Monday, April 6, 2009

pinch me!

i CANNOT complain. since friday afternoon, i have been LOVING every second of my spring break/training camp. this past weekend, san diego turned into triathlon headquarters for california 70.3 and so many fun people came out to play. each day has been sooooo awesome as far as training and playing go that i think i'll go with a daily recap to not skip anything.

training: 15.5 mile run along the coast. beautiful morning for a progression run. on days like this when i run alone, i am super thankful for lucho's awesome coaching through my marathon last year. instead of aimlessly trotting for a couple of hours, i started out with one mile at 8 minutes and then ran the next 6 miles from 7:50-7:30 pace, gradually getting faster without noticeably increasing the effort. i ran miles 8-12 around 7:20s and settled into 6:45-7:00 for the final few miles, channeling my half marathon pace. and the whole run felt GREAT. i never really looked at the watch until after the run and it was just as i intended.

other fun: after my run, i showered fast and headed to oceanside to watch the california 70.3...sooo many great friends out there and i had a blast cheering on the run course. i was so proud and excited for everyone and it was an AMAZING day. the breakway-training crew was in full effect- orange all over the course- love it!
i was sad i wasn't racing and at the same time felt lucky i didn't have to face such crazy competition (and impressed that all my friends showed up for the challenge!)- the winner of my age group went 4:36! she biked 56 miles in 2:26..huh? i'm not even in that time zone.

i had my first real-life encounter with rachel ross on the run course. she pinched my butt and i almost spilled my americano on her. it was pretty awesome. as you can see, spectating in so cal is a tough job.

training: what a day. another fabulous weather day and i met up with 7 friends for 70 hilly miles. i have NEVER seen it that windy on the route we rode and i was proud of us for staying positive and not letting the totally freaking relentless wind get to us. mary said it was like the wizard of oz. i had a blast because we had an awesome group. katya (who has a new blog on that link by the way) even joined us (which scared the crap out of me- sometimes i can fake keeping up with her on the run but biking is a different story). but, having katya was such a treat and made me really work hard. here's k and liam starting up one of the last big hills. this was the closest i was to them on a hill all day. when we got to the top, we waited a couple minutes for the rest of the crew, and those two crazies decided to go down and do most of the hill again.
after the ride, i made a 4 minute transition and set out on my transition run mission. my goal was to see how it felt after a hard ride. here i am pre-run. i look like i mean business in this picture. hello, terminator. i think its the lighting. (can someone push my visor down please?)
anyway, i had to put on my hot pink (revealing if you had something to reveal) lululemon sports bra for the t-run because i was charging the "no trespassing" golf course behind our house. if i didn't run the golf course, it would be straight up or straight down (we live on a big hill) so i really wanted to run something rolly where i could get in a rhythm. besides, the honu 70.3 run is on a golf course so this is of course perfect for envisioning the race. so i had to try to look cute and dumb for my trespassing- every time i passed golf carts i'd smile and wave like i was supposed to be there. is that so wrong?
right away, i felt great and wished i had my garmin becuase i was cruising and it felt perfect- i LOVE to run off the bike. james would say i killed it :) 30 minute run down, and coconut water right after. ahhhhhh....
after the big day, it was time for some big fun. we met up with kirsten (lululemon babe and soon to hit the shelves in a certain triathlon mag swimsuit edition (sorry for outing you kir! hope it wasn't a surprise :) ), rachel ross (our first real date!), and katya. james came along to hang with the ladies. tough job. rachel ross was everything i dreamed she would be :).

kirsten, katya, some happy dude, rachel, me: (the girls even sat to make him look tall!)

i had 1 and a half captain morgan's and diet coke's which is 1 more than my nonexistant tolerance can handle. somehow, i pulled a carton of blackberries out of my purse. kirsten was nice enough to feed me.

look at the birdie!

training: recovery type easy day-
masters swim (3500), easy ride on the coast (20 miles), hot yoga with kirsten at haute yoga. i love the heat after a big weekend, i feel like that type of yoga really wrings out all the toxins and junk from the weekend. there are a lot of twisty poses and i envision myself as a towel being wringed out.
not training: it was my first work-day off of spring break. the most beautiful day you can imagine. i even hit the beach for a quick moment of zen. which was promptly ended by sand gnats (or whatever they are) and too much wind. oh well, it sounded like a good idea.

