Friday, July 24, 2009

race, what race?

the past couple of weeks travelling have been a blast, but i'm happy to be back home in san diego, enjoying the best place for summer in the world. every day is a perfect day to run or ride and then you can top it off with the beach, the horse races at the del mar racetrack, and outdoor concert or a sunset picnic.

backing up two weeks:
i didn't fully report on the good times from back east and my mom sent over some more fun pictures. back in new hampshire, james got back on the wakeboard for the first time in a long time.
he spent more time like this....

than he did like this...waterskiing and wakeboarding both use arm and back muscles that we aren't used to using and we both woke up the next day feeling like we got in a car accident. i was ready for round two out on the water, but james said he was going to pass. well, i just happened to school his ass on the wakeboard so he felt macho-ly obligated to get back in for round 2. luckily for his manhood, he did much better on the second day.
the explosive power required to waterski was a little too much for us endurance wimps after a couple rounds of the lake, so we preferred the foot powered kayak.
i get a little lazy when actual kayaking and my upper body is not so strong, so this thing was the ticket! AND, hands free of course to hold the beer! (actually, that was like the only beer i had- even though i love that james loves beer, to me, it's just not that delicious.)

ok, fast forward to the next weekend. up in sonoma, california- wine country turned beer country!...pre race we were lucky to carbo load with the corbins... linsey's husband, chris, is part of the Big Sky Brewing Company operation, so james easily found a new best friend. the girls tried to get some words in, but the talk was beer, beer beer! they love it!

dinner was awesome and i had such fun with linsey. i might just be replacing rachel ross with a new girl crush. just kidding, rach!!! no one can replace my first love.

after the race, i kept the world's best sherpa happy with a visit to another brewery- the Russian River Brewing Company..and we got to meet up with sarah and kristin for some great times.

ok, i'll get back to triathlon-ish things soon. tomorrow is a local sprint race and the surf is HUGE. i'm petrified. should be interesting.


Yasi said...

Good luck in the sprint tomorrow! Your vacation and pre/post race activities are ones to be envious of! You guys really know how to soak it all up

rr said...

Am I going to have to kick Lins's ass? Ha ha. :) Hope you survived the swell. Us too.. it's going to be ugly at the race in the morning!

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Good job today. It was fun seeing you. Aren't you supposed to be recovering from Vineman? Wow!!!!

Sue said...

if you only knew what we did after IM CDA on the lake..oh my and the pics were priceless..have a great week!!

X-Country2 said...

Good luck with your race. Can't wait ot read the report.

kerrie said...

now i know where you get your guns from...wakeboarding is hard!
looks like you've been able to squeeze a little fun in to your summer :)

Ryan Weeger said...

nice job incorporating beer into 50% of your guys photos, recipe for success. digging the mtb photo on the blog now too, you know whats up!

IAN said...

Nice work up at Vineman, especially given the running issues you've had. I think you can chalk some of it up to the heat too, so an impressive race for sure. I swam and ran slower this year, so you got me beat in the improvement category!! I will have to hit you up for some of "James' Brewery knowledge" before next year. I couldn't find exactly what I would call "my type" of bar up there. Hahaha... Congrats again!

Sarah said...

That was def good times. You guys were a kick. I wish you could come to the baseball game on Aug 3, though I know it's really not your fav thing to do. ;)

Andrew said...

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