Sunday, June 14, 2009

twice the hurt

this weekend we headed up to the O.C. to chill with Team Tall and watch the Angels crush the Padres...
if he wasn't distracted by the sweet potato fries, i'm sure james would have been crying his eyes out.
Team Tall (ryan and sarah)- loving it!
i joined in the fun, but kept things pretty mellow knowing i had one of the hardest rides i've ever done on tap for sunday. i went for the "double" Great Western Loop (one lap has almost 5,000ft. of climbing) in both directions. somehow on sunday morning, i suckered james into coming along too. it was pretty intense. 85 miles and more hills than you could EVER imagine. luckily, i had bethany to keep me company, and we pushed eachother when things got tough. we both ran out of water near the end and took a left at bonktown somewhere near the end, but we dragged ourselves to the finish and it felt great. somewhere around mile 50 we started reminiscing about learning to ride our bikes together less than 2 years ago. we agreed we've come a long way.
this is my LAST week of school! i can't believe it's almost over. i had great year as a full-time intern and am sad to leave my school (but not the mini paycheck).
on tap for this summer:
1) become a certified personal trainer (why not?)
2) find me a J.O.B. - piece of cake in this market, right?!!?
3) return to being a runner (already in the works...more on that soon, don't want to count those chickens)
4) find us a new place to live (we're thinking coastal north county...just something simple where we can grill/entertain outside (little deck or yard) and the triathlete musts- washer/dryer/dishwasher/GARAGE!!)
5) get into crossfit or P90x...time to get strong!
6) every appointment : hair, dentist, doctor, physical therapy, ART, car (the check engine light has been on since spring break)
7) catch up with lots of friends
8) travel- vermont for a wedding in july, sonoma for a triathlon, and possible chicago to see my lovely sister
9) hatch the business plan for my soon to be multi-million dollar brilliant idea...i'm kind of serious about this one. i have a couple friends i'm going to try to rope into my master plan as well.
9) cook for james. i owe him. big time! and invent delicious ride snacks.


Luke said...

yes...i too am definitely on board with 3 through 9(1)!! sounds like a plan...9(1) is the key tho!!

Shan said...

Congrats on the finishing up with school, and good luck with that to-do list of yours - sounds pretty busy! Cross-fit is amazing by the'll make you strong in no time!

Hope the running comes back sooner than later!

runninggunner said...

Looks to be a pretty fully list. You'll have a great summer. Congrats on finishing up school.

Ryan Weeger said...

and rounding out the top 10

10) Become a fan of the most baddest ass team ever...the Angels!

good list though other than missing on that one :)

X-Country2 said...

If anyone can check off 1-10 in a summer, it's you. Good luck!

Sarah said...

The Angels swept the Giants up here. :( I'm feeling the same pain as James.

CONGRATS ON FINISHING SCHOOL!! That's seriously fantastic. What kind of j-o-b are you looking for? How does becoming a personal trainer fit into all of that?

I know I haven't been up on blogs but didn't you guys just, um, move? ;)

Finally - I would LOVE to do crossfit if we had one here in Santa Rosa. OMG it seems so amazing and it really does make you SO strong.

Have a GREAT summer, Beth!