training: tuesday already oh man, living the life will be over before you know it. this morning i pretended i was a pro triathlete for a few miles and hopped on the wheels of katya and lisa mensink (who was in the olympics! and she placed 6th overall at Oceanside in her first half ironman in 4:32- she swam 24 minutes and ran a 1:21. WOW.) and she was nice as can be. katya and lisa chatted away, spinning along, while i worked just to remain in the same zip code. i may have freaked lisa out by taking her picture and we just met, but i can't believe how many neat things have been happening lately and its not everyday you get to suck olympian wheel!

i biked with katya a little longer and then turned around to get in some intervals (yes! i have done REAL bike intervals twice since my poor bike split race 10 days ago. i WILL work on this). after the ride that ripped my legs off, i ate some cheerios and mangoes and went to meet colleen for an easy trail run along the coast. then we went to masters swim. i nearly drowned, but made it through 3200 yds.

other than that, i'm filling in the free moments catching up on life (doctors appointments, get car fixed, taxes, apply for jobs for next year, plan wedding, do homework for grad school, and million other things i'd love to put off until never :) and have had a great time hanging out with james and not feeling like i'm perpetually rushing. it's lovely. tonight i'm making scallops with mango salsa and i think we'll have some kale too. we have enough vegetables in the house to run a CSA right now so we better get to mowing them down.


Holly said...

Wow. That's the life!

Nikee Pomper said...

Thanks for the note on my blog. It was Grrr-8 seeing you on Saturday (although I was delirious). Your Lulu gear is so frickin cute!

Sounds like you are having an awesome spring break! Enjoy the rest of the week. Not sure what you are up to this weekend but there was talk of Great Western Loop OR Stage 8 Tour of Cali ride.

Oh, and please update your food blog :) I'm looking for good recipes

X-Country2 said...

What a great life. :o)

I love that you shamelessly take pictures of all these cool people you get to meet. Way to do it for your fellow bloggers!

Gould said...

sounds like you're having a fun week! i'm jealous! you're going to have a great tri season. :-)

Ryan Denner said...

great post... but "i pulled a carton of blackberries out of my purse"... really? thats just insane!

kerrie said...

that's a tiny pink "sports bra". i don't even think it would cover my nipples, lol.
nice mini training camp! enjoy spring break!

Sue said...

ok,,i knew you would be having alot going on..what a blast for your week...our spring break seemed sooo boring...but we did have coffee with Linsey Corbin :) and it was 74 out

Pedal Circles said...


I need to find a way to get one of these "spring break" things ;)

Enjoy the rest of your week!

BreeWee said...

That was such a fun week in your life, loved that you wrote it out to share! Beth, you really should come out to Hawaii for Lavaman next year! Katya, Lisa, Rach (she better come over next year), we can all do some rides/runs and that course you would LOVE with all your heart!

Nice job training too! All the miles you logged looked fast and furious! AND that little pink sports bra, I so want that thing! It is so cute, like a bikini, you could get a tan running!

Enjoy the rest of your training camp!!

Benson said...

Wow! that sounds like a fantasy training camp. You are so lucky to have all that sunshine and great friends.
I like the contrast in pictures of you in the pink top with coffee and the 'terminator' look...yikes, look out, Beth is coming to RUN YOU OVER.

Shan said...

Nice work, B! Wanna trade your life for mine right now? hehehe, I mean who WOULDN'T want to trade great training days with sitting and writing a gigantic thesis?!

Hope we can get some rides in together before I head up to NorCal! :-D

rr said...

If I had time to grab your ass on the run course, I probably wasn't running hard enough. At least, that's what my coach would say. I had such a blast! Wish I could have stayed around for the Tues am ride.. had to get on a dumb plane :(

Jamie said...

Wearing minimal clothing in an attempt to get out of trouble?

I feel like you just ended a few arguments for me before they even started. If only I could get out of trouble by sporting less clothing, haha.

The benefits being a woman I guess...

Lisa G said...

Sounds like an awesome week you had! The biking out there looks like fun! good idea to wear the cute sports bra when running through the golf course!

Maggs said...

Did you have kale or did you have 'kale'?

Eileen Swanson said...

Oooo, super cool times Beth! Those girls are all fabulous and fun to train with. So cool that you are having tons of fun! I'm now a TriBabe chica, had to tell ya ;-)

kdrociak said...

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