet another reason why running is better than cycling - so much less extraneous crap involved.