Saturday, July 18, 2009

it is what it is!

we're enjoying our time up in sonoma and i'm ready for the race tomorrow. the race wheels are
on, fro yo has been eaten (did you know there is a golden spoon in windsor, ca?) , transition bags are packed and all that business. yesterday, we arrived in guerneville and i chilled by the river on the classy gravel beach in a fancy rubber innertube while james rode his bicycle. i took a quick run and swim, but mostly focused on relaxing and channeling wellness. and watching river folk do their river things. quite the sights!

unfortunately i'm having a bit of a groundhog day from last year's vineman 70.3 experience and i came down with quite a bugger of a cold. the biggest similarity between both years is that i flew on an airplane the week prior to the race both years. which is pretty much immune system suicide. oh well, it is what it is! i'm all fired up with thera flu, afrin, tylenol cold, zinc, and some hoo-ey waaaay too expensive elderberry concentrate that just may cure me by tomorrow :). ...
chugging (well sipping one tablespoon an hour) elderberry potions...

everyone on facebook has been so nice to give me tips to make the bugger go away, and i'm trying them all! just got out of my nice steam shower, (thanks steph!).

but, the best advice of all came from jason (via FB, of course). i was about to throw in the mental towel and just race "for fun" again, but i did that last year! jason wrote, "you don't have to feel great to have a great race." TRUE DAT. i need to just suck it up.

in closing :), i feel sorry for any fools who try to draft off me because they'll probably get some snot in the face.


D said...

When I was 11 or 12, I developed an ear infection on the way to a race - on the 5 hour drive to it! Oh that was some pain and agony. I napped when we got to the hotel and we tried to go to dinner, but as soon as I wouldn't eat my steak my dad knew it was not good (D doesn't leave her steak! hehe).
The next morning I got up and smoked the 1500 with a new PR. Kick some ass out there!!!

Maggs said...

I had a fever before my first Ironman. I took tylenol, slept like a baby and felt great the next day. Hopefully just chilling by the river will make you better.

Have a great race.

Yasi said...

As long as you get your rest you'll be fine tomorrow..once you get moving you'll forget all about being sick , true it may catch up to you when you're finished, but that's okay! Good luck tomorrow, you'll do great.

kerrie said...

x2 what jason said.
you don't have to feel great to get the job done.
you are there so just go out and do it and don't leave any doubts in your mind that you are doing what you came there to do.

i have to say that i love that swim...and i don't even like swimming. enjoy it - remember what a real joy it is to even be able to race!!

Sue said...

um, you are what you are...and that is one fabulous lady...and racer chick:) xoxo

Ryan Weeger said...

youll dominate, just make everyone come see you out there!

Stephanie said...

I am sticking to the theory that you are allergic to long car rides with James.

The drafting comment cracked me up.

Feel better and kick some a**!

BreeWee said...

ALL the best Beth! It is so true, you dont need to feel great for a great race... In Vancouver I felt like crap after that flight and swam like crap, but it all worked out okay...
HANG TUFF... you got it in the bag!

Ryan Weeger said...

in closing :), i feel sorry for any fools who try to draft off me because they'll probably get some snot in the face."

great way to close out this post. Beth, you're probably dominating as I write this.. I have no doubt!! Hope you're feeling better and that you guys are having a great trip!

(from sarah)

X-Country2 said...

I think you're allergic to NoCal. :o) Can't wait to read the race report!

